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their hands on them. 7. And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith. 8. And Stephen full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people. there arose certain of the fynagogue, which is called the 'ynagogue of the (1) Libertines, and Cyrenians, and Alexandrians

, and of them of Cilicia, and of Asia, disputing with Stephen

. Io. And they were not d able to resist the wisdom and the

spirit a Ifa. 55. 11. So shall my Word + Rom. 16. 26. But now is made be that goeth forth out of my manifest, and by the Scriptures of Mouch: it ihall not return unro the Prophets, according to the me vod, but it shall accomplijh that Commandment of the everlasting which I please, and it shall proper S God, made known to all Nations for in the Thing whereto I sent it. the Obedience of Faith. † Rom. 15. + Acts 12. 24. The Word of God 18. To make th Gentiles Ohes grew and multiplied. Acts 13. 49. dierit by Word and Deed. 2 Cor. And the Word of the Lord was pub 10. 5. Cafting down Imaginations, lished throughout all the Region. 10 and every high thing that exaltech * Acts 19. 20. So mightily grew it felf against the Knowledge of the Word of God and prevailed. God, and bringing into Captivity, ofle Col. 1.0. Which is come unto every thought to the Obedience of you, as it is in all the World, and Christ. bringeth forth Fruit, as ir doth also 15 - + See Exod. 4. 12. --I will be in you, since the Day ye heard of with thy Mouth, and reach thee it, and knew the Grace of God in what thou shalt say. + Ifa. 54.17. Truth

-Every Tongue thar fhall file ab. Joh. 12. 42. Among the gainst thee in Fudgment thou shalt chief Rulers also many believed on 20 condemn - † Luk.21.15.I will give him.

you a Mouth and Wisdom, which all ct Rom 1. 5. By whom we

your Adversaries shall not be able have receiied Grace and A poftle to gainlay or refiit. thip for Obedience to the Faith a• e Mar. 10. 20. For it is not ye mong all Nations for his Nanie. 25 the Laying on of Hands, is mentioned, I will briefly lay before you on what occations this antient Rite was used. I. In Bleffings, Gen. 48. 14. Mat. 19.15. 10. 16. li. In Dedicating Sacrifices to God under the Law, Exod 29 10

Ill. In the Condemnation and Punishment of Criminals, Levi24.14. Deut. 17.7. IV. In Appointing and Oro daininPerson's ro Offices, Numb. 8.10, 2ü. Numb. 27. 18, 23.

Deut. 34 9. Acts 6. 6.

I Tim. 4. 14.

I Tim. 5. 22. V. It was used by our Lord and his Apostles in miraculous Cures wrought by them, Mar, 6.5. Mar. 16. 18. Lak" 4. 40.

Luk. 13:13:

Acts 9 17. 487s 28.8. VI. In conferring the miraculous Gift of the holy Ghost

, Arts Afts 19. 6. Our Chuch uses this antient Ceremony in Confirma. tion, and in Ordaining and Confecrating Bishops, Priets, and Deacons.

(1) There were probably the Sons of such Jews as had obtain'da Row men Frecdom, and to were free porn, which was accounted more honourable than the being made Free by Purchase or Gift.



Lev. 1.4

Acts 13. 3.

2 Tim. 1.6.

8. 17

which he fpake. 11. Then they suborned meni aid, We have heard him fpeak blasphemous words Moses, and against God. 12. And they * ftirred up ple, and the elders, and the scribes, and came upon I caught him, and brought him to the council, 13. : up false witnesses, which said, This man céaseth speak blafphemous words against this holy place,

law. 14. For we have heard him say, that this JeJa zareth shall n destroy this place, and shall change customs [Or, rites] which Mofes delivered us. IS I that fat in the council, looking stedfastly on him, i face as it had been the face of an i angel.

CH A P. VII. EN said the high priest, Are these things so? · And he said, k Men, Brethren, and Fathers, hearke God of glory appeared unto our father Abraham, he was in Mesopotamia, before he dwelt in Charrari,

said unto him, m Get thee out of thy country, and hy kindred, and come into the land which I thall thew 4. Then " came he out of the land of the Chaldeans,

and ak, but the Spirit of your and Fathers, hear ye my Defence, lat Speaketh in you.

which I now make unto you. s 13. 50. The Jews stirred · Pfal. 29. 3. -The God of Glory

devout and honourable thundreth. 1, and the chief Men of the 5 Gen. 12. 1, 4. Now the Lord and raised Persecution a had said unto Abram, Get thee out Paul and Barnabas, and ex of thy Country, and from thy Kinhem out of their Coafts. dred, and from thy Fathers House, it. 26. 59. The chief Priests

unto a Land that I will fbew thee. ders, and all the Council, 10 So Abram departed, as the Lord had false Witness against Jefus fpoken unto him. Gen. 15. 7. I him to death.

