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sioners of men of the caliber and character necessary to administer the functions of their offices intelligently and honestly and to contribute their share to the solution of local, state-wide, or national transportation problems. The “friend of the party,” “the Governor's nephew," or “Red Mike's nominee" qualifications must give way to the single standard—ability_if progress is to be made.

It is our thought that in giving as it were a bird's-eye view of the broad traffic field and some discussions of the problems of traffic management, a substantial contribution is made to the equipment of the many men acting in some capacity or other in this line of endeavor, which is as justly entitled to the appellation “profession” as that of the doctor, lawyer, or merchant.

The men who have contributed to this volume have earned their spurs in the particular provinces of which they write, and we deem ourselves most fortunate in securing their services in the preparation of this material and thru their aid to be able to offer the business world an authoritative, complete, and condensed manual treating the opportunities in the field and suggesting ways and means which have been tried and proved.

Acknowledgment is due to Mr. Ralph Edgar Riley, of the LaSalle Extension University, who assembled much of the material necessary in the production of the volume and to the painstaking efforts of Miss Carrie Brant, of the same institution, who in revising, arranging, and editing the manuscript has contributed to the general excellence of the volume in those respects.

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