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This view was taken at the Dobrenj ruin

Indicative of changing conditions in trayed governmental secrets to a foreign China is the action taken in the canceling legation.

Other Indics of the imperial rescript of tions of Change 1899 which gave official in China

rank to the bishops and An interesting illustration of the dispriests of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. turbing influence of Turkey in European In consequence of this cancellation some


affairs is to be seen in the eleven hundred Roman Catholic mission

ind case of Italy. On April 14 ary priests no longer rank as prefects and

Italy Turkey categorically reforty-six bishops must resign the title and fused to permit the Italians to open postofficial position of viceroys. Another offices throughout Turkish dominions, a notable event has been the action of Yuan right already enjoyed by Germany, AusShi-Kai in establishing a personal police tria and Great Britain. Thereupon Italy force in Peking under the direction of for gave orders for its fleet of thirty-two veseigners for the protection of officials and sels to appear in Turkish waters. The foreigners. This was done because of the Porte promptly granted the demand for incendiary fires and other disturbances rostoffices and proceeded also to meet cerassociated with the conspiracy against the tain other demands of Italy regarding the government recently discovered. One right of Italians to hold land in Tripoli hundred men were arrested, most of whom and of Italian steamers to touch at ports had been educated abroad. Seven teleg. in the same country. So much to the raphers connected with the Foreign Office credit of the navy in diplomacy. We do were condemned to life imprisonment and not know the justice of the case, but in hard labor on the frontier for having be the present condition of Turkey the proba

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provide the Porte with the necessary
means for Macedonian administration.
The relations of Russia and Great Britain
relative to Turkey are to some extent com-
plicated by the action of Russia in a raid
into Persian territory. The exact facts
of the case are not clear, but it would
seem as if a considerable Russian force
had attacked the Kurds and had pursued
them into Persian territory with consid.
erable loss to both parties. According to
the agreement with Great Britain, Rus-
sia is to maintain order along the north-
ern Persian frontier. It remains to be
seen whether this agreement will be held
by Great Britain to cover actual invasion
of Persian territory. More than that, the
German interests in Persia are now be-
coming considerable, and it would not be

surprising if in the near future the Per. CONVENTION HINTS

sian question would be quite as prominent Visitors to Chicago, warning: Don't provide yourselves

as that of Turkey now is in European with hats sizes too large. They may blow off politics. Bradley, in the (Chicago Daily News

On the eighty-second anniversary of the bility is that Italy had good claims for her establishment of Constitutional governextreme action. Other nations have a


ment in Portugal, the strong financial grip upon Turkish com

and Its Cortes was reopened by merce and mineral resources, and, par- New King King Manuel. On his way ticularly in the case of Great Britain and to the building he was closely guarded by France, are able to get results by more soldiers. The measures recommended for indirect methods. Germany has of late enactment are the revision of the Constiyears played the role of champion of tution and the reform of the electoral sysTurkish interests and has been granted tem. The king has been anxious to restore many privileges on that account. But the to the national treasury the money with. whole situation is anomalous, and if the drawn from it by his father, and for this European powers were not so much afraid purpose desired a thorough investigation, of each other, might well give rise to but this plan is not acceptable to the serious difficulties.

political leaders. It is asserted by the

opposition party that the purposes for Turkish affairs have also been more or which the money was used would thus be less in evidence because of the persistent revealed and it would be shown that the troubles in Macedonia. Russia, having royal family received for private exThe Problems rejected the proposal of penses less than half of the $1,500,000, of Border Great Britain to provide the leaders of the rotative parties using

States certain administrative re- the balance. The value of the crown jewforms in Macedonia, has made certain els taken by King Carlos, with the apcounter proposals relative to Macedonian proval of the government, to pay some of finances. Thus far nothing definite has his debts, will be refunded by King Manresulted. The chief point at issue is the uel from his own personal fortune. On deficit arising from the maintenance of May 6, the king took the oath to support troops which are optimistically supposed the Constitution and was proclaimed King to maintain order in Macedonia. The of Portugal and the Portuguese possesBritish government intends to force the sions. There was no coronation cere. Porte to care for this deficit by withdraw- mony, as the crown is never worn by ing its conditional consent to the increase Portugal's ruler, it being dedicated to the in customs, hich it was hoped would patron saint of the country.

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Trouble with Venezuela seems likely to which also has claims against Venezuela, be perpetual. President Castro is cer has been arbitrated with an unfavorable

tainly irritating, but the decision for the Americans. To reopen Venezuela

talk of compelling him to the case looks decidedly unjust. If we are Again

do certain things that cer to have arbitration we must be ready to tain Americans want him to do is very accept the undesirable as well as the foolish. The fact is that Americans, and favorable decision. Taken altogether, the particularly the New York and Bermudez Venezuela situation is by no means a Asphalt Company, have been altogether credit to the United States. It is to be too prominent in Venezuelan affairs. The hoped that sooner or later we shall be latter company admits having furnished given the exact facts regarding the entire Matos funds to carry on his revolution matter. Where is the report of the comagainst the Venezuela government. The missioner who was sent to investigate? It case of the Orinoco Steamship Company, would be interesting reading.

