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Public, No. 149 (75th Cong.), approved June 15, 1937, Departmentof Labor

to continue to make special statistical studies upon payment of costs---

Public, No. 198 (74th Cong.), approved July 5, 1935, National Labor Dis-

putes Act (Wagner-Connery)--

Public, No. 776 (74th Cong.), approved June 24, 1936, Strike Breakers Act.

Public, No. 779 (75th Cong.), approved June 29, 1938, to amend (Byrnes)

Strike Breaking Act--

Public No. 801 (extract) (76th Cong.), amendment to Social Security Act

relating to Credit Against Federal Unemployment Taxes.

Public, No. 318 (74th Cong.), approved August 24, 1935, blind persons of

District of Columbia, providing aid or pensions to--

Public, No. 319 (74th Cong.), approved August 24, 1935, Old Age Pension

Act for District of Columbia..

Public, No. 386 (74th Cong), approved August 28, 1935, Unemployment

Insurance Act for District of Columbia--

Public, No. 416 (71th Cong.), approved February 13, 1936, Unemployment

Insurance Act for District of Columbia, to amend, to exempt religious

institutions and schools, colleges, and universities from provisions of..

Public, No. 702 (extract) (74th Cong.), approved June 23, 1936, Unem-

ployment Insurance Act for District of Columbia, to amend, to exempt

religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational institutions----

Public, No. 170 (76th Cong.), to amend the District of Columbia Unemploy-

ment Compensation Act----

Public, No. 719 ( 76th Cong.), to amend the District of Columbia Unemploy-

ment Compensation Act----

Public, No. 871 (76th Cong.), to further amend the District of Columbia

Unemployment Compensation Act--

Public Resolution No. 79 (74th Cong), approved March 30, 1936, unem-

ployment relief appropriation for District of Columbia amounting to


House Resolution No. 49 (741h Cong.), agreed to June 20, 1936, labor-

saving devices, Secretary of Labor to investigate---

Public, No. 732 (74th Cong.), approved June 20, 1936, blind persons, au-

thorizing operation stands in Federal buildings.

Public, No. 629 (74th Cong.), approved May 28, 1936, safety and accident

prevention, to advance program of -

Public, No. 308 (75th Cong.), approved August 16, 1937 (Fitzgerald), Labor

Apprentices Act--

Public, No. 409 (75th Cong.), approved August 30, 1937, to provide for

taking census of partial employment, unemployment, and occupations.-

Public, No. 718 (75th Cong.), approved June 25, 1938, Fair Labor Stand-

ards Act of 1938 (Black-Connery Wage and Hour Act).

Public, No. 314 (76th Cong.), approved August 9, 1939, amendment to

Fair Labor Standards Act, “Wages and Hours Act," relating to tele

phone exchanges.

Public, No. 739 (75th Cong.), approved June 25, 1938, blind-made products,

to create a Committee on Purchases..

Public Resolution No. 13 (75th Cong.), approved March 15, 1937, defray

expenses of International Labor Office incident to Technical Tripartite

Textile Conference -

Public Resolution No. 58 (75th Cong.), approved August 12, 1937, mini-

mum wage compact ratified by States of Massachusetts, New Hampshire,

and Rhode Island, to grant consent of Congress to---

Public Res. No. 77 (76th Cong.), Bureau of Labor Statistics to make

studies of productivity and labor costs in industry--

Public Res. No. 85 (76th Cong.), Bureau of Labor Statistics to collect in-

formation as to amount and value of all goods produced in State and

Federal prisons---

Public, No. 43 (77th Cong.), approved April 29, 1941, amend (Miller-

Tydings Dual Bond Act) as to the requirements in connection with sup-

ply contracts.---

Public, No. 143 (extract) (77th Cong.), approved July 1, 1941, appropria-

tion of $3,500,000 for the Employees Compensation Fund, Emergency


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Public, No. 149 (77th Cong.), approved July 1, 1941, amend District

