The Works of Edmund Spenser

Routledge, 1872 - 562 páginas

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Página 126 - To th' instruments divine respondence meet: The silver sounding instruments did meet With the base murmure of the waters fall; The waters fall with difference discreet, Now soft, now loud, unto the wind did call: The gentle warbling wind low answered to all.
Página 98 - How oft do they their silver bowers leave, To come to succour us, that succour want? How oft do they with golden pinions cleave The flitting skies, like flying pursuivant, Against foul fiends to aid us militant?
Página 427 - Full little knowest thou, that hast not tride, What hell it is in suing long to bide : To loose good dayes, that might be better spent ; To wast long nights in pensive discontent ; To speed to-day, to be put back to-morrow ; To feed on hope, to pine with feare and sorrow...
Página 12 - Then choosing out few words most horrible, (Let none them read) thereof did verses frame; With which, and other spelles like terrible, He bad awake blacke Plutoes griesly Dame; And cursed heven; and spake reprochful shame Of highest God, the Lord of life and light: A bold bad man, that dar'd to call by name Great Gorgon, prince of darknes and dead night; At which Cocytus quakes, and Styx is put to flight.
Página 49 - Or from the field most cowardly doth fly ? Ne let the man ascribe it to his skill, That thorough grace hath gained victory. If any strength we have, it is to ill, But all the good is Gods, both power and eke will.
Página 466 - As each had bene a Bryde ; And each one had a little wicker basket, Made of fine twigs, entrayled curiously, In which they gathered flowers to fill their flasket, And with fine Fingers crept full feateously The tender stalkes on hye.
Página 11 - At length they chaunst to meet upon the way An aged sire, in long blacke weedes yclad, His feete all bare, his beard all hoarie gray, And by his belt his booke he hanging had ; Sober he seemde, and very sagely sad ; And to the ground...
Página 18 - One day, nigh wearie of the yrkesome way, From her unhastie beast she did alight; And on the grasse her dainty limbs did lay In...
Página 64 - They all perfumde with frankincense divine, And precious odours fetcht from far away, That all the house did sweat with great aray: And all the while sweete Musicke did apply Her curious skill the warbling notes to play, To drive away the dull Melancholy; The whiles one sung a song of love and jollity. 39 During the which there was an heavenly noise Heard sound through all the pallace pleasantly, Like as it had bene many an Angels voice Singing before th...
Página 2 - For this cause is Xenophon preferred before Plato, for that the one, in the exquisite depth of his judgement...

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