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Frame in file before being drawn

Frame drawn out from file.

Frame, after having been drawn out. Note bulky issue in frame at

out us shown in Figure 2, turns on right.

a pivot and brings all issues facing

front and instantly accessible, Fig. 15.–An Adjustable Tariff File. All Folders in Plain View

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the various roads, and manilla board of lighter weight separates the various numerical subdivisions of each line. Some of the leading concerns of the country use this plan of filing tariffs.

It requires but little more time to locate a tariff under this plan, but more effort is required in manipulating the heavy drawers. The wear and tear on publications is also considerable.


The Cook Tariff File Of the many special devices for the accommodation of tariffs, the one known as the Cook Tariff File" has been especially designed for the accommodation of schedules of this kind. As indicated in Fig. 15, all tariffs are in plain view, filed alphabetically in folders of proper size. This keeps the issues clean, compaci, and convenient for ready reference. The plan has quite a following among railroads and industrial organizations.

The system has two difficulties: (1) The wires holding the folders sometimes spring, or (2) they are pulled out and wear thru the holder and eventually mutilate the publication.

An Economical File

Expense must be considered, especially by small organizations. It is wiser for them to forego the luxuries of elaborate and expensive equipment. Perhaps the most economical files are those of cheap wood construction, such as illustrated in Fig. 16. Pasteboard letter boxes could be used if economy demanded it.

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