of Columbia Unemployment Compensation Act to regulate use of admin-

istration expenses---

Public, No. 160 (77th Cong.), approved July 9, 1941, amend act of

October 14, 1940, making unlawful the transportation of convict-made


Public, No. 208 (77th Cong), approved August 16, 1941, amend Long-

shoremen's & Harbor Workers Compensation Act by extending provi-

sions to persons injured or killed who are employed at military, air, or

naval bases

Public, No. 237 (77th Cong.), approved August 21, 1941, amend act of

August 24, 1935, providing aid for needy blind persons of the District

of Columbia---

Public, No. 271 (77th Cong.), approved October 14, 1941, create Industrial

Safety Board to promote safety of wage earners of the District of


Public, No. 283 (77th Cong.), approved October 29, 1941, amend Public Law

No. 718, the Wage and Hour Act, relative to number of hours annually

employee shall be required to work under collective bargaining agree-


Public, No. 321 (77th Cong.), approved November 21, 1941, amend District

of Columbia Unemployment Compensation Act--

Public, No. 380 (77th Cong.), approved December 26, 1941, amend act

regulating employment of child labor in District of Columbia to permit

child actors on stage in theatrical performances.

Public, No. 552 (77th Cong.), approved May 13, 1942, amend Walsh-Healey

Act (Public Law No. 846, 74th Cong. )----

Public, No. 620 (77th Cong.), approved June 22, 1942, honorable discharges

to be accepted in lieu of birth certificates by defense contractors of cer-

tain former members of the land and naval forces of United States ---

Public, No. 651 (extract) (77th Cong.), approved July 2, 1942, relative to

disability or death compensation benefits under provisions of act of

February 15, 1934.--

Public, No. 670 (77th Cong.), approved July 20, 1942, authorize interde-

partmental procurement by contract to amend sec. 7(a) of act of

May 21, 1920.-

Public, No. 685 (77th Cong.), approved July 29, 1942, amend section 42 of

Employees Compensation Act----

Public, No. 770 (77th Cong), approved November 9, 1942, amend the Dis-

trict of Columbia Unemployment Compensation Act----

Public, No. 784 (77th Cong.), approved December 2, 1942, provide benefits

for the injury, disability, death, or enemy detention of employees of con-


Public, No. 45 (78th Cong.), approved April 29, 1943, assist in providing a

supply and distribution of farm labor for year 1943_

Public, No. 63 (78th Cong.), approved June 1, 1943, amend act of Febru-

ary 24, 1914, regulating the hours of employment of females in the

District of Columbia---

Public, No. 65 (78th Cong.), approved June 4, 1943, amend District of

Columbia Unemployment Compensation Act----

Public, No. 81 (78th Cong.), approved June 19, 1943, making appropria-

tions for advances to States for Federal grants under Social Security


Public, No. 89 (78th Cong.), became law June 25, 1943 (Smith-Connally),

War Labor Disputes Act, Antistrike Act----

Public, No. 112 (78th Cong.), approved July 3, 1943, provide for settlement

of claims for loss of property or personal injury or death caused by

military or civilian personnel incident to activities of Army-

Public, No. 135 (78th Cong), approved July 12, 1943, amendment to

National Labor Relations Act relative to posting agreement in plant for

period of three months..

Public, No. 528 (extract) (77th Cong), approved April 28, 1942, renegotia-

tion of war contracts.



Public, No. 753 (extract) (77th Cong.), approved October 21, 1942, amend-

ments to Renegotiation of Contracts Act--

Publie, No. 108 (extract) (78th Cong.), approved July 1, 1943, amend-

ments to Renegotiation of War Contracts Act--

Public, No. 149 (78th Cong.), approved July 14, 1943, amendments to Re-

negotiation of War Contracts Act and to prevent payment of excessive

fees or compensation in connection with negotiation of war contracts--

Public, No. 235 (extract) (78th Cong.), became law Feb. 25, 1944. Rene-

gotiation of War Contracts Act of 1941.-

Public, No. 104 (79th Cong.), approved June 30, 1945. Extending life

of Renegotiation War Contracts Act through December 31, 1945_-

Public, No. 547 (extract) (80th Cong.), approved May 21, 1948, Renego-

tiation of Aviation Contracts Renegotiation Act of 1948.

