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mistaken in asking to be spared awhile, if I ought to have been dumb, then, gracious Lord, forgive me! For I do earnestly desire to think, and feel, and ask, only according to Thy holy will.

Yet the Psalmist prayed, “Remove Thy stroke away from me; and Thou wast not displeased. For a time he was dumb, and

, opened not his mouth; but afterwards he opened his mouth in prayer. Suffer me too to say now,

“Remove Thy stroke away from me."

I know Thou canst: O my God, wilt Thou? It is Thy stroke, and so it is sent for some good to me; it is a loving Father's hand that deals it; but once the Psalmist said even of Thy hand, “Thy hand was

, heavy upon me; " and here, “I am even consumed by the blow of Thine hand.” Gracious and merciful God, for my Saviour's sake, and in compassion for my infirmity, lighten the pressure, shorten the time, “remove Thy stroke ;” and, if it be Thy will, “spare me a little, that I may recover my strength ! ”



“Be still, and know that I am God.”Psalm xlvi. 10.

The mind may be restless, while the body is still: too well do I know that. In my body I cannot but be still, for I am not to stir from my bed; but my thoughts are often disturbed, and I find it difficult to lie quiet.

These words seem to speak to me from God, " Be still.” It is not His will that I should be tossed hither and thither in my thoughts. It would be much for my comfort in all ways to keep a quiet mind; but it is my duty too, for God says to me, "Be still ; " be still in mind as well as in body.

But how can I? This also I am told : “ Be still, and know that I am God.” Surely, when I am so restless in mind, I am forgetting God. I am losing sight of Him when I suffer my thoughts to wander up and down, and the recollection of the past to disturb me so, and my imagination to play me such tricks. Lord, I would hear and obey these words of Thine ; by Thy help I will do as Thou hast bidden me; I will be still, knowing that Thou art God.

I have not to order things for myself, God will order all. I need not worry and perplex myself as I do, for He is almighty, and I am in His hands. “I am God;

“I am GOD;” He says, I am over all; I am infinite in power; I know all things, and can do all things ; I am present everywhere, and I concern myself about those very things which fill you with uneasy thoughts. “I am GoD;” that is enough. For it certainly means besides, “I am thy God." The Lord is God over all; He will be exalted among the heathen; He will be exalted in the earth, the whole earth : but in a peculiar way He is the God of those who believe in Him, serve Him, and love Him; if He is God over the heathen, and the earth, then certainly He is God over His own people.

Why then should I fear? Why be restless ? Why torment myself with thoughts and fancies and imaginations ? Who can harm me? What can turn to my hurt? “I am GOD,” is enough, if He be my God. All the earth is subject to Him, all creation obeys Him. Let me be still in this belief, in this knowledge.

6. Know that I am God.” But I have known that all along, and yet I am so restless. Then surely I cannot know it yet as I ought to know it; my knowledge is not deep enough; perhaps it is but head-knowledge, not heart-knowledge. God calls me to know this in a better way, more truly, more deeply. Lord, be Thou my teacher! Thou hast said,

Acquaint now thyself with God, and be at peace.

I would learn of Thee to be acquainted with Thee, to know Thee. Open my eyes to see Thee in Thy word; help me to trace Thee in Thy dealings; teach me by Thy Spirit to know Thee.

“ Be still, and know that I am God.” own restless mind troubles me with the thought that things cannot go on well without me. All

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My the various things that I was busied about, the affairs I used to manage, the concerns in which I was chief, how can they fail to be neglected and fall to ruin, now that I am laid aside ? “Be still, and know that I am God," is the answer; if those things were right and useful

; things, cannot I do them without thy help? If those affairs and concerns were in truth ordered by Me, and thou wast but My instrument, cannot I find some other instrument ? Must all come to a stand-still because thou art laid aside ? Thus God seems to speak to me in the words, “I am GOD;" He seems to say: I have countless instruments; all that

s is needful for My service, nay, all that is for thy good, I can do ; true, I have used thee hitherto in My service, but thou art not necessary to Me; I can do without thee; therefore, "Be still.”

My God, help me to obey Thy word, and be still; quiet my heart, teach me my own littleness and nothingness, give me grace to leave all to Thee. Nothing can go wrong which Thou dost order; nothing can suffer by my being laid aside, if Thou Thyself dost take it

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