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And , « Ah ! forgive a stranger rude ,

A wretch forlorn , » she cry'd, « Whose feet uphallow'd thus intrude

Where heav'n and you resides

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« But let a maid thy pity share ,

Whom love has taught to stray ; Who seeks for rest, but finds despair

Companion of her way.

« My father liv'd beside the Tyne ,

A wealthy lord was he ; And all his wealth was mark'd as mine ;

He had but only me.

« To wip me from his tender arms,

Unnumber'd suitors came ; Who prais’d me for imputed charms ,

And felt or feign'd a flame,

« Each hour a mercenary crowd

With richest proffers strove : Among the rest young Edwin bow'd,

But never talk'd of love.

« In humble simplest habit clad,

No wealth nor power had he; Wisdom and wo were all he had,

But these were all to me.

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« The blossom opening to the day,

The dews of heav'n refin'd, Could nought of purity display,

To emulate his mind.

« The dew, the blossom on the tree,

With charms inconstant shine : Their charms were his ; but , woe to me!

Their constancy was mine.

« For still I try'd each fickle art,

Importunate and vain ; And, while his passion touch'd my heart ,

I triumph'd in his pain.

« Till quite dejected with my scorn ,

He left me to my pride ; And sought a solitude forlorn,

In secret .where he died.

« But mine the sorrow , mine the fault,

And well my life shall pay: I'll seek the solitude he sought,

And stretch me where he lay.

« And there forlorn , despairing, hid ,

I'll lay me down, and die : 'Twas so for me that Edwin did,

And so for him will I. »

« Forbid it , hear'n! » the hermit cry'd,

And clasp'd her to his breast.
The wond'ring fair one turn'd to chide ,

'Twas Edwin's self that press'd.

« Turn , Angelina , erer dear,

My charmer, turn , to see
Thy own , thy long-lost Edwin here,

Restor’d to love and thee.


« Thus let me hold thee to my heart,

And ev'ry care resign:
And shall we never never part,

My life, my all that's mine!



never ,

from this hour to part ,
We'll live and love so true ;
The sigh that rends thy constant heart

Shall break thy Edwin's too.



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DISCOURS sur la Romance.

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