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Sember 1917
J. W. Cobey, Traffic Manager

29 Employee

Rating, Routing.
and Billing Shipments

Foreign Shipping

Shipping Room

W. Il Kepler

2 Mon

C. F. Miller

6 Men

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New York Forwarding Othce

T. L Wilson

2 Men

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FIG. 2.-Organization Chart of National Cash Register Company


where the various department heads, including the traffic manager, are subordinate to the one-man head, the general manager. Under this plan, it is possible for individuals, prompted perhaps by a desire to curry favor, to annoy the manager with matters of minor moment and with an amount of vexatious detail. This is the chief objection to the military plan. It is avoided in a functional or divisional organization, where all matters in the respective division are passed upon by the senior clerk before being referred to the traffic manager for review or advice.

Fig. 2 indicates the executive control and functional arrangement of the traffic department of the National Cash Register Company, at Dayton, O.

It is to be noted that under this plan the work is classified in a functional arrangement and that the thirty-one men employed in this department are under the direction of the traffic manager. The work has been so planned that each employee is definitely located and consequently can develop into a competent specialist in the line of work to which he has been assigned.

In the corner of the chart, appear figures to indicate the cost of maintenance of the department, and the saving effected by its service. This point should be especially significant to organizations that still consider a traffic department unnecessary or inadvisable.

In 1912 the expenditures for salary and operation of the department were $23,678.86, during which time it recovered for the company $32,312.02. In 1916 the expenses had decreased to $23,201.24, while the amount recovered had leaped to $62,000.00.

These savings are represented by the amount recovered in the careful audit of freight charges, amounts

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FIG. 3.—Line-and-Staff Organization
Advisory committee does the planning. Circles show workers.

involved due to the loss, damage, or destruction of property. Such items in a great many nonprogressive industries are an absolute loss because the work is delegated to a bookkeeper or shipping clerk who may possess a very superficial knowledge of transportation matters and consequently overlook all or many valid claims.

Cases are on record where traffic men have recovered for their employers in single instances sums far in excess of their annual compensation. The traffic manager who cannot offset his salary expense by transportation savings does not merit his spurs.

The line-and-staff organization (Fig. 3) is exemplified by a functional organization which is supplemented, so far as the executive control is concerned, by the services of an advisory board or consulting council, which is or are retained solely in an advisory capacity and do not have any authority in the administration of the departmental activities.

Each type of organization has its merit and its advocates. Many of the larger commercial and industrial organizations of the country have evolved composite organizations which embrace certain of the best points of each of these types. But irrespective of what plan is employed, the industry should prepare a chart indicating the plan underlying the organization, analyzing all its activities so that each employee may find his place in the departmental sun.



Importance of Transportation-Traffic Manager as a Ne-
cessity-Intricacies of Traffic Work-Influence of Freight
Rates Selection of Individual-Qualifications Early Con-
ception of Traffic Work—Experience versus Technical
Training-SpecialistsTransportation Studies-Advant-
ages of Vocational Training-Plant Location-Fuel-Sup-
plies-Water Routes—The Traffic Manager's Duties-
Classification of Line--Packing, Routing, and Rate Charts
-Auditing Freight Bills

Claims-Tracing-Car Records
-Bills of Lading-Rate Studies,Public Utility Complaints
-Foreign Trade-Tariff Files-Tariff Studies—Depart-
mental Accounting.

With the exception of agriculture, transportation to-day is the greatest industry of the age, and is attracting the attention of the biggest men of the age. For that reason it is necessary to exercise a great degree of care in selecting the individual that is to administer to this function of work or to supervise the activities of the department.


The unfortunate attitude of many concerns is: “We do not need a traffic manager or a traffic department. Our shipping clerks are good enough for us.” This

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