The Geography System of Herodotus Examined and Explained, by a Comparison with Those of Other Ancient Authors, and with Modern Geography ...

C.J.G. & F. Rivington, 1830

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Página 81 - Arabia. Contiguous to it is a mountain which stretches towards Memphis, and contains quarries of stone. Commencing at the foot of this, it extends from west to east, through a considerable tract of country, and where a mountain opens to the south, is discharged into the Arabian Gulf." " In the prosecution of this work, under
Página 347 - with which they decorate the SHRINE of Minerva : the vests, however, of the African Minervas, are made of skin, and the fringe hanging from the JEgis is not composed of ' " They have (says the Historian, Melp. c. 180,) an annual festival in honour of Minerva, in which the young women, dividing themselves into two separate
Página 331 - for our Goodwin Sand possesses much Or 'tis a sea with shallows bank'd around, Or 'tis a broken land with waters drown'd ; Here shores advanced o'er Neptune's rule we find, And there an inland ocean lags behind. Perhaps, in distant ages, 'twill be found,
Página 126 - saw some heaps of rubbish, but much greater about Metrahenny, and a great number of grottos cut in the opposite hills, &c.—I observed also a large bank to the southward of Metrahenny, running towards Sakkara," &c. P. 40. " I saw near Sakkara a sort of wood of the
Página 347 - It is pretended that Minerva was the daughter of Neptune, and the divinity of the lake Tritonis." (Melp. 180.) " The Machlyes at the lake Tritonis, have an annual festival in honour of Minerva." (Ib. 180.) tribes separated by the lake, are the
Página 348 - serpents, but of leather; in every other respect the dress is the same : it appears by the very name, that the robe of the statues of Minerva was borrowed from Africa. The women of this country wear below their garments
Página 245 - (Euterpe, 42.) with salt." And p. 26, " After the rains, the ground in the neighbourhood of Siwa is covered with salt for many weeks." " The complexion of the people is generally darker than that of the Egyptians. Their dialect is also different— among those whose costume was discernible, it approaches nearer to that of the Arabs of the Desert, than of the Egyptians or Moors
Página 121 - as long as the flood continues, vessels do not confine themselves to the channel of the river, but traverse the fields and plains. They who go from Naucratis to Memphis, pass by
Página 81 - thousand Egyptians perished. He at length desisted from his undertaking, being admonished by an oracle, that all his labour would turn to the advantage of a barbarian.
Página 81 - Psammitichus had a son, whose name was Necos, by whom he was succeeded in his authority. This prince first commenced that canal leading to the Red sea, which Darius, King of Persia, afterwards continued. The length of this canal is equal to a four days' voyage, and is wide enough to admit two triremes abreast. The water enters it from the Nile, a little above the city

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