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[ No. 5. ] PETITION of J. B. Bradford and 250 others, praying for a revision

of the charter of the city of Detroit. To the Hon. Senate and House of Rep's of the State of Michigan:

The undersigned, citizens of the city of Detroit, respectfully petition your Honorable body to enact into a law the bill now pending before you to amend the charter of the city of Detroit, in providing for the proper construction of sewers, preventing members of the Common Council from being interested in city contracts, and establishing a system of assessment which promises a relief from onerous evils now endured by the tax payers. It introduces much needed and salutary reforms, without which our city government will be a positive hardship instead of a benefit to the citizen. J. B. Bradford,

Yates & Conley,
H. Hallock,

A. Amber & Coy
T. H. Armstrong,

Hutchinson & Johnson,
Nichols & LeFavour,

L. L. Farnsworth,
Higby & Stearns,

E. N. Wilcox,
J. W. Johnston,

E. N. Wilcox, Executor of
J. F. & H. 8. Hyde,

J. A. Van Dyke,
A. F. Cargiv,

E. N. Wilcox,
H. W. Walker,

Thor. C. Miller,
N. P. Stewart

ZE. N. Wilcox,
R. Higham,

Wm. Gray,

J. Owen, G. Campbell, H. K. Sanger, 6. P. Brady, Stephens & Field, W. Buurke, Buhl & Ducharun, Parsons & Jobnson, Z. Chandler & Co., H. P. Baldwin, G. & R. McMillan, Lewis & Graves, Lansing & Vernon, Geo. Kirlig, M. P. Hutchins, 0. C. Thompson, J. A. Royo, F. Bahl & Co., Duty & Abbot, Jno. Tillman, L. Bucher & Com W. P. Whipple, L. H. Cobb, Friend Palmer, G. C. D. Willame H. T. Stingham, Thos. P. Sheldon, William J. Bunn, Guy F. Ilinhcbman, Guy Foote, T. & J. Hinchman, H. C. Knight, John J. Leonard, K. K. Brown, A. B. Brown, Jacobs & Gardner, 1. J. Garrison,

Campbell & Linn, E. Chope, Henry Webster, E. Eldred, P. H. Wurtz, E. Brown, John Rumsey, Wm. Y. Rumsey, Cullen Brown, Wm. Peck, Briilge, Lewis & Co., Langdon & Holley, Croul Brothers, H. A. & L. G. Wright, N. Tomlinson, Trowbridge Jones, F. B. Sibles, Wilcox, Luff & Fuller, Aug'. E. Bissell, 0. Newberry & Co., Moore, Foot & Co., J. E. Pittman, G. O. Williams, H. J. Buckley, K. C. Barker & Co., David Preston & Co., Joo. A. Austin, Amsden & Cargill, Albert Tbayer, Vincent B. Scotty L. P. Durkee & Con 0. C. M. Crane & Co, 'James Burns & Con F. II. Kidder & Co., T. K. Adams, 8. Sanett & Com 1. Iluwaid Webster

Ezra Rood, Cbas. Jackson, H. Glover, E. & D. Lyon, C. Fargo, Godfrey, Dean & Laible, Samuel Phelps, James Abbott, G. Felless & Co. Alexander McFarland, Ira M. Allen, Otis Judson, J. Hendrickson, Jnbo Happa, Wm. Wingert, 8. Carwell, J. J. Hight, L. W. Tinker & Co., J. S. Cuthbert & Co., J. A. Cargill, Thos. B. Edmonds, H. E. Rowley, Robert Dermont, Jobo A. Kerr & Co., Atkinson & Co. H. D. Kitchel, S. S. Bernard, H. E. Baker, Reymond & Gilleck, B. B. & R. Noges Holmes & Co., Farrand & Wheaton, Tom, Amant, Bro, Eagle & Elliott, J. Wentton, John Brown, Nall, Duncken & Con

W. A. Moore, J. Kearsley, Tbornas S. Sprague, Geo. B. Pease. Janues Scott, F. W. Swift & Co., Wm. B. Howe, Morrison & Conklin, Darius Samson Geo. W. Hudson, George Winter, A. W. Adams. R. Clark, James L. Lyle, J. M. Hullbrook, J. H. Allison, Cyrus Jenks, W.N. Carpenter, Wm. Snow, J. J. Bayley, C. Hulbert, in favor of the

charter, but not in favor

of city enlargement,
Hiram Walker,
W. P. Campbell,
Tefarett Holmes,
C. A. Trowbridge & Co,
Jobn Stober,
C. P. Woodruff & Co.,
David Crosby & Co.,
Samuel P. Cargell,
Ilenry C. Ripley,
Keith & Ripley,
Alex. I. Newburg,
Henry Lee,
Levi Cook,
F. E. Eldred,

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