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atonement, will the justice of God require a second payment? No! God is not only merciful, but just also in justifying the believers in Jesus; who was made sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. And now all the frightful guilt is swallowed up in that Fountain opened for sin and uncleanness, like as a drop of ink is lost in a mighty river; so that my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour : and I thank God, through Jesus Christ our Lord, whose blood cleanses us from all our sin. O that I could love him yet more, who forgiveth me so much.

The Hesurrection of tbe Body.

This is the Christian's strong hold, that altho' we fall into the grave, we shall not be utterly cast down, but have a Lord that will be the plague of death, and the destruction of the grave, to redeem us out of the hands of both. My flesh is perishing as the grass, that is green and withered in a day; but this mortal shall put on immortality, yea, mortality itself shall be swallowed up of life. This heavy log, tho’ šown a natural, shall rise a spiritual body, to glide through ætherial regions, as the fish in crystal streams, and swifter than eagle or arrow, to follow the Lamb whithersoever he goes.Even the vile coarse flesh, in the great morning of the resurrection, shall come gloriously forth, as a bridegroom out of his chamber, and like the trees new apparelled in the spring; more orient and beautiful of itself than all make it ; shining as the firmament; yea, outvying the stars and the sun. Is my body here then often put to hardships: be it so; I do not look for my haven in it now, as it is here; but I expect .it to rise immortal, past all suffering : and, in the mean time, I must not think it strange to be tossed on shipboard, till I arrive at the fair háven where I would be. Am I tempted to excesses, or any lusts of the flesh, I will not surfeit on the meat that perishes, nor sink the vessel that is carrying me over to the blessed Land of Promise. Rather 'let me go without my full repast in the evening of this mortal life, so that I break my fast on the heavenly pleasures of eternity, in the dawning of the last day. I do not hate thee, my own Aesh, to bid thee stay and keep thy appetite for entertainments infinitely better, seeing I believe the resurrection of the body,

And tbe Life everlasting. Amen.

This is the centre of our desires, and the crown of our joys, the drift of our whole religion, and the eight of all perfection : that which eases our labours, and makes our very troubles look chearful upon us.

Wretched relief is the heathen's antidote against the dread of death; only to think,--that die we must. But Christians have a consolation strong indeed, that, after death we shall live for ever. sent lives are, for the most part, spent in providing us livelihoods; and instead of carrying happiness now in our vessels, all that we can

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do is but to make shift a little to stop our misery. Though God has graciously made it pleasant, even to repair the decays of our nature, yet he would not have us mistake that poor pleasure for our heaven ; and the soul that knows itself is rather weary of this attendance on the corruptible flesh, and aspires after that state where the body shall obsequiously follow, without the drudgery of patching up its breaches and decays: where shall be nothing vexatious or troublesome; nothing to hinder or abate the perfection of bliss; nothing to mar or embitter the fulness of joy; but, all the black curtains drawn aside, we shall have the beatific sight of our Lord, which will create in us raptures bigger than our hearts can hold, till heaven shall hold our souls, and we enter into that joy of our Lord, which is too large to enter into us; where we shall meet with all the best company in the world, and enjoy that sweetest of all society, without any reserve, in the most glorious palace : and their and our souls being then perfectly healed of every thing offensive, we shall have all the refreshments, without any uneasiness of conversation. Every faculty of the soul shall there imbibe that fulness of satisfaction which so long it had sought, but never found before; and neither shall the body want an agreeable entertainment for its feast and solace. But it is not for a tongue of flesh to utter what eyes and ears of flesh never saw or heard. It is enough to know, that it is above our knowledge ; being the life that is sweetened with a goodness no less than the

divine, and measured a duration no shorter than eternal.

All this I believe, and I believe it is more than all this which I believe, in believing the life everlasting: My life is hid with Christ in God; and the life which I now live, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me,

himself for nie, And when Christ, who is our life. shall appear, then shall I also appear with him in glory. O let me now begin the life of heaven, and hereafter I shall never know its end : while I am here alive, may I also die to the flesh and the world, that when I depart from hence, I may live to God with Christ, which is the life incomparably best of all. Amen, Amen.

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