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The Association shall convene at the place and hour indicated in the notice therefor. The presence of twenty-five members shall constitute a quorum.



1. Reading Minutes of Preceding Meeting.
2. Report of Committee on Admissions.
3. Annual Address by the President.
4. Election of Officers for Ensuing Year.
5. Reports of Standing Committees.

(a). Executive Committee.
(6). Judicial Administration.
(c). Law Reform.
(d). Legal Education,
(e). Grievances.
(f). Legal History and Biography.

(g). Necrologist.
6. Reports of Special Committees.
7. Special Addresses.
8. Miscellaneous Business.


PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT. The President shall assume the general duties of his office on the adjournment of the annual meeting at which he is elected; but during the session at which he is elected he shall announce all committees for the succeeding year, the appointment of which shall not have been otherwise provided for.

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He shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the Association, and deliver the President's Annual Address, embodying therein such reference to recent changes in the law of this State, its present state and administration, with his recommendations in respect thereto, as shall seem best calculated to conserve the general weal.

He shall be a member and Chairman of the Executive Committee. In his absence, or in case of vacancy in the office of President, the duties of President shall be discharged by the Vice-President selected by the Executive Committee.



The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Association and the Executive Committee; be the keeper of the records and archives of the Association; superintend the publication and distribution of the publications of the Association, as directed by the Executive Committee; demand, receive and receipt for all moneys coming to the Association, and safely keep and disburse the same under the direction of the Executive Committee; be a member and Secretary of the Executive Committee, and discharge such other duties as may be imposed upon him. Of the moneys coming to his hands he shall retain $200 por annum as his salary.



Chairmen shall call a meeting of their respective committees immediately after they have been announced, and at such other times as may be required for the prompt and thorough consideration of the matters falling within their jurisdictions respectively, or may have been referred to them respectively. Committee reports shall be in writing, signed by the Chairman; but such reports shall show what members thereof concur therein.

The proceedings of the Executive Committee, and the Committees on Admissions and Grievances, shall be conducted with closed doors, and only the result of their deliberations be made public.


NEW MEMBERS. Applications for membership may be made at any time to the Secretary-Treasurer; they shall be in writing, and show the place of residence (with office number and street in cities) of the applicant, and bear the indorsement and recommendation of a member; and also be accompanied with an admission fee of $5.

Such applications shall be referred to the Committee on Admissions for its careful consideration and report to the next annual


meeting. The adoption by the Association of a favorable report of the Committee shall constitute the applicant a member; but no annual dues shall be required for the first year of membership.



The Justices of the Supreme Court of this State, in commission; past Justices of the same Court, not in practice; Justices of the United States Courts, resident or assigned, in this State; and the Ex-President of the Association, shall be enrolled as honorary members; and distinguished members of the profession may, by vote of the Association, be enrolled as honorary members; and all honorary members (not also active members) shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership, save voting at the election of officers.


ANNUAL DUES. The annual dues of members—not enrolled as honorary-shall be $3, payablo to the Secretary-Treasurer on demand.

Members who, after notice mailed to their last reported address, neglect or refuse the Secretary-Treasurer's demands or drafts therefor, may be expelled by vote of the Association.


WITHDRAWAL. Withdrawal from membership may be effected by application to the Secretary-Treasurer, and the payment of all unpaid dues, including those of the current year.


CHARGES AND COMPLAINTS. Charges and complaints affecting the professional conduct of any person practicing as a lawyer in this State, when executed in dupli. cate, signed and verified by the complainant, may be filed with the Secretary-Treasurer; and when so filed, one copy thereof shall be by such officer mailed to the accused, and a reasonable time given to answer the same; and on the coming in of the answer, also executed in duplicate and verified by the accused, one copy thereof shall in like manner be sent to the complainant. And thereupon the Secretary-Treasurer shall fix a reasonable time, of which reasonable written notice shall be given both parties, in which the evidence in support nd de of the matters in issue shall be file wi him,

And upon the coming in of the evidence, the complaint, answer and evidence shall be referred to the Committee on Grievances, the Chairman of which shall fix a time (of which both parties shall have written


notice) when and where the Committee will consider the matter, and at which time and place both parties may appear and be heard. But the Committee may refuse to consider any evidence not in writing, duly verified.

The proceedings of the Committee shall be with closed doors. If the Committee shall determine to quash or dismiss the complaint, announcement of that fact may be made; but if otherwise, the Committee's determination shall remain unannounced, until duly reported to the Association, along with the pleadings and evidence in the cause.

The report of the Committee shall be considered by the Association, and such action taken thereon as the nature of the case may require.


REPRESENTATIVES. The President, during vacation, may appoint one or more members to represent the Association and promote its interests, on any occasion deemed expedient by him; and, over his official hand, attested by the Secretary-Treasurer, duly accredit him or them as such representative,


The Constitution and By-Laws, together with the roll of active, honorary and deceased members, shall be included in the publication of the proceedings of the Association.

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John H. Hamline, ex-officio Chairman, The Temple, Chicago.
James H. Matheny, ex-officio Secretary, Springfield.
W. L. Gross, Springfield.
E. H. Gary, Rookery, Chicago.

Charles L. Capen, Bloomington.

Edward P. Kirby, Jacksonville.
Robert Mather, Chicago.
Alfred Orendorff, Springfield.
James M. Taylor, Taylorville.

Merritt Starr, Monadnock, Chicago.

John Barton Payne, Chairman, Superior Court, Chicago.
Lyman Lacy, Havana.
James H. Cartwright, Oregon.
E. B. Sherman, Monadnock, Chicago.
O. W. Raymond, Watseka.
Robert E. Jenkins, 89 East Madison St., Chicago.
H. B. Hurd, 96 Washington, Chicago.
James M. Riggs, Winchester.

Frank H. Scott, The Temple, Chicago,

E. P. Williams, Chairman, Galesburg.
T. W. McNeely, Petersburg,
Edgar A. Bancroft. Monadnock, Chicago.
James 0. Courtney, Metropolis.
George T. Page, Peoria.

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