California : a History of Upper & Lower California: From Their First Discovery to the Present Time, Comprising an Account of the Climate, Soil, Natural Productions, Agriculture, Commerce, &. ; a Full View of the Missionary Establishments and Condition of the Free & Domesticated Indians ; with an Appendix Relating to Steam-navigation in the Pacific ; Illustrated with a New Map, Plans of the Harbours and Numerous Engravings

Smith, Elder and Company, 1839 - 352 páginas

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Página 222 - Reposed alike their conscience and their cares ; And he, with equal faith, the trust of both Accepted and discharged. The bliss is theirs Of that entire dependence that prepares Entire submission, let what may befall : And his whole careful course of life declares That for their good he holds them thus in thrall, Their Father and their Friend, Priest, Ruler, all in all.
Página 170 - English oak; the underwood, that had probably attained its early growth, had the appearance of having been cleared away, and had left the stately lords of the forest in complete possession of the soil...
Página 216 - I happened, he says, to visit the mission about this time and saw these unfortunate beings under tuition. They were clothed in blankets, and arranged in a row before a blind Indian, who understood their dialect, and was assisted by an alcalde to keep order. Their tutor began by desiring them to kneel, informing them that he was going to teach them the names of the persons composing the Trinity, and that they were to repeat in Spanish what he dictated.
Página 152 - California to the creditors. This would be a wise measure on the part of Mexico, if the government could be brought to lay aside the vanity of retaining large possessions. The cession of such a disjointed part of the republic as California would be an advantage. In no case can it ever be profitable to the Mexican republic, nor can it possibly remain united to it for any length of time, if it should even be induced to rejoin this state, from which at present it is to all intents and purposes separated.
Página 170 - ... of different descriptions. About noon, we arrived at a very pleasant and enchanting lawn, situated amidst a grove of trees at the foot of a small hill, by which flowed a very fine stream of excellent water.
Página 91 - ... as if they had known us all their lives, but when we offered them any of our victuals, they always refused them. All they cared for was cloth; and only for something of this sort would they exchange their fish or whatever else they had.
Página 228 - I had the pleasure of seeing Father Peiri on his way to Mexico. After a constant residence of thirty-four years at this place,83 he left it stocked with nearly sixty thousand head of domesticated animals of all sorts,** and yielding an annual produce of about thirteen thousand bushels of grain, while the population amounted to nearly three thousand Indians! He left also a complete set of buildings, including a church with inclosures, etc. Yet after these thirty-four years of incessant labor, in which...
Página 194 - They construct large nets with bulrushes, and repair to such rivers as are the resort of their game, where they fix a long pole upright on each bank, with one end of the net attached to the pole on the opposite side of the river to themselves. Several artificial ducks made of rushes are then set afloat upon the water between the poles as a decoy ; and the Indians, who have a line fastened to one end of the net, and passed through a hole in the upper end of the pole that is near them, wait the arrival...
Página 136 - ... plunder; in order to support life. They at length became so obnoxious to the peaceable inhabitants, that the padres were requested to take some of them back to the missions, while others who had been guilty of misdemeanors, were loaded with shackles and put to hard work...
Página 103 - ... the salve to Our Lady before an image of the most illustrious Virgin, which occupied the altar; and at the same time I preached a sermon, concluding the whole with a Te Deum. After this the officers took possession of the country in the name of the king our lord (whom God preserve). We then all dined together in a shady place on the beach ; the whole ceremony being accompanied by many volleys and salutes by the troops and vessels.

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