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In 1910 the first edition of my work on Federal Criminal Law was published. It was generously received by the profession. Many complimented it-a few criticized it. The five years that have passed since then have been fat with decisions. I have tried to cite, and believe I have cited, in the present volume, all of these new decisions. I have also added another chapter on Practice Suggestions.

In this book should be found, if not all of the decided law with reference to a statute, a quick index to where such law may be found, and this is often all the busy, painstaking lawyer wants.


Dallas, Texas, March 1, 1916.

§ 15a. Bail During Trial.

16. Challenges.

16a. Consolidation of Indictments.

16b. Impeachment of Verdict by Juror.

17. Indictment and Return of Same.

17a. Endorsement on Indictments.

18. Consolidation of Indictments.

19. Question of Duplicity in Indictment.

20. Confessions.

20a. Confessions-Continued.

21. Admissibility of Documentary Evidence Secured Illegally.

21a. Method for Recovery of Illegally Secured Evidence.

21b. Production of Documents.

22. Comments or Improper Argument of District Attorney.

22a. Procedure When Improper Argument or Remarks are Made.

23. Prosecuting Officer in Grand Jury Room; Limits of his Expression.

24. Jury-Right of Waiver-Necessity for Full Number-Illegal to

Try with Eleven.

24a. Comments by the Court.

25. Care of Jury-Moral Weight of Verdict; Legal Weight of Verdict;

Newspapers with Jury-Attempts to Influence Verdict.

25a. Setting Aside Verdict.

26. Evidence of Good Character--Charge on Presumption Thereof.

26a. Good Character Becomes a Fact.

26b. Charge on, Refused When.

26c. Proof of Other Offense.

27. Instructions of the Court, whether Written or Oral, Special


27a. Exceptions to Charge after Jury Retired.

28. Opinion of Court-How Guarded.

28a. The Court not Mere Presiding Officer.

29. Court Cannot Comment on Lack of Evidence-Presumption of

Good Character.

30. Further Limitations on Court.

31. Verdict as to Part of Counts.

32. Sentence and Correction Thereof.

32a. Single Sentence, What Is.

33. No Authority to Suspend Sentence.

34. Correction of Sentence; Control of Court over Sentence after

Term; New Trial; Motion for, When to be Made; May be

Made in Court of Appeals; Null and Void Criminal Judgment;

Whether May be Corrected, and How.

34a. Sentence not Absolutely Void; Resentencing.

35. Remission of Penalty on Forfeited Recognizance.

35ą. Fine Abated by Death.

36. Bail After Affirmance.

36a. Bail Matter of Discretion and Matter of Right, When.

36b. Voluntary Giving of Bond no Defense to Surety Liability.

37. Severance-Separate Trials—Discretion of Court.

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