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It belongs to the history of our Centennial to state, that the music both at the church and at the hall was of an unusually high character. Mrs. Howe's “Battle Hymn of the Republic” was sung in a manner that gave it access to the breasts of the immense audience, which was fully evidenced by the heartiness with which they joined in the magnificent chorus. To Mr. BARTON RICKETSON, JR., who kindly volunteered to take charge of the singing, the public are greatly indebted for the effective manner in which this part of the exercises was performed. It is hardly necessary to say that the New Bedford Brass Band performed, in an admirable manner, the patriotic airs they had selected for the occasion.

The record would be incomplete, did it fail to notice the promptness and good order with which the arrangements were carried into effect by the marshal of the day, HENRY J. TAYLOR, Esq., and his efficient corps of assistants, Messrs. ANDREW G. PIERCE, LEMUEL M. KOLLOCK, CORNELIUS DAVENPORT, JOHN W. MACOMBER, WILLIAM C. TABER, Jr., and CHARLES H. GIFFORD.




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JAMES B. CONGDON, who has been for a long time at work upon the official records of Dartmouth, arranging the scattering fragments, and restoring many imperfect and fast decaying pages, exhibited photographs of the two oldest existing pages of these records. They are the work of the Brothers Bierstadt, and convey a perfect idea of the ancient, dim and defaced originals. Copies are, we understand, to be presented to each of the municipalities whose connection with the old records renders these pictures of the first recorded proceedings of the town interesting and valuable. It is understood that Mr. Congdon will continue his labors upon these records until they are as nearly restored as their dilapidated condition will admit.

The following is a transcript of the first page of the records of which a photograph copy has been taken as before stated.

" At a town meeting the 22: of May in the year: 1674. John Cook was chosen debity arther hathaway grandiury

William earl Constable John Russell iams Shaw and William Palmer selectmen daniel willcoks peleg Shearman and Samuel Cudbard survaers and James Shaw Clark.


At a town meetinge ye 22 of Jouly 1674 it is ordered that all our town meetings doe beginne at ten of ye clocke and to continue untill yo moderator doly releace the town not exceeding four of ye clocke.

It is all so ordered that all such parsons as doe necklectt to a yeer all the town meetings shall for fitt to the town 1 shilling and six pence a pece and for coming to meeting to leatt three pence an hour.

It is all so ordered that the town clarke shall gather up all a for said finnes and shall have ye on hallfe of them for his pains and in ceace any doe refuse to pay them returne the neame to ye towne.

It is ordered by the towne by vote that there shall be no alteration in the rulle of........... for this following year.

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