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ent exhalations. And so on programme.

“Oh, ghost of Aristotle.

And thunder forth thy The plain, social songs of t1 of all her selections, the mosi Decause they were the most tood and felt. The executi porceaux elicited surprise and ount of the voice and the ex reneral thing, throughout the li of the country, they were neith "ppreciated, and therefore left 1. ion. Could she have overcomegard to the stage, and in the ung in the operas which we ha in audience would not have be vould not only have derived 11 rom the representation, but it vould have been rendered to ti ind students, which they may 1 ain.

We trust a different view of nd dramatic may influence Alp

The birth, early musical edue juent musical experience of th. Jontralto, have been such as to roud niche among the chief sin. om. Born near Rome in 1826, reat a love of music at the age er friends were reluctantly com ) her wishes, and gave her, desi ices, the best possible advantage er talent. At the age of eleven nder the care of a celebrated ma rhose discipline for two years laid f her future fame. At thirteen, Sonservatory of Music at Bologna, ini was then director. This gre igbly pleased with her wonderful ring assiduity, and devoted (a r im) much time to her instruction.

Maratta Alboni was now fifteen Lossini's influence was engaged at lologna. She chose Pacini's “SA ébut, and her triumph was compl.' osition was immediately recognize} ear she appeared at Milan with in asm. She has since visited Vier' 'etersburgh, Paris, London, and o: a pitals, and has enlarged both her ortune.

Her first appearance here, at Metr n Wednesday evening, June 23d, 1: ttended, though the season for assed, and the evening was sulti ren and heard ber, and derived a v abstantial pleasure thereby. Hui

NOTE. — Several pages of book ru peeches, Trescot's Diplomacy of the

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