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aaa SERIES OF LETTERS Between Parties, whose Names would perhaps be mentioned, were they lef

known, or lefs lamented. I Giovernor. Who did the bloody deed! Oromoko. The deal was mine, a Bloodly I know it is, and Sexpect « Tourlars should tell me so. Thus, self-condemna, Ido resign myself into your hands, "The hands of Justice.OROONOKO.53. Hartwill, ":\] this be not love, it is, "madnefo; thin, it is pardonable.".

Oud Batchelor.

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Printed for G. KEARSLY, at N:46,ncar Serjeants Inn,
Fleet Street; and R. FAU'LDER, in New Bond Street.

- 1780.

Entered at Stationers Stace

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