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Animals (and poultry [act of 1930])
brought into the United States
temporarily for a period not ex-
ceeding six months, for the pur-
pose of breeding, exhibition, or
competition for prizes offered by
any agricultural, polo, or racing
association; but a bond shall be
given in accordance with regula-
tions prescribed by the Secretary
of the Treasury; also teams of ani-
mals, including their harness and
tackle, and the wagons or other
vehicles actually owned by per-
sons emigrating from foreign
countries to the United States
with their families, and in actual
use for the purpose of such emi-
gration, under such regulations
as the Secretary of the Treasury
may prescribe; and wild animals
and birds intended for exhibi-
tion in zoological collections for
scientific or educational purposes,
and not for sale or profit.
Antimony ore.


1608 1609

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1610 Antitoxins, used for therapeutic




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1 cent per lb.12_

11⁄2 cent per lb.13

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Starch and flour.

1613 Sulphide of arsenic.

Arsenious acid or white arsenic 14.
Articles the growth, produce, or
manufacture of the United States,
when returned after having been
exported, without having been
advanced in value or improved in
condition by any process of man-
ufacture or other means if im-
ported by or for the account of the
person who exported them from
the United States; steel boxes,
casks, barrels, carboys, bags, and
other containers or coverings of
American manufacture exported
filled with American products, or
exported empty and returned
filled with foreign products, in-
cluding shooks and staves when
returned as barrels or boxes; also

"And birds." (Acts of 1922 and 1930.)

Only as to the antimony content.

10"All other serums derived from animals." (Act of 1913.)

11 Unenumerated manufactured article.

12 All other starches, n. s. p. f.

13 All other starch, including all preparations, from whatever substance produced, fit for use as starch. 14" Or white arsenic." (Acts of 1922 and 1930.)

15 White arsenic classified as "arsenic and sulphide of arsenic, or orpiment."

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Articles the growth, produce, or
manufacture of-Continued.
quicksilver flasks or bottles,
drums of iron, steel, or other
metal of either domestic or for-
eign manufacture, used for the
shipment of acids, or other chemi-
cals, which shall have been actu-
ally exported from the United
States; but proof of the identity
of such articles shall be made, un-
der general regulations to be pre-
scribed by the Secretary of the
Treasury, but the exemption of
bags from duty shall apply only
to such domestic bags as may be
imported by the exporter thereof,
and if any such articles are sub-
ject to internal-revenue tax at the
time of exportation, such tax shall
be proved to have been paid be-
fore exportation and not refunded;
photographic dry plates and films
of American manufacture (ex-
cept moving-picture films to be
used for commercial purposes)
exposed abroad, whether devel-
oped or not, and photographic
films light struck or otherwise
damaged, or worn out, so as to be
unsuitable for any other purpose
than the recovery of the constitu-
ent materials, provided the basic
films are of American manufac-
ture, but proof of the identity of
such articles shall be made under
general regulations to be pre-
scribed by the Secretary of the
Treasury; articles exported from
the United States for repairs may
be returned upon payment of a
duty upon the value of the repairs
at the rate at which the article
itself would be subject if import-
ed, under conditions and regula-
lations to be prescribed by the
Secretary of the Treasury: Pro-
vided, That this paragraph shall
not apply to any article upon
which an allowance of drawback
has been made, the reimportation
of which is hereby prohibited ex-
cept upon payment of duties
equal to the drawbacks allowed;
or to any article manufactured in
bonded warehouse and exported
under any provision of law; ex-
cept that it shall apply to articles
(not dutiable under section 504 as
unusual coverings and contain-
ers) used as coverings or con-
tainers for merchandise not sub-
ject to an ad valorem rate of duty:
Provided further, That when man-
ufactured tobacco which has been
exported without payment of in-
ternal-revenue tax shall be reim-
ported it shall be retained in the
custody of the collector of cus-
toms until internal-revenue
stamps in payment of the legal
duties shall be placed thereon:
And provided further, That the
provisions of this paragraph shall
not apply to animals made duti-
able under the provisions of para-
graph 1606. (Provisions to same
effect in acts of 1922 and 1913.)

Rates of duty

Act of 1930

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Bones: Crude, steamed or ground;
bone dust, bone meal, and bone
ash; and animal carbón suitable
only for fertilizing purposes.
Books, engravings, photographs,
etchings, bound or unbound, maps
and charts imported by authority
or for the use of the United States
or for the use of the Library of
Hydrographic charts and publica-
tions issued for their subscribers
or exchanges by scientific or liter-
ary associations or academies, and
publications of individuals for
gratuitous private circulation, not
advertising matter, and public
documents issued by foreign
Governments; books, maps,
music, engravings, photographs,
etchings, lithographic prints,
bound or unbound, and charts,
which have been printed more
than 20 years at the time of im-
Books and pamphlets printed
wholly or chiefly in languages
other than English; books, pam-
phlets, and music, in raised
print, used exclusively by or for
the blind.

16 Asbestos, unmanufactured.

17 Fruits, green, ripe, n. s. p. f.

18 Dutiable as fruits in their natural state.

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19 Provided, That no article shall be exempted from duty as bread unless yeast was the leavening substance used in its preparation. (Acts of 1930 and 1922.)

20 Fish sounds, crude, dried or salted for preservation only, and unmanufactured, not specially provided


21 PAR. 42.

22 PAR. 34. *

isinglass and other fish sounds, cleaned, split, or otherwise prepared
isinglass and prepared fish sounds.

23 Provided, That where any such books have been rebound wholly or in part in leather within such period, the binding so placed upon such books shall be dutiable as provided in par. 1410 (act of 1930). "Pamphlets." (Acts of 1922 and 1930.)

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Braille tablets, cubarithms, special Free..
apparatus and objects serving to
teach the blind, including print-
ing apparatus, machines, presses,
and types for the use and benefit
of the blind exclusively.

1631 Any society or institution incor-
porated or established solely for
religious, philosophical, educa-
tional scientific, or literary pur-
poses, or for the encouragement of
the fine arts, or any college, acad-
emy, school, or seminary of learn-
ing in the United States, or any
State or public library, may im-
port free of duty any book, map,
music, engraving, photograph,
etching, lithographic print, or
chart, for its own use or for the en-
couragement of the fine arts, and
not for sale, under such rules and
regulations as the Secretary of the
Treasury may prescribe.

1632 Books, libraries, usual and reasonable furniture, and similar household effects of persons or families from foreign countries if actually used abroad by them not less than one year, and not intended for any other person or persons, nor for sale.


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Tar crude


Blast-furnace, oil-gas, water-gas. All other distillates of any of these tars which on being subjected to distillation yield in the portion distilling below 190° Č. a quantity of tar acids less than 5 per cent of the original distillate, all mixtures of any of these distillates and any of the foregoing pitches, and all other materials or products that are found naturally in coal tar, whether produced or obtained from coal tar or other source, and n. s. p. f. in paragraph 27 or 28 of Title I of this act.

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31 Citron or citron peel,

32 Provided, That if any country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of government imposes a duty on any article specified in this paragraph, when imported from the United States, an equal duty shall be imposed upon such article coming into the United States from such country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of government. (Acts of 1922 and 1930.)

23 As minerals, crude.

34 See footnote 21, par. 27 of this comparison.

35 No corresponding classification.

36 Except coffee imported into Porto Rico and upon which a duty is imposed under the authority of section 319 (act of 1930).

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