Merger of Street Railway Corporations: Hearings...on H.J. Res. 276, April 20-May 8, 1928


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Página 329 - What the company is entitled to demand, in order that it may have just compensation, is a fair return upon the reasonable value of the property at the time it is being used for the public.
Página 150 - It is conceded that the charters of the Capital Traction Co. and the Washington Railway & Electric Co. and the enabling act which authorized them to do business provided that they can not charge over 5-cent fare.
Página 6 - March 28, 1930, the Director of the Bureau of the Budget advised the Department of Agriculture that the program of expenditures contemplated by this proposed legislation would not be in conflict with the financial program of the President if the bills were amended so as to authorize annual appropriations of not to exceed the amount specified.
Página 154 - The commission shall prescribe the forms of all books, accounts, papers and records required to be kept, and every public utility is required to keep and render its books, accounts, papers and records...
Página 232 - That no public utility shall issue any stocks, certificates of stock, bonds, or other evidences of Indebtedness secured on Its property In the District of Columbia for the purpose of any reorganization or consolidation in excess of the total amount of the stocks, certificates of stock, bonds, or other evidences of indebtedness then outstanding against the public utilities so reorganizing or consolidating, and no...
Página 463 - States, after extended hearings, recommended: "Effective public co-operation should be exercised by eliminating, in so far as it is practicable, special assessments for sprinkling, paving, and for the construction and maintenance of bridges, which are used by the public for highway purposes.
Página 8 - Company in providing moneys for the payment of the redemption price pursuant to such notice) all dividends on the...
Página 152 - Provided, that no merger of such companies shall be finally consummated until the same is approved by a joint resolution of Congress. Such new corporation shall be incorporated under the provisions of Subchapter IV, Chapter XVIII, of the Code of Law of the District of Columbia as far as applicable, with issues of stock at a stated par value, and/or of no par value as may be approved by the Public Utilities Commission.

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