The Nation The longer the campaign for the nomi of appealing to the farmers, many of the nation to the Presidency runs, the more delegates suppressing the matter for fear The Presidentiel does it appear that the lest the Socialists would be confused with

Outlook, anti-Bryan and the anti- the Populists. The convention had some Particularly Taft forces have little hope difficulty in organizing itself and con

Mr. Taft's of electing any one of their siderable feeling was developed between candidates. At the time of writing, Mr. the supporters of Eugene V. Debs and Taft has within about fifty of a majority William D. Haywood as candidates for of delegates, and there can be little doubt the nomination. After three or four days that after a complimentary vote for Mr. Cannon the Illinois delegation can be swung to the Secretary of War. Neither Mr. Fairbanks nor Mr. Knox can be regarded as much more likely of nomination than Mr. Cannon, although undoubtedly the country at large would be pleased with the nomination of Mr. Hughes. His fight against the forces of corruption in New York State has made him a national hero, while Speaker Cannon's attitude toward legislation, and particularly the investigation of the alleged paper trust, has brought him unpopularity. Mr. Taft has conducted himself in such a dignified manner and has made such an invariably favorable impression wherever he has spoken that he has steadily gained in the estimation of the country. More than that, there is getting to be a widespread feeling that a man of his independence, strength of character and exceptional experience in administrative matters would make an admirable President at the present juncture.


The first of the national conventions for nominating candidates for the Presi .

dency met in Chicago on The Socialist

Sunday, May 10. The Convention

opening debates showed a difference of opinion as to the advisability

JOHN WALTER SMITH The new United States Senator from Maryland

Mr. Haywood withdrew, and at the time The deadlock into which Congress seems of writing Mr. Debs' nomination seems to have fallen relative to currency reform probable.

The seems in a fair way to be

Currency broken. The Aldrich Bill, The conference summoned by President Reform after having been modified Roosevelt in the White House in Wash- and remodified and then again remodified, The White

ington May 13, 14 and 15, has finally disappeared from legislative House is likely to prove a matter possibilities. In its place came the soConference of unusual influence in the called Vreeland Bill. All that it condevelopment of the country. Among those tains of its predecessor is a provision for who were invited were members of the the payment of interest on government Cabinet, judges of the Supreme Court of deposits in national banks. The new bill the United States, governors of all the provided for the formation of a clearing States of the Union, and, in addition, house association to be composed of not Andrew Carnegie, W. J. Bryan, James J. less than ten national banks, with an Hill, Seth Low, and John Mitchell. There aggregate capital and surplus of not less were present also a number of experts on than $5,000,000. Emergency currency the natural resources of the country, who could be based on clearing house securipresented papers. As the conference is in ties, including commercial paper, subject session at the time we go to press, it is to a tax of four per cent the first month impossible for us to state the result of the and one per cent additional until ten per meeting, but we sincerely hope 'that there cent was reached. The bill also provided will be some definite plan determined for a currency commission composed of upon which will direct legislation for the six members from each house. This bill next generation.

met with disapproval in the house currency committee, Mr. Fowler, chairman of that committee, holding strenuously to the belief that at the present time the only need is for the appointment of a currency commission. Speaker Cannon favored the Vreeland Bill, and on May 6 the Republicans of the House held a conference at which a resolution was passed which, without mentioning the Vreeland Bill, approved through clearing house association, securities including commercial paper, as a safe asset for emergency currency. At the time of writing there is every evidence that the bill will be passed embodying the essential points of the Vreeland Bill. In any case, Congress has learned the need of caution in currency legislation, and, it is to be hoped, the country is to be relieved at least to some dagree from the danger of the recurrence of the currency panic of last October.


Evidently Congress is inclined to take the President's declination of a third term

seriously, for it has chosen Two New

to defeat him in no less a Battle-ships

matter than his call for four battle-ships. The House, by a vote of 199 to eighty-three, refused to sanction the call, but did appropriate funds for two. The agitation for an increased navy

THE HOTEL FIRE AT FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Twelve persons lost their lives in this disaster.

This photograph was taken at sunrise


A MASS MEETING OF SOCIALISTS IN UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK On May 1, despite the protests of the socialist leaders, Alexander Berkman, the anarchist, addressed the crowd

is going on vigorously, its chief apostles public eye than Admiral Evans, and to no being Richmond P. Hobson and the Presi- one has public sympathy gone out more dent. Japan has been building some tre- heartily than to him as he has suffered mendous ships of late, and according to in a sanitarium and has mourned the loss Mr. Hobson the United States would have of a favorite grandchild.

of a favorite grandchild. The reception no chance in a naval conflict with that of the fleet by citizens of California is power. The President in a letter urging something more than a mere sight-seeing the appropriation for four vessels, justi- affair. It is a tribute paid by the Pacific fies his position by the failure of The Coast to the nation. Knowing what ef. Hague Conference to reach an agreement fect the appearance of our battle-ships limiting the armament among the powers. has produced on Asiatic coasts in the past, When it is borne in mind that a 20,000-ton we can not doubt that its voyage home by battle-ship will cost more than all the en- way of Japan and China and the Suez dowments of colleges and universities in Canal will increase our prestige among namost states of the union, with the excep- tions where prestige is largely set by an tion of three or four, and that these ships estimate of fighting strength. But at the are likely to be out of date even before same time, the country might as well face they are finished, Congress will be judged the serious facts presented by Senator reasonable in its decision. There is a limit Hale in a recent speech in the Senate. He to an annual expenditure in the present shows beyond question that seventy per stage of naval development.

cent of all the revenues of the United

States are expended for preparation for Yet he would be an exceedingly blind If the development of the navy is observer who overlooked the enthusiasm to proceed at the present rate it will be National

and the new national pride only a few years before we shall be exPride in that has resulted from the pending 150,000,000 annually in its supthe Navy

voyage of our fleet to the port. To double the army as some are Pacific. No man has been more in the urging would require $200,000,000 be

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