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"And call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify Me.”—Psalm 1. 15.

How much do I find in the Bible about "the day of trouble," and the time of trouble, especially in the Psalms: they are a treasury of comfort for those in trouble. No wonder that at this time such words as these should come to my mind; this is my day of trouble; and now God speaks to me in His word.

Four things strike me here. "The day of trouble," which is appointed for me by God, that is the first; the calling upon Him "in the day of trouble," that is the second, and that is what I am now to do; the promise in answer to the call, "I will deliver thee," that is the third; and the exhortation to

glorify God for His deliverance, that is the fourth.


This "day of trouble" did not come to me without God; I am laid aside by illness, because so it pleased Him. O my God and Father, I am laid on this bed by Thy hand; Thou Thyself didst place me here. hast given me much good health, and many comforts of life; and many, many of my days have been days full of outward blessings; but now it has pleased Thee to change Thy dealing with me, and to send me trouble. I humbly bow beneath Thy hand, I desire to "hear the rod, and Who hath appointed it" (Micah vi. 9).

And now, O my God, what dost Thou bid me especially do at this time? "Call upon Me in the day of trouble:" these are Thy words to me now. This is the time that is marked out by Thee; and this is what Thou biddest me do to-day, "Call upon Me!" I am not to wait till I am a little stronger, or till my trouble has in a measure passed away, or till some one has done me good and brought me relief; no, I am to wait for nothing; I

am to call upon God "in the day of trouble,' this very day.

Lord, I thank Thee that I may; I thank Thee that Thou dost invite me, and tell me, to call upon Thee. And therefore I do call upon Thee. Thee. Now, from my bed, while no one is near, now, Lord, I call upon Thee. Not in my own name, not as being worthy to come to Thee or speak to Thee; but in the name of Jesus, my Saviour, my Advocate, in His name do I call upon Thee. O my Father, for His sake, hear my cry, look upon my trouble, have compassion on my distress; see me lying here helpless, behold me in such sore trouble that man can do little for me; take notice of all that presses upon me, my pain, my sleeplessness, my weary hours, my desponding feelings; graciously look into my heart, and read my thoughts, and see how anxious I feel at times about myself and those depending on me. I call upon Thee, I cry to Thee, I beseech Thee to have mercy upon me, and forgive, and comfort, and help, and deliver me. I call upon Thee alone, I look to Thee only,

I do earnestly call upon Thee for Christ's sake. With all my heart do I call upon Thee. "Lord, help me!"

"I will deliver thee."

This is the voice

of God. May I take it as the answer to my call? call? I find it written in the Word, close to the invitation to call; and now I have called, and do call; surely it is the Lord's reply, "I will deliver thee." Now, my soul, do not thou hang back in unbelief; listen not to the tempter, who whispers in your ear that God has not heard your call; believe that He Who told you to call upon Him has heard your cry, and take this as His gracious answer, "I will deliver thee!"

Do not stop to consider how; leave that to Him. Is it not enough for thee to hear Him say "I will"? surely He can, for He is Almighty; and as surely He will, for He says, "I will.” Be not surprised at His answering you thus, and so quickly; for how many like words do I find!


they cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them out of their distresses" (Psalm cvii. 6); "The Lord also will be a

refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble" (Psalm ix. 9). "I will deliver thee!" O my God, I humbly believe Thy word. In Thine own way, and at Thine own time, Thou wilt deliver me. But often my faith is weak, and my feelings vary much, and at times trouble prevails over Thy promises: ob, strengthen me to believe and trust fully, and help me never to forget that Thou hast said, “I will deliver thee," and always to call upon Thee in the faith of Thy promise, fully trusting in what Thou hast said.

But now I find an exhortation following the promise, “And thou shalt glorify Me." When? When God has delivered me; when my day is no longer "the day of trouble;" when health has come back, and I rise and go about as before. Then I am to glorify God. Now that I am in trouble, and calling upon God, and hoping for deliverance, I feel that, should He deliver me indeed, I shall never cease to praise Him. Never surely could I go back to be what I was before, never could I forget His benefits. I feel as if I could never praise Him enough; and

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