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imperfect, and taking account of their progress, for in His book were all my members written.

Truly, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Apart from my mind and soul, which are more wonderful still, my body is wonderful; the work of almighty skill, made and fashioned by God.

How curious is its mechanism ! How strong, and yet how delicate, are its bones and joints and muscles; each fitted for its own purpose, and all made to work perfectly together! The flesh, the skin, the hair of

my head, the sole of my foot, all were formed and adapted by infinite wisdom and power; and all form not a mere machine, but are gifted with life! And Thy hands have thus “made me and fashioned me,” O my God.

But now I find this wonderful work of God, my own body, to be out of order. Often have I marvelled at it when in health; now I am called to know what it is in sickness. It is but a mortal body, after all; a body not made to last always; a body that is to die. No wonder then, that already it has its infirmities; they are so many marks that it is a




body of death. Now I find that those delicate parts can become the seat of pain ; and the more fine and curious is their structure, the more sensitive do they seem to pains and aches. I could almost say with David, “There is no whole part in my body.” Every movement hurts me, and yet I cannot lie still. The muscles, which usually serve me so well, now give me only pain; every nerve throbs and quivers ; my limbs and joints and sinews are full of distressing sensations; my head aches almost continually.

I am not neglected; I am well cared for; but no medicine seems to touch my ailment, and all that is done brings me but little relief from pain. I am powerless, and so does man seem to be. But He Who made me and fashioned me is not. He Who could make me can surely do all for me that I need; He Who could fashion me, when as yet there was none of me, can repair His own work; can heal and restore me.

When my watch is out of order, if I can, I take it to the maker, rather than to any strange watchmaker; for the man who made it must understand it best. O my God, what I should do with my watch, that I desire to do with my body; I take it to its Maker. To Thee do I bring Thine own work, my weak, suffering, disordered body. No watch that can be made is so delicate and complicated a piece of mechanism as my body; but Thou dost understand it in all its parts and movements, for Thou didst make it. Skilful and attentive as they may be, doctors maymistake symptoms, and apply wrong remedies, or feel themselves powerless to cope with the disease. But Thou, O my Maker, knowest all, and canst do all. I come to Thee therefore, through my Redeemer, and beseech Thee for His sake Thyself to take my case in hand.

O Saviour, Who didst pity every sufferer, pity me. O Lord Jesus, who didst go about doing good, graciously come this way, and do good to my poor body. O Thou Lord of love and pity, to Whom they used to bring the sick, and Thou didst cure them all, let me now bring myself to Thee in humble prayer and faith, and do Thou for me all that I need. Thou didst heal then with a touch or a word,


Make my

and Thou hast the same power and grace still ; hear my cry, O Saviour, and send comfort and healing to me by whatever means Thou art pleased to use. doctors to be Thy messengers of good to me, by giving them judgment and skill ; cause the medicines I take to have their full effect; graciously work unseen upon those joints and limbs and nerves and muscles which were so wonderfully made by Thine Almighty hand.

Father, deal with me as Thy child. For my Saviour's sake, be gracious to me, pity my case, be compassionate of me in my present state. And not as regards my body only, but as regards my soul too. the comfort of Thy Spirit; give me Thy presence in my sick-room; sanctify to me these pains, this weariness, this whole time. O my Creator and Preserver, my never-failing Friend and Helper, my Father, help me now, and for both soul and body put forth Thy healing, soothing, restoring, and strengthening power. I come to Thee as my Maker; I am the work of Thy hands; “marvellous are Thy

Give me

works ; " if I know that already, grant me to know it yet more deeply by experiencing Thy work in restoring that which Thou didst make and fashion.


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