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[blocks in formation]

The effect of the battle of Dranesville-Blockade of the Potomac-

Resignation of General Scott-McClellan appointed General-in-

Chief of the National army-Situation on the Potomac-Other

Departments-Capture of Hatteras Inlet-Battle of Carnifex

Ferry-Operations in Missouri-Change of Commanders in the

West-Formidable preparations by Army and Navy-Capture of

Port Royal-Burnside's expedition-Battle of Logan's Cross

Roads-Capture of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson-Battle of

Pea Ridge-The Merrimac-Naval engagements in Hampton

Roads The Monitor-Repose of the Army of the Potomac—

Spirit of the people-Mistaken policy-Army corps-President

Lincoln's War Orders-The Army of the Potomac ordered to

advance-Choice of route to Richmond-Evacuation of Manassas

by the rebels-Advance of the Army of the Potomac-Embarka-

tion for the Peninsula-Advance on Yorktown-Siege and

Evacuation of Yorktown-Battle of Williamsburg-Advance to

Chickahominy-Battle of Fair Oaks-Detachment of McDowell's

Corps-March of the Reserves to Hunter's Mills-"Smoky Hol-

low "-March to Alexandria-Hard march and stormy night-

Preparations for a new Campaign-The First Corps moves to

Manassas Scenes on the Bull Run battle-field-Paymaster and

sutler in camp-Tricks of trade-Advance to Catlett's Station-

Capture of Fredericksburg-Colonel Taggart's treatment of

guerrillas-McDowell desires to advance from Fredericksburg—

Promotion of Colonel Bayard and Lieutenant-Colonel Owen

Jones-The First Corps ordered to march on Richmond-Presi-

dent Lincoln at Fredericksburg-McDowell's advance within

eight miles of McClellan's army-The recall-Jackson's raid-

McDowell's troops sent to the Shenandoah-Bayard's Cavalry

and the Bucktail battalion pursuing Jackson-Harrisonburgh-

Gallant conduct of Bucktails-Capture of Lieutenant-Colonel

Kane and Captain Taylor-Battle of Cross Keys-Escape of


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