Notes to the Spanish Civil Code: Showing Changes Effected by American Legislation, with Citations of Cases from Philippines Supreme Court

1904 - 106 páginas

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Página 23 - An action or proceeding does not abate by the death, or any disability of a party, or by the transfer of any interest therein, if the cause of action survive or continue. In case of the death or any disability of a party, the court, on motion, may allow the action or proceeding to be continued by or against his representative or successor in interest. In case of any other transfer of interest, the action or proceeding...
Página 1 - On such transfer of territory, it has never been held that the relations of the inhabitants with each other undergo any change. Their relations with their former sovereign are dissolved, and new relations are created between them and the government which has acquired their terri tory. The same act which transfers their country transfers the allegiance of those who remain in it...
Página 5 - The civil rights and political status of the native inhabitants of the territories hereby ceded to the United States shall be determined by the Congress.
Página 49 - No will, nor any part thereof, shall be revoked, unless by burning, tearing, canceling, or obliterating the same, with the intention of revoking it, by the testator, or by some person in his presence and by his direction...
Página 52 - When any testator shall omit to provide in his will for any of his children, or for the issue of any deceased child, and it shall appear that such omission was not intentional, but was made by mistake or accident, such child, or the issue of such child, shall have the same share in the estate of the testator as if he had died intestate, to be assigned as provided in the preceding section.
Página 22 - Civil actions can only be commenced within the periods prescribed in this title, after the cause of action shall have accrued, except where, in special cases, a different limitation is prescribed by statute, and in the cases mentioned in section seventy-three.
Página 47 - In the order or decree the court must name the persons, and the proportions or parts to which each shall be entitled, and such persons may demand, sue for, and recover their respective shares from the executor or administrator, or any person having the same in possession. Such order or decree is conclusive as to the rights of heirs, legatees, or devisees, subject only to be reversed, set aside, or modified on appeal.
Página 20 - The issue of a wife cohabiting with her husband, who is not impotent, is indisputably presumed to be legitimate; "6.
Página 51 - ... such descendants take the estate so given by the will in the same manner as the devisee or legatee would have done had he survived the testator.
Página 25 - Public writings are: 1. The written acts or records of the acts of the sovereign authority, of official bodies and tribunals, and of public officers, legislative, judicial, and executive, whether of this State, of the United States, of a sister State, or of a foreign country; 2. Public records, kept in this State, of private writings.

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