A Tour Through the Island of Mann, in 1797 and 1798: Comprising Sketches of Its Ancient and Modern History, Constitution, Laws, Commerce, Agriculture, Fishery, &c

R. Cruttwell; and sold by C. Dilly, 1798 - 294 páginas

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Página 193 - ... shall have existed as many ages, as all the individuals of a whole kingdom, ranged in close succession, will, in the whole, have existed in the space of ten thousand ages ; therefore...
Página 190 - But death, like some able days-man, has laid his hand on the contending parties, and brought all their differences to an amicable conclusion.
Página 110 - Cardinal Fleury wanted much to see him, and sent over on purpose to enquire after his health, his age, and the date of his consecration ; as they were the two oldest Bishops, and he believed the poorest, in Europe ; at the same time inviting him to France. The Bishop sent the Cardinal an answer, which gave him so high an opinion of him, that he obtained an order that no French privateer should ravage the Isle of Man.
Página 1 - ... my plan. On my asking him why Englishmen, who were so remarkable for acting up to their own notions and ideas, did not, now and then, merely to see life in every point of view, travel on foot. "Oh," said he, "we are too rich, too lazy, and too proud.
Página 211 - The walls inclose an irregular polygon, whose area contains about two acres. They are flanked with towers, and are remarkably rough, being built with a coarse grey stone, but coigned and faced in many parts with a red grit found in the neighbourhood. It is highly probable that this Island has been fortified in some manner ever since the churches were built ; but the present works are said, by Bishop Wilson, to...
Página 145 - Tynwald day. First, you shall come thither in your Royal array, as a king ought to do, by the prerogatives and royalties of the land of Man...
Página 211 - The bottom of this place is extremely rough ; and in the north-west corner is a well, or spring, which must have added greatly to the natural dampness of the place, to which there is no other air or light, but what is admitted through a small window at the east end. . " About the middle of the area, a little to the north of the churches of St.
Página 27 - That some rights, unnecessary to be vested in the crown, have been so vested ; while others, meant to be retained, have, by the operation of the act of 1765, been rendered nugatory by being left in a mutilated and unprotected condition ; the protections which they enjoyed under the former government of the island, having been destroyed, and no new or adequate protection substituted in their room.
Página 273 - No more its arches echo to the noise Of joy and festive mirth. No more the glance Of blazing taper through its windows beams, And quivers on the undulating wave : But naked stand the melancholy walls, Lash'd by the wintry tempests, cold and bleak, That whistle mournful thro' the empty halls, And piece-meal crumble down the tow'rs to dust.
Página 278 - ... consideration thereof, advance and pay unto his said lordship the same fines which they severally and respectively paid for their several and respective tenements, at the general fining, which was in or about the year of our Lord...

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