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Vol. 1, No. 1. January, 1918. Price, 35 Cents.


Seventy-one years ago the publication of The Olden Time was begun in Pittsburgh. It was a monthly magazine edited by Neville B. Craig, in his day the best known authority in the country on the early West. The mission of the magazine was to preserve documents and other authentic information relating to the early exploration, and to the settlement and improvement, of the country at the head of the Ohio River. Much material of historical value which otherwise would have been lost, is preserved within the covers of this old periodical. At the end of two years it was discontinued for lack of material support. In his valedictory the editor bewailed the death of his magazine, but rejoiced at what had been accomplished. He stated that the publication was undertaken as the substitute for an historical society, the establishment of which had been attempted at various times before the birth of The Olden Time. But the seed that was then sown did not fall on stony places. An era of historical investigation commenced. Men began collecting books and papers relating to early Pennsylvania history- Musty garrets and dusty book shelves yielded up their treasures at the beck of the collectors. Historical societies were organized, and finally the growing sentiment brought into life the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, which it is hoped will be a permanent factor in the promotion of Pittsburgh's culture.

THE WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE is published quarterly by the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Bigelow Boulevard and Parkman Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. Subscription price, $1.00 per Annum fo members of the Society when paid in advance with regular annual dues; to all others, $1.50 per Annum.

It is true, the society entertains views somewhat different from those held by the editor of The Olden Time. It does not believe that the society could be a substitute for a periodical like The Olden Time, nor that this magazine could take the place of the society, but holds that the one must be the complement of the other. The society must supply the capital and the energy necessary to the conduct of the magazine, while the magazine is the instrument for the publication of the materials collected by the society.

For a number of years the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania realized that it would be advantageous to conduct a magazine, but did not feel able to undertake the work. It is now prepared to answer the call, and the result is its entry into the list of publishers. It is hoped that the magazine will be a valuable instrument in the preservation, discussion, and dissemination of matters of local history, biography and belles letters.

It is intended whenever possible to publish original letters, journals, records and other memoranda. Articles dealing with modern as well as the older phases of the history and development of what in early days was known as the Western country, will appear from time to time. occasionally excerpts from publications not ordinarily accessible to the general reader, will be printed. The department of "Notes and Queries," begun in this number, is to be continued as a feature of the magazine. The editors hope for the assistance and co-operation of every member of the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, as well as of those readers whose names do not appear on its roles.

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