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C. H. Viack, Lawrence Noble, Morris S. Gregg, A. P. Mills, W.G. Foster, N. M. Schofi, C. Krapf, G. P. Mann, H. W. Hyatt, D. Maier, D. Dehoust, A. De Forrest, Stephen Hedges, John W. Thompson, Christian Eberbaet. J. F. Laubengager. E. T. Hollister, S. M. Webster, R. P. Leonard, D. L. Woods, T. Marsh, C. B. Thompson, C.F. IIill, Moses Pack, J. Mast, J. L. Farnham, J. Miller, John Cordley, G. M. Danforth, S. M. Allaire, Herman Schlack, F. Sorey, G. Rupf, J. Chatts, E. P. Foster, B. F. Watts, Emanuel Mann,

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A. G. Hall,
N. P. Davis,
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N. M. Smart
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George Marshall
J. W. Brooks,
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George W. Stocking,
Charles Edwards,
David Williams.


[ No. 10. ]

MEMORIAL and Petition of the Officers and Directors of the Grand

Rapids and Indiana Railroad Company, praying for a portion of the public lands donated by Congress, to aid in the construction of their

railroad from Grand Rapids to Mackinaw. To the Hon. the Senate and House of Representatives of the State

of Michigan: The undersigned petitioners would respectfully represent to your Honorable Bodies, that they are the officers and directors of the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Company, which was organized for the purpose of constructing a railroad from the city of Fort Wayne, in the State of Indiana, to the city of Grand Rapids, in the State of Michigan, with the intention of continuing said railroad to the Straits of Mackinac, via Traverse Bay, at as early a day as practicable; that the length of said railroad is 135 miles, 87 of which are in the State of Michigan, and 48 in the State of Indiana; the subscriptions to the capital stock of which reach $449,600; that near 40 miles of said road are now under contract, 28 in Michigan, and the work thereon progressing; and that at the last session of Congress, upon the petition of the officers, stockholders, and friends of said Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Company, a liberal grant of public lands was made to the State of Michigan, for the construction of a railroad from the city of Grand Rapids, to or near Traverse Bay, which grant was so made and intended for the




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tending said Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad from Grand Rapids to the north. And your petitioners most respectfully ask

your Honorable Bodies to make such appropriation of said public lands so granted, as will secure the construction of said line of railroad from Grand Rapids to or near Traverse Bay, in connection with and as a part and parcel of said Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad.

Joseph Lomax, President, Sturgis, Mich.
Richard Reed, Treasurer,
J. D. Cook, Chief Engineer,
J. H. Buck, Director,
J. G. Wait,
F. F. Jewett,

Lima, Ind.
Wm. S. Boye, " La Grange, Ind
John L. Doty,“ Northport,
P. Marantelle, Mendon, St. Joseph Co., Mich.
Wm. Henry, Sturgis,
James Scribner,“

Grand Rapids,
S. Wood,
W. C. Edsell, Otsego, Allegan Co.,
Abram Hoag,



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