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For An International Trade Organization


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Section B. Inter-governmental Commodity Agreements in General

Article 58. Commodity Studies .

Article 59. Commodity Conferences.

Article 60. General Principles governing Commodity Agreements

Article 61. Types of Agreements ...

Section C. Inter-governmental Commodity Control Agreements

Article 62. Circumstances governing the Use of Commodity Control


Article 63. Additional Principles governing Commodity Control Agree-

ments . .

Article 64. Administration of Commodity Control Agreements

Article 65. Initial Term. Renewal and Review of Commodity Con-

trol agreements

Article 66. Settlement of Disputes

Section D. Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 67. Relations with Inter-governmental Organizations

Article 68. Obligations of Members Regarding Existing and Proposed

Commodity Agreements .

Article 69. Territorial Application

Article 70. Exceptions to Chapter VI .


Section A. Structure and Functions

Article 71. Membership

Article 72. Functions

Article 73. Structure

Section B. The Conference

Article 74. Composition

Article 75. Voting

Article 76. Sessions, Rules of Procedure and Officers

Article 77. Powers and Duties

Section C. The Executive Board

Article 78. Composition of the Executive Board

Article 79. Voting

Article 80. Sessions, Rules of Procedure and Officers

Article 81. Powers and Duties

Section D. The Commissions

Article 82. Establishment and Functions

Article 83. Composition and Rules of Procedure

Section E. The Director-General and Staff

Article 84. The Director-General

Article 85. The Staff ..

Section F. Other Organizational Provisions

Article 86. Relations with the United Nations

Article 87. Relations with Other Organizations .

Article 88. International Character of the Responsibilities of the

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Director-General, Staff and Members of Commissions . .

Article 89. International Legal Status of the Organization . ..

Article 90. Status of the Organization in the Territory of Members .

Article 91. Contributions







Article 1 RECOGNIZING the determination of the United Nations to create conditions of stability and well-being which are necessary for peaceful and friendly relations among nations,

THE PARTIES to this Charter undertake in the fields of trade and employment to co-operate with one another and with the United Nations

For the Purpose of

REALIZING the aims set forth in the Charter of the United Nations, particularly the attainment of the higher standards of living, full employment and conditions of economic and social progress and development, envisaged in Article 55 of that Charter.

TO THIS END they pledge themselves, individually and collectively, to promote national and international action designed to attain the following objectives:

1. To assure a large and steadily growing volume of real income and effective demand, to increase the production, consumption and exchange of goods, and thus to contribute to a balanced and expanding world economy.

2. To foster and assist industrial and general economic development, particularly of those countries which are still in the early stages of industrial development, and to encourage the international flow of capital for productive investment.

3. To further the enjoyment by all countries, on equal terms, of access to the markets, products and productive facilities which are needed for their economic prosperity and development.

4. To promote on a reciprocal and mutually advantageous basis the reduction of tariffs and other barriers to trade and the elimination of discriminatory treatment in international commerce.

5. To enable countries, by increasing the opportunities for their trade and economic development, to abstain from measures which would disrupt world commerce, reduce productive employment or retard economic progress. 6. To facilitate through the promotion of mutual understanding,




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