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He speaks-it is a brother's tone,

He bleeds-the stream is blood divine;
He dies-but in that dying groan

Is life for myriad souls-for mine.'

We have room for one more extract; and we waive all further criticism.


"Sin-thou hast filled our earth with woe,
Alike in city, bower, and wild,
Man but a captive walks below,

And sorrow reigns where Eden smiled;
If happiness awhile revives,

How soon thy evil influence blights it!
And when the heart with anguish strives,
Thou add'st a sting to all that smites it.

From morn till eve, from youth to age,
Unnumbered things we seek aud prove,
We wander many a varied stage,

But never from thy power remove.
There's not a passion, pang, or care,
A pleasure, fancy, or emotion,

But thou, with storms, or spells, art there,
Dark spirit of the heart's wild ocean.

Sin-thou hast made our earth a grave,
Thy record in its dust we see,

And blasting fire, and 'whelming wave,
Are only images of thee;

Of thee, and of that darker death,

That hath through thee the soul o'ertaken—
Great God, or stay thy creature's breath,
Or let this tyrant power be shaken!'


Art. X. Panorama of the Rhine and the adjacent Country, from Cologne to Mayence. Drawn from Nature, by F. W. Delkeskamp. Engraved by John Clark. Price 10s. 6d. London.

THIS is a toy, but a very agreeable, and by no means a useless one. It contains a tolerably drawn, and distinctly engraved, bird's-eye view of the course of the Rhine, within the assigned limits. The forms and general arrangement of the different towns, villages, chateaux, and fortresses, are clearly indicated; the aspect of the country, the various features of the navigation, the trending of the banks, the character of the rocks and mountains, with their connection and relative position,--all these particulars are very ingeniously brought under the eye within the compass of a flat portfolio-like volume, which, if it be somewhat too large for a modern pocket, will occupy a scarcely perceptible division of a travelling-bag or a portmanteau. Attached to the panorama' are small but useful maps of the principal routes from London to Cologne, by Rotterdam, Ostend, and Calais; and from Cologne to the sources of the Rhine. Altogether, the traveller will find it a pleasant companion and an interesting remembrancer.

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Art. XI. An Analysis of the Second Decade of Livy, chronologically arranged in Two Charts. By Frederick Russell, A. M. Price 5s. 6d. Oxford.

THESE Charts are on an admirable plan, although it might be advantageous could their size have been in some degree reduced. Under the following heads, collaterally adjusted to a Chronological Scale, and to the regular succession of Consuls and Prætors,-Rome, Africa, Spain, Gaul, Liguria, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Greece, we have the Livian History from the year of Rome 534 to 552; including the important period, from the Siege of Saguntum, to the Battle of Zama, and the Peace with Carthage. The form is convenient, the coup d'œil distinct and unembarrassed, and the details ably compressed. We specifically recommend this excellent Analysis; but we would suggest, that the way in which the sheets are done up, although it may be attractive, and well enough adapted to slight and occasional reference, is not judicious, so far as durability is concerned. Frequent and familiar use will soon wear folded paper to shreds, and it would be far better to strengthen it with canvas, on rollers for the library, or in a case for the pocket.

Art. XII. A Chart of Chronology. Exhibiting the History of the World from the Year 1000, B.C., to the Destruction of the Western Empire of Rome, A.D., 476. Price 3s. London, 1828.

THIS Chart is evidently intended as a companion to some elementary work which we have not seen; and, although the numerical references do not really interfere with its separate usefulness, they are somewhat annoying to the eye. Independently, however, of this hypercritical censure, the collateral tables before us deserve our recommendation as a cheap, available, and unpretending auxiliary in the business of education, and in the average courses of reading. The arrangement is clear, and the execution respectable.

Art. XIII.

The Library of Religious Knowledge. Natural Theology, Parts I. and II. 12mo. pp. 48, 40. Price 6d. each. London, 1829.

THE series of publications, of which the work before us is the commencement, has evidently been suggested by the "Library of Useful Knowledge", and seems intended to add a shelf to that Library, for which its projectors had left room by overlooking, or excluding from their definition, that one species of useful knowledge which is here supplied. Of the design and general plan, as announced in the prospectus, as well as of the execution thus far, we are happy to be able to express our entire and warm approbation. The subject of these two Numbers is Natural Theology, in which Paley's work has of course been made liberal use of. Care, however, has been taken to avoid some of his scientific errors, and the Compiler has availed himself of discoveries made since his time. Every thing, moreover, is omitted, that supposes much previous knowledge on the part of the reader; while the illustration which may be derived from cuts, is not sparingly introduced. The work is altogether admirably got up; and we earnestly hope that its extended sale will repay the pains that have been bestowed upon the publica



In the Press, A Christian Antidote to Unreasonable Fears at the present Crisis; in reply to the Second Speech of the Rev. W, Thorp against Catholic Emancipation. By John Leifchild.