Public, No. 785 (extract) (80th Cong.), approved June 25, 1948, amends

Renegotiation Act of 1948.

Public, No. 137 (81st Cong.), approved June 28, 1949. Extends Renegotia-

tion Act to June 30, 1950.--.

Public, No. 434 (extract) (81st Cong.), approved Oct. 29, 1949. Amends

Renegotiation Act of 1948_--

Public, No. 9 (820 Cong.) Renegotiation Act of 1951.-

Public, No. 764 (83d Cong.) To amend and extend the Renegotiation Act

of 1951.---

Public, No. 341 (78th Cong.), approved June 14, 1944. To amend act

relating to employment of females for more than 8 hours a day or 48

hours a week under temporary permits----

Public, No. 41 (79th Cong.), approved April 27, 1945. To extend to

June 30, 1946, the provisions of Public, No. 341-78th relative to employ-

ment of females for more than 8 hours a day.

Public, No. 395 (78th Cong.), approved July 1, 1944. Contract Settlement

Act of 1944. Claims Arising from Termination of War Contracts-----

Public, No. 458 (78th Cong.), approved October 3, 1944. To provide na-

tional program for war mobilization and reconversion.-

Public, No. 505 (78th Cong.), approved December 20, 1944. Garnishment

of salaries or wages of persons residing in the District of Columbia----

Public, No. 533 (78th Cong.), approved, December 22, 1944. To amend

sec. 33, act of September 7, 1916. The Employees Compensation Act---

Public, No. 566 (78th Cong.), approved December 23, 1944. Amends Civil

Service Retirement Act relative to persons awarded compensation under

sec. 14 of the Employees Compensation Act of 1916_--

Public, No. 161 (79th Cong.), approved July 28, 1945. To amend sec. 20

of Employees Compensation Act relative to not barring claim because

time limit expired beyond control of person claiming benefits.--

Public, No. 265 (79th Cong.), approved December 21, 1945. Amend Civil

Service Retirement Act relative to computing length of service while

receiving benefits under the U.S. Employees Compensation Act-------

Pubic, No. 304 (79th Cong.), approved February 20, 1946, Employment

Act of 1946, to promote maximum employment, production, and pur-

chasing power--

Public, No. 307 (79th Cong.,), approved February 26, 1946, to exempt Navy

Department from statutory prohibitions against employment of non-


Public, No. 319 (79th Cong.), approved March 8, 1946, to eliminate prac-

tices by subcontractors, under cost-plus-a-fixed-fee or cost-reimbursable

contracts of the United States, of paying fees or kick-backs, etc-------

Public, No. 387 (79th Cong.), approved May 21, 1946, provide for voluntary

apprenticeship in the District of Columbia-

Public, No. 376 (73d Cong.), approved June 18, 1934, Antiracketeering Act,

to protect trade and commerce against interference by violence, threats,

coercion, or intimidation----

Public, No. 486 (79th Cong.), approved July 3, 1946, Antiracketeering Act

of 1934, to amend (Hobbs Act) -----

Public, No. 501 (79th Cong.), approved July 11, 1946, to amend District of

Columbia Unemployment Compensation Act..

Public, No. 549 (extract) (79th Cong.), approved July 26, 1946, U.S.

Employment Service, transfer of employment office facilities and serv-

ices to State operation.-

Public, No. 650 (79th Cong. ), approved August 7, 1946, to amend Public,

784 (77th Cong.), providing compensation for injury, death, or deten-

tion on Wake Island of employees of contractors with the United


Public, No. 657 (79th Cong.), approved August 7, 1946, claims for work,

supplies, or services have been furnished for the Government under con-

tracts during the war, relief of persons (Lucas Act).

Public, No. 49 (80th Cong.), approved May 14, 1947, Portal to Portal Act

of 1947-

Public, No. 64 (80th Cong.), approved May 16, 1947, including civilian

employees of United States naval government of Guam among persons

entitled to benefits of the Missing Persons Act, Public Law 490 (77th


Public, No. 101 (80th Cong.), became law June 23, 1947 (Tart-Hartley),

Labor Management Relations Act, 1947---