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Abutting owners:

Buffalo, street closing, damages..

Academies: See School headings.

Accidents: See also Buildings; Employees; Insurance headings; Labor
headings; Railroad headings; Workmen's compensation headings.
automobiles, casualty insurance, mutual companies authorized, insur-
ance law, §§ 340-348, added...

motor cycles, leaving without giving name and address, punishment,
highway law, § 308, subd. 3, added..

Accountants, certified public:

appropriation for examinations, maintenance and operation...


Chap. Page.

576 1932

[blocks in formation]

incompetent persons, committee of property, intermediate and final,
filing, judicial settlement, code of civil procedure amended, § 2342.. 535 1609

Acknowledgments: See also Commissioners of deeds; Notaries public;

conveyances, taken in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greenland and
Iceland, before whom, real property law, § 301, subd. 10, added.... 395

Actions: See also Code headings; Limitation of actions.
conservation commission, actions may bring, conservation
amended, § 50, subd. 11..



451 1191

death by wrongful act, actions by executors and administrators,
attachment, code of civil procedure amended, § 635..

441 1177

dower, judgment, persons bound, new parties, code of civil procedure,
§ 1671a, added..

518 1404

foreclosure, judgment, persons bound, new parties, code of civil pro-
cedure, § 1671a, added.

mechanics' liens, new parties, bringing in, lien law, § 62, added.
partition, judgment, persons bound, new parties, code of civil pro-
cedure, § 1671a, added..

poor persons, support, action by county superintendent, venue, poor
law amended, § 54..

title registration, real property law amended, §§ 385, 386, 393..

[blocks in formation]

Adirondack state park: See also Forest preserve; Forestry headings;
Parks, reservations, historic places and memorials, state.
boundaries, conservation law amended, § 62, subd. 2..
dogs, licensing, conservation law amended, § 193....

451 1211
521 1421

highway, Saranac Lake to Old Forge, proposed constitutional amend-


land condemnations, conservation law amended, § 59.

Adjutant-General: See also National guard.

appropriation for automobile trucks..

maintenance and operation..
second appropriation

451 1203

39 62
646 2211

646 2421

[blocks in formation]

Administrators and executors:

See also Code of civil procedure amended;

Decedent estate law amended; Surrogates' courts; Wills.
commissions, computation, code of civil procedure amended, § 2853...
death by wrongful act, actions for, attachment, code of civil pro-
cedure amended, § 635..



646 2421

646 2409

559 1817





[blocks in formation]

decedent's estate, personal property, appraiser, code of civil procedure
amended, § 2665..

[blocks in formation]

funds, improperly mingling or depositing, penalty, code of civil pro-
cedure, § 2574, subd. 7, added...

[blocks in formation]

keeping separate, failure, penalty, code of civil procedure, § 2664a,



Adoption: See also Children; Minors.

provisions governing, domestic relations law amended, §§ 112-115.... 453
Adulterations: See Agricultural law amended; Food and drugs.

Advertising, municipal:

Alexandria Bay village, publicity fund, authority to establish..
villages, publicity fund, authority to establish, village law, § 89, subd.
28, added

Aersconk creek:

appropriation for improvement, reappropriation....

Affidavits: See Acknowledgments; Oaths.

Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva:

[blocks in formation]

appropriation for administration, library and demonstration building. 558 1816
maintenance and operation..


fiscal year, change, agricultural law amended, § 306.

new buildings, construction, acquisition of land.

Agricultural law amended: See also Agriculture headings following;

Table of amendments preceding index, p. 3.

Agricultural Experiment Station, fiscal year, change, § 306..
agricultural societies, distribution of moneys to, time changed, § 311.
anthrax, animals slaughtered, compensation, deduction of amount
paid by national government, § 104...

commission merchants, moneys recovered on bonds, distribution, § 284
commissioner, report year, change, § 5..

concentrated commercial feeding stuffs, meat products, label to state

maximum per centum of phosphoric acid, § 161.
poultry food, when not included, § 160..

[blocks in formation]

farm produce, commission sale regulations, live stock included, § 282. 228 581
farm settlement bureau, creation, § 266, added...

586 1959

director, powers and duties, § 267, added...

586 1959

food, adulterated or mis-branded, manufacture and sale, penalties,
§ 202, added...

623 2057

foot and mouth disease, animals slaughtered, compensation, deduc-
tion of amount paid by national government, § 101..

140 345

milk, adulterated, sale in bottles, cans or containers, what is viola-

tion, § 52

384 1020

deputy commissioners of agriculture, number decreased, § 2.

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