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To His Excellency HENRY B. Harrison,

Governor of Connecticut: I have the honor to present the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the year 1886.

By a resolution of the House of Representatives, at the last session of the General Assembly, our special attention was directed to the subjects of weekly payment and child labor. We have received returns giving information on these subjects concerning more than seventy thousand operatives; that is, two-thirds of the factory hands in the State. These returns furnish statistics with regard to time and manner of payment, sex, age, and hours of labor.

We have collected information with regard to the attachment of wages, and the influence of credit on prices as illustrated by the experience of stores in different parts of the State.

We have also investigated the work, wages, and general condition of women and children in a few selected districts; not attempting to cover a great deal of ground, but taking great care to make the information as complete and accurate as possible in the districts canvassed.

ARTHUR T. HADLEY, Commissioner. HARTFORD, Dec. 1, 1886.


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