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can tame this monster, and bring her to feed at the hand, and govern her, and with her fly other ravening fowl and kill them, it is somewhat worth ;

but we are infected with the style of the poets. To speak now in a sad and serious manner; there is not in all the politics a place . less handled, and more worthy to be handled, than this of fame; we will therefore speak of these points : what are false fames; and what are true fames; and how they may be best discerned ; how fames may be sown and raised; how they may be spread and multiplied ; and how they may be checked and laid dead; and other things concerning the nature of faine. Fame is of that force, there is scarcely any great action wherein it hath not a great part, especially in the war. Mucianus undid Vitellius by a fame that he scattered; that Vitellius had in purpose to move the legions of Syria into Germany, and the legions of Germany into Syria; whereupon the legions of Syria were infinitely inflamed. Julius Cæsar took Pompey unprovided, and laid asleep his industry and preparations by a fame that he cunningly gave out, how Cæsar's own soldiers loved him not; and being wearied


with the wars, and laden with the spoils of Gaul, would forsake him as soon as he came into Italy. Livia settled all things for the succession of her son Tiberius by continually giving out that her husband Augustus was upon recovery and amendment; and it is an usual thing with the bashaws, to conceal the death of the Great Turk from the Janisaries and men of war, to save the sacking of Constantinople, and other towns, as their manner is. Themistocles made Xerxes, king of Persia, post apace out of Græcia, by giving out that the Græcians had a purpose to break his bridge of ships which he had made athwart the Hellespont. There be a thousand such like examples, and the more they are the less they need to be repeated, because a man meeteth with them every where: wherefore let all wise governors have as great a watch and care over fames, as they have of the actions and designs themselves.


MARCHANT, Printer, Ingram. Court,, Fenchurch-Stroet.



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