am the Lord that brought thee out Acts 25.8. Neither against of Ur of the Chaldees, to give thee aw of the Jews, neither a this Land to inherit it. Neh. 9. the Temple, nor yet against 157. Thou art the Lord the . God, have I offended' any thing who didit choose Abrain, and

broughtest him out of Ur of the xod. 34. 30. When Aaron Chaldees, and gavest him the Name } the Children cf Ifrael faw of Abraham. ș, Behold, the skin of his 29 1 + Gen. 11.31. Terah took A. phone, and they were afraid to bram his Son, and Lot the Son of nigh him. Mat 28. 3. His Haran his Sons Son, and Sarai his Angels] Countenance was like Daughter in Law, his Son Abrams ning, and his Raiment white Wife ; and they went forth with ow

25 them from Ur of the Chaldees, to † Acts 22. 1. Men, Brechren,




c T

ѕ and dwelt in Charran: and from thence, when his father was dead, he removed him into this land wherein ye now dwell. 5. And he gave him no inheritance in it, no not so much as to set his foot on: yet he promised that he would give it to him for a pofleffion, and to his a Seed after him, b when as yet he had no child. 6. And God fpake on this wile, that his seed should i fojourn in a strange land, and that they should bring them into bondage, and (1) intreat them evil d four hundred years. 7. And the nation to whom they shall be in bondage, will I judge said God: and after that shall they come forth, and serve me in (2) this place. 8. And he gave him the covenant of circumcifion:

and go into the Land of Canaan; and that is not theirs, shall serve them, they came unto Haran, and dwelt and they shall affli&t them four hun. there.

dred Years. But in the fourth Geo a t Gen. 12. 7. The Lord ap neration they shall come hither 2peared unto Abram, and said, Un- s gain. to tloy Seed will I give this Land. d+ Exod. 12. 40. Now the fo: of Gen. 13; 15. All the Land which journing of the Children of Israel thou feest, to thee will I give it, who dwelt in Egypt, was four Hunand to thy Secd for ever.

dred and thirty Years. + Gal. 3. 37: Gen. 15. 3, 18. Abram said, ro The Covenant that was confirm d Behold, to me thou hast given no before of God in Christ, the Law Seed. In that same Day, the which was four Hundred and thirty Lord made a Covenant with A Tears after cannot' difanul.bram, saying, Unto thy Seed have e* Gen. 17.9, 10, 11. God said I given this Land, from the River is unto Abraham, Thou shalt keep of Egypt unto the great River, my Covenant therefore, thou and the River Euphrates.

thy Seed after thee in their Genect Gen. 15:13, 16. He said unto rations.

This is my Covenant Abram, Know of a surety, that thy which ye shall keep between me Seed shall be a Stranger in a Land 20

(1) This Computation includes not only the time when the Pofterity of Abraham were in a&tual Bondage in Egypt, but likewise the time before, when they fojourned in the Land of Promise, as in a strange Country, Heb. 11. 9. For they were then in an unsettled and suffering Condition. St. Stephen's Computation is the same with that, Gen. 15. 13. and commences from the Birth of Ifaac ; St. Paul's, Gal. 3.17. is 43° Years, the same in Exod. 12 40. which begins thirty Years before Ifaac's Birth, at the Time when the Promise was made to Abraham in Ur of the Chaldees, Gen. 12.

The 430 Years are thus reckoned ; in Haran five Years; in Cansar eleven ; fourteen Years of Ishmael's Age when Ifaac was born'; between the Birch of Isaac and Jacob were fixty Years; from Jacob's Birth to 70Séph's was ninety Years; thence to Joseph's Death, one Hundred and teme Years; thence to the Birth of Mofes, fixty Years ; when the Children of Israel came out of Egypt Moses was eighty Years old, in all, 430 Years

. See Bp. Kidder on Gen. 15.13. and Exod. 12. 40.

(2) That is, the Land of Canaan, to which they were to return, where St. Stephen was when he made his Defence,


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f Abraham begat Ifaac, and circumcised him the lay: and & Isaac begat Jacob, and 5 Jacob begat the patriarchs. 9. And the i patriarchs moved with old Joseph into Egypt: but * God was with him, 1 ' delivered him out of all his afflictions, and gave avour and wisdom in the fight of Pharaoh king of Eind he made him " governour over Egypt, and all his

house. and thy Seed after thee ; rous Man - The Lord was with in-child among you shall Joseph, and shewed him Mercy, and cifed. And ye Thall cir. gave him Favour in the Sight of the ie Flesh of your Fore-skin, Keeper of the Prison. Wifd: 10. iall be a Token of the Co- 5 13. When the Righteous was fold, etwixt me and you. the forsook him not, but delivered n. 21. 2, 3, 4. Sarah con. him from Sin : She went down and bare Abraham a Son in wich him into the Pit. Age. And Abraham cal-'Sam. 17. 37. David said moreVame of his Son that was to over, The Lord who delivered me to him, whom Sarah bare out of the Paw of the Lion, and m, Isaac. And Abraham out of the Paw of the Bear, he will iféd his Son ifanc, being deliver me out of the Hand of this ays old, as God had com Philistine.- Pfal. 34. 19. Many him.

