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His fame will grow brighter and grander as it descends the ages, and posterity will regard him as the incarnation of democracy in its pure childhood, as the embodiment of those ideas of universal emancipation which were the glory of its faithful epoch.

"When the race shall have finally climbed to the lofty table-land of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD, to which it is inevitably destined by the paramount law of its own development, and shall turn backward its wistful eye for those who have led its weary pilgrimage through passes the most perilous, and over wastes the most disheartening, they will instinctively seek the uncourtly figure of that forest-born LIBERATOR, who by one glorious edict restored to humanity all the divine equalities enfeoffed upon it when of one blood all the children of men were made, and thus incorporated into harmonious fraternity all the estranged and repellent complexions of mankind. With reverent and grateful hearts they will pour their choicest frankincense at his feet, crown with unfailing amaranth the brow, and by eulogy, statue, column, and obelisk, and every aid to enduring remembrance, transmit to new and ever-rising futurities the irradiated name, of the first President of the regenerated Republic, that martyr to liberty and law, whom on this shore and border of time's immensity we deplore to-day, - ABRAHAM LINCOLN."*

God gave this man, whom we "delight to honor," to the world for a high and holy work: God has taken him up to the society of the sin-freed and rejoicing ones of all nations and of all time, when he had accomplished his mission; and every loyal and every Christian heart must add, "Blessed be the name of the Lord!"

* Hon. H. C. Deming.

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