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He is sick, and Thou knowest it. Thou didst know that Lazarus was sick before the message came; Thou hast known of this illness also all along. Yet let me lay the case before Thee.

Suffer me in my prayer to carry him, and lay him before Thee, all weak and helpless as he is. weak and low, his strength fails, and his weariness and suffering are great. Saviour, Thou knowest this, yet, like these Thy disciples, I venture to come and tell Thee," he whom Thou lovest is sick.”

But thou lovest him! I do not come to Thee on behalf of one whom Thou dost not know. Thou hast known him longer than I have known him, Thou lovest him more than I love him. This thought brings me comfort, that Thou lovest him. I, who would do anything for him, even I do not love him as Thou lovest him. Now, while I have left him for a while, he is not alone, for Thou art with him. Thine eye is upon him in love, while he sleeps.

Thou art watching by his bed.

by his bed. Lord, I commit him to Thee, I will trust him in Thy hands Who

dost love him. Thou wilt not overlook him, Thou wilt not forget him.

O heavenly Father, in Thy dear Son's name, my Saviour, I lift up my heart to Thee on behalf of him who is ill. Thou art the God of love, Thou lovest all Thy creatures, especially dost Thou love every one who believes in and loves Thy Son. He who is sick does love Him, and I love Him, and we both look to Him as our Saviour, and by Him we have drawn near to Thee continually. Oh, in Thy great love have compassion on us in our trouble. Father, “he whom Thou lovest is sick.” Now, while he sleeps, let Thy wonder-working power work in his bodily frame, and subdue the disease, and renew his health and strength. Thou dost not despise the work of Thine own hands. Thou didst create him ; oh, do Thou renew him. Thou Who art his Maker, be his Preserver too. In Thy great lovingkindness, hear my prayer for my Saviour's sake, and restore to him the precious gift of health.

“Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My name, He will give it you; ” Father, I come to Thee upon that promise of my Lord. If it be according to Thy will, hear me for His sake, and grant me my heart's desire. Amen.



“ And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an

issue of blood twelve years, came behind Him, and touched the hem of His garment; for she said within herself, If I may but touch His garment, I shall be whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour.”Matt. ix. 20-22.

I HAVE not been ill twelve years, yet the time seems long; like her, I do not seem to get better, and sometimes I feel myself growing weaker; and yet I have long been in the doctors' hands, and they do all they can for

Oh that I might have this woman's blessing! Oh that the Lord Jesus were near, that I might go to Him, and touch His garment! No crowd should keep me back, I would press through till I touched Him. Then I should be well.


But what am I saying ? He is near; and I can reach Him, and even touch Him. Prayer reaches Him, faith can touch Him. O my Saviour, 0 most loving and compassionate Lord Jesus, I come to Thee, I press through to Thee, with all my heart I seek Thee. Thou knowest all; Thou knowest me and my case perfectly; my sufferings, and my long illness, and my great desire for health, and my fears, and my frequent lowness of spirits, and my many lonely hours, are all known to Thee. Yet let me

and lay them before Thee. Thou art not too busy to attend to me. Thou wast on Thy way to raise the dead when this woman stopped Thee, yet Thou didst let her stop Thee, and Thou didst attend to her, and heal her. Like her, O my Lord, I press through all difficulties, through the crowd of doubts and fears, through the multitude of hindering thoughts, that I may come close to Thee, and touch Thee by faith. Thou didst never turn any away; Thou wilt not disregard or reject even me.

But dare I say, “If I may but touch His


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