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descension in thinking upon me! For how vast is the distance between Thee and me! The difference between me and the fly on the window-pane is nothing to the difference between the Lord God Almighty and mne, the poor and needy.

Yet the Lord thinketh

upon me!"

And not only thinketh, but is ready to help and deliver me. O my God, “I am poor and needy,” but I am not beyond Thy power to help; I am in great straits, yet Thou canst deliver me. These are words of faith, Thou art my Help and my Deliverer ; " Lord, give me faith to use them, and give me the spirit of prayer, that I may both ask and believe.

, Oh, help me, and deliver me! Thou knowest what help it is that I need, and what special deliverance would fit my case; graciously help and deliver me, according to Thine infinite wisdom, power, and love; do it for my Redeemer's sake. May I say,

“Make no tarrying”? May I ask for present help and deliverance ? Here I find the words, much like those in the seventieth psalm, “Make haste, O God, to

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deliver me; make haste to help me, O Lord.” Lord, I will not ask in my own words, lest I should go astray and presume too far; but in these words of inspiration I venture to ask Thee for speedy help: “Make no tarrying, no long tarrying, O my God!” My spirit might fail, had I to wait very long; and the tempter might prevail against me, and lead me to doubt Thy power or will to deliver me: if it be possible, help me speedily.

And if not, yet hear me now, at once, even while I cry unto Thee, and comfort my heart. If it should please Thee to tarry, I know Thou wilt not tarry too long; if help come not immediately, it will come when Thou seest best; and, though outward help may be delayed, yet Thou wilt not fail to help me within, and to send me the comfort of the Spirit. In this I cannot be wrong, here I will pray with no doubt or fear: “Make no tarrying, O my

: God," to hear my prayer, to send me the comfort of Thy Spirit, and His witness within me, that Thou dost hear me and wilt help and deliver me.



" And it was now dark; and Jesus was not come to

them." -John vi. 17.

With me it is sometimes dark in daylight. But more often my darkness comes at night, when I cannot sleep. Then, at times, I cannot fix my mind on a text, or on God; but instead, my thoughts go astray into troubles and fears, and all hope seems gone, and a deep gloom is over everything, and all is dark.

If at such a time I can but turn and draw near to my Saviour, and take refuge with Him, and feel Him near, then light springs up, and pierces through the darkness, and my spirit is revived.

But often it is not so. Often my Saviour does not seem to come. I do feebly seek Him, but I cannot find Him.

He seems far away. I have no sense of His presence.

This sometimes goes on long. The darkness continues, and still Jesus does not come. It is night in my soul, dark night; one watch of the night after another, and still no Saviour, no light, no peace.

But Jesus saw the disciples all the while ; He was never really far off; and in no very long time He came to them. Oh, my Saviour, do not leave me alone! Do not give me up to dark thoughts. Let not gloomy fears and fancies get the mastery over me. Come to me! Give me the comfort of Thy presence; and that soon.

When my soul is in darkness, then teach me to seek Thee. Doubtless, in that dark night, the one thing the disciples desired was their Master's presence. Oh, if He had but come into the boat with them, instead of going to the mountain alone! Oh, if he had not sent them across the water without Him ! When first they embarked, before it grew dark, they did not miss Him so much ; and as long as the sea was smooth, they got on pretty well; but when it was dark night, and the wind blew, and the waves were rough, then they wished He was with them, then they longed for their Master to come. Let me long for Him too. In all darkness and roughness, let it be the desire of my heart that He should come to me. Never let me look for help and comfort elsewhere ; let me look to Jesus alone.

But when He came they did not know Him. What did they see ? Adim figure in the distance; and the figure appeared to be walking on the sea, and it was drawing near to them. They were afraid. The figure was Jesus, Whom they had been wishing for; but, instead of being comforted, they were terrified; and the nearer He came, the more

, frightened they were. Oh, may I never be afraid of my Saviour! May I never lose the comfort of His presence from not knowing Him when He comes ! I ought to know Him so well that, in whatever way He appears, I shall recognize Him. No darkness of soul ought to be so dark as to hinder me from knowing my Saviour. He may come

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