The Chancellor's prizes and the Gaisford Greek verse prize [at Oxford university] for 1866

private circulation, 1866 - 61 páginas

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Página 13 - It is a duty incumbent on upright and credible men of all ranks, who have performed anything noble or praiseworthy, to record, in their own writing, the events of their lives; yet they should not commence this honourable task before they have passed their fortieth year.
Página 13 - I have completed my fifty-eighth year, and am settled in Florence, where, considering the numerous ills that constantly attend human life, I perceive that I have never before been so free from vexations and calamities, or possessed of so great a share of content and health as at this period. Looking back on some delightful and happy events of my life, and on many misfortunes so truly overwhelming that the appalling retrospect makes me wonder how I have reached this age in vigour and prosperity, through...
Página 21 - Indeed, the poet is always to some extent an autobiographer. Speaking the language which takes its form and sequence from his own emotions, he must often record them as his own.
Página 6 - ... it is always the voice of a living man which speaks to us of himself, and not the uncertain record of biographers anxious for his posthumous fame.
Página 7 - contemplate the common lot of mortality, and acknowledge that he had drawn a high prize in the lottery of life.

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