15 are the Affli&tions of the RighteGen, 25. 26. -His Hand ous : but the Lord delivereth him Id of Efau's Heel; and his out of them all. Prov. 24. 16. as called Jacob.

A just Man falleth seven Times, jen. 29. 32, c. -Leah and riseth up again. red and bare a Son, and the 20 10. Who delivered us om greac uis Name Reuben.- + Gen. a Death, and doch deliver : in whom &ç. Bilhah conceived and we trust that he will yet deliver icob a Son, &c. Gen. 35. 2 Tim. 3. 11. Persecutions, -. The Sons of Leah, Reuben, Afflictions, which came unto me ac

firit born, and Simeon, and 25 Antioch, at Iconium, at Lyftra ; id Judah, and Isachar, and what Bersecutions I endured; but , &c.

out of them all the Lord delivered 37.4, 11, 28. When his en saw that his Father loved m * Gen.41. 37. The Thing was pore than all his Brethren, 30 good in the Sight of Pharaoh, and in bated him, and could not the Eyes of all his Servants. peaceably unto him. And

n Gen.

6. Joseph was the Go:thren envied him. Then vernour over the Land.- Gen.41, passed by Midianites Mer


Thou shalt be over my House, ; and drew · Joseph out of the Pit, and 35 and according unto thy Word Thai

all my People be ruled: only in oseph to the Ishmaelites for the Throne will I be greater than y Pieces of Silver : and they thou. Pfal. 105. 21. He made him ht Joseph into Egypt. + Prai. Lord of his House, and Ruler of all 17. He sent a Man before his Substance. i Mac. 2. 53. Jo

even Joseph, who was sold 4 Seph in the Time of his Distress Servant.

kepe the Commandnient, and was sen. 39. 2, 21. The Lor! was made Lord of Egypt. Joseph, and he was a profpe

2 Cor.1.

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13. And

house. 11. Now there came a : dearth over all the land of Egypt and Chanaan, and great ami&tion; and our fathers found no fuftenance. 12. But when Jacob heard that there was b corn in Egypt, he sent out our fathers first. at the second time Joseph was made known to his brethren; and Josephs kindred was made known unto Pharaoh. 14. Then sent Joseph, and called his father Jacob to him, and all his kindred, (1) threescore and fifteen Souls. 15. So

Jacob went down into Egypt, and f died, he and our fathers. 16. And 3 were carried over into Sychem, and laid



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a to Gen. 41. 54. And the seven into Egypt, were threescore and ren. Years of Dearth began to come, + Deut. 10. 22. Thy Fathers went according as Joseph had said : and down into Egypt with threescore the Dearth was in all Lands; but and ten Persons; and now the in all the Land of Egypt there was s Lord thy God hath made thee as Bread. Pfal. 105. 16 Moreover, the Stars of Heaven for Multihe called for a Famine upon the tude. Land; he brake the whole Staff Gen. 46. 5. Jacob rose up. of Broad.

from Beersheba: and the Sons of b. Gen. 42. 2. Behold, I have to Ifrael carried Jacob their Father and beærd that there is Corn in Egypt, their little Qnes, and their wives, in to get you down thither, and buy us the Waggons which Pharaoh had from thence; that we may live sent to carry him. and not die.

f* Gen. 49. 33. When Jacob had hla c* Gen. 45. 4, 16. Jofeph faid 15 made an end of Commanding his unto his Brethren, Come near to Sons,

he gathered up his Feet into me, I pray you; and they came the Bed, and yielded up the Gbos, near : and he faid, I am Jofeph your and was gathered unto his peoBrother, whom ye fold into Egypt. ple. And the Fame thereof was heard 20 3+ Gen. 23. 16. Abraham hearkin Pharaohs House, saying, Josephs ened unto Ephron, and Abraham Brerbren are come.

weighed unto Ephron the Silver which + Gen. 46.27. -All the Souls' he had named, in the Audience of of the House of Jacob, which

the (1) There is some Difference between the Account of Moses in the Re. ferences, and that of St. Stephen here; but this will be no unfurmount.

ifficulty, when it is confidered, that the Delign of Mofes seems to the be, to number Jacob and those that proceeded out of his Loins ; where. Th as St. Stephen's Design was not to number Jacob's Family, but the persons Jofcpb sent for into Egypt. This takes in their Kindred, that is, their Wives, as well as the Descendants from Jacob. Among the threescore and fifteen, Jacob, the Head of the Family, is not reckoned, nor Jofeph, nor his two Sons, because they were already in Egypt. But the threescore and fifteen may be thus computed : Joseph's Brethren and their Wives 22, their Children 52, and their Sister Dinab, which makes up the Number o before mentioned. There are other Solutions of this place. See Di. Whitby's Comment. Surenhufius on the Texts cited out of the Old-Teftament in the New, pag. 407. Also Ds. Lightfoot's Works, Vol. I. pas, 490, 781.



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