The Massachusetts Teacher, Volumen24

Mass. Teachers' Association, 1858

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Página 431 - Woos back the fleeting spirit, and half supplies. Thus Love repays to Hope what Hope first gave to Love! Yet haply there will come a weary day, When, overtasked, at length, Both Love and Hope beneath the load give way, Then, with a statue's smile, a statue's strength, Stands the mute sister,
Página 441 - GOOD. — Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever: Do noble things, not dream them all day long; And so make life, death, and that vast
Página 431 - own heart let them first keep school! For, as old Atlas on his broad neck places Heaven's starry globe, and there sustains it, so Do these upbear the little world below Of education — Patience, Hope and Love! Methinks I see them grouped in seemly show, — The
Página 240 - A combination and a form Indeed, Where every god did seem to set his seal To give the world assurance of
Página 319 - by the quick intelligence and high culture of the Athenian commonalty, before whom literary works were recited, and works of art exhibited, of a far more severe character than could possibly be appreciated by the average of our race, the calibre of whose intellect is easily gauged by a glance at the contents of a railway book-stall.
Página 389 - be so much humanized and made to feel that each figure in that vast historical procession fills, like themselves, but a momentary space in the interval between two eternities; and earns the blessings or the curses of all time, according to its effort to do good and hate evil, even as they also are earning their payment for their work
Página 389 - is not desirable for children to occupy themselves with — and there still remains in this old literature a vast residuum of moral beauty and grandeur. And then consider the great historical fact that, for three centuries, this book has
Página 442 - loss that doth enrich us yet, With upward yearnings of regret? Bleaker than unmossed stone «. Our lives were but for this immortal gain Of unstilled longing and inspiring pain! As thrills of long hushed tone Live in the viol, so our souls grow fine With keen vibrations from the touch divine, Of noble natures gone.
Página 416 - pleasure of which the ecstasy of Archimedes was but a simple expansion, heard him exclaim, ' I have it, sir!' The consciousness of self-power thus awakened was of immense value, and animated by it, the progress of the class was truly astonishing. It was often my custom to give the boys their choice of pursuing their propositions
Página 417 - Did the Almighty, holding in his right hand Truth and in his left Search after Truth, deign to tender me the one I might prefer— in all humility, but without hesitation, I should request Search

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