In the Press, the Bibliographical and Literary History of the Bible: investigated in the Order of Chronology, and chiefly according to its own Evidence and Testimony. By John Whittridge, Author of the 66 Scripture Diary", "Catechism of Scripture Biography",

&c. &c.

A little Annual, of a new and distinct class, will appear on the first of June; the Contents of which will be selected, principally, from the best English Writers, ancient and modern, and arranged under suitable heads. The design, which has been recommended by high authority, is to supply an appropriate Reward Book for the Young, either as a prize at School, or as a domestic present. To be edited by the Rev. J. D. Parry, M.A. of St. Peter's College, Cambridge.

In the Press, and shortly will be published, Ein Deutsches Lesebuch; or, Lessons in German Literature; being a choice Collection of amusing and instructive Pieces, in Prose and Verse, selected from the Writings of the most celebrated German Authors, with Interlinear and other Translations. By J. Rowbotham, F. Ast. S. L.

The First Part of Mr. Jones's Lectures on the Apocalypse, now in course of Delivery at Aldermanbury, will appear on the first of May. It will comprise the Lectures on the first Three Chapters of that Book, and be succeeded by an additional Part every other Month, extending to four or five Parts in the whole, and forming an Octavo Volume of 5 or 600 pages.

Mr. David Wire is collecting materials for a History of Whitfield and his Cotemporaries; and respectfully solicits the Possessors of Documents or Letters relative to the same, to communicate them to him, at 30, St. Swithin's Lane, City. All materials so entrusted to him, shall be carefully preserved and faithfully returned.

Preparing for Publication, Holbein's Bible Cuts; being Fac-Similies of the celebrated Icones Historiarum Veteris Testamenti of Hans Holbein, beautifully engraved on Wood, with Descriptions in four of the modern Languages.

In the Press, a New Edition, with considerable Additions, of the Poetical Works of S. T. Coleridge, Esq.; in three Volumes, crown 8vo.

A New Publication by Mr. Mill is in the Press, entitled, an Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind. It will contain a view purely expository, of the Phenomena generally classed under the heads of the Intellectual and Active Powers of the Mind, which the Author has here endeavoured to resolve into their simple elements. This Work will be succeeded by three Practical Treatises; viz. the Book of Logic, the Book of Ethics, and the Book of Education.

In the Press, a Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Holland, occasioned by the Petition presented by his Lordship from the General Body of Dissenters, Ministers of London, for the Relief of the Roman Catholics; with Strictures on a Petition of an opposite nature from some Dissenting Ministers, and other Remarks occasioned by recent circumBy a Member of the General Body.




Ralph Gemmell, a Tale for Youth. By the Rev. R. Pollok, Author of "The Course of Time". With an elegant Engraving and Life of the Author. Third Edition. 18mo. 2s. 6d.

The Persecuted Family, a Narrative of the Sufferings endured by the Presbyterians in Scotland, during the reign of Charles II. By the Rev. Robert Pollok, Author of "The Course of Time". With an elegant and appropriate Engraving, and Life of the Author. Third Edition. 18mo. 2s. 6d.


The Brunswicker's Text Book; or the Protestant Armed at all Points against the Arguments for granting the Catholic Claims. 8vo. 7s.


An Essay on Man; or the Mortal Body and the Immortal Soul Exemplified: wherein are developed the incontrovertible principles of Christianity. By George Wirgman. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Letters to a Friend; intended to relieve the Difficulties of an anxious Inquirer under serious Impressions on the Subjects of Conversion and Salvation. By the late Rev. Thomas Charlton Henry, D.D. of Charleston, South Carolina. Revised and

Corrected; with Memoirs of the Author, and other Prefatory matter. By John Pye Smith, D.D. and the Rev. Thomas Lewis. 12mo. 5s. 6d.

Scripture History. By Esther Hewlett (now Copley). 2 Vols. 18mo. Uniform with Scripture Natural History. With upwards of 130 Engravings.

The Christian Mariner's Journal; or a Series of Observations and Reflections on a Ship;-The Sea; - Sailors ;-The Works of God;-The Heathen;-War;-Time; -Death, &c. &c. Intended for the special benefit of Seamen, and the general good of every Person. Written at Sea, by an Officer in the Royal Navy. 12mo. 6s.

Miscellaneous Sermons, Preached in the Parish Church of Cheltenham. By the Rev. F. Close, A.M. Perpetual Curate of Cheltenham. 8vo. 12s.


Letters on the Climate, Inhabitants, Productions, &c. of the Neilgherries, or Blue Mountains of Coimbatoor, South India. By James Hough, of Madras. 8vo. 6s.

Leigh's New Pocket-Road Book of Scotland; to which are added Pleasure Tours. Illustrated with a coloured Map of Scotland and a Guide to the Curiosities of Edinburgh. 18mo. 8s. bound.

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