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Senate met, pursuant to the adjournment of May 6, 1873. Hon. John Early, President, in the chair. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Hale. The journal of May 6, 1873, was read and approved. Mr. Glenn presented the credentials of Maurice Kelly, Senator elect from the 37th district, elected to fill vacancy occasioned by the resignation of George W. Burns.

Benjamin R. Sheldon, a judge of the supreme court, then administered the oath of office prescribed by the constitution to Maurice Kelly, Senator elect from the 37th district, who thereupon took his seat.

On motion of Mr. Nicholson, A call of the Senate was ordered, when the following answered to their names :

Messrs. Archer, Baldwin, Brown, Burke, Casey, Castle, Crews, Cummings, Cunningham, Cusey, Dow. Ferrell, Glenn, Gundlach, Hampton, Henry, Hinchcliffe, Hundley, Jacobs, Kehoe, Kelly, Lee, Murphy, Nicholson, Palmer, Reynolds, Sanford, Sheldon, Shepard, Short, Starne, Steele, Upton, Voris, Ware, Warren, Whiting, Wilcox, Yager, Youngblood, Mr. President–41.

On motion of Mr. Reynolds,
Further proceedings under the call were dispensed with.
Leave of absence was granted Mr. Donahue during the week.

On motion of Mr. Reynolds,
Leave of absence was granted Mr. Waite for the week.

On motion of Mr. Hampton, A committee of three was appointed to wait on the Governor and inform him that the Senate is now ready for the transaction of business.

The President appointed as such committee Senators Hampton, Casey and Yeager.

The committee waited on the Governor and reported that he would communicate to the Senate by message.

Mr. Nicholson presented a petition from the citizens of Logan county relating to repeal of a certain act.

Which was referred to the committee on counties and township organization.

Mr. Steele (by unanimous consent) introduced Senate bill, No. 435, for “An act to amend an act entitled 'an act concerning circuit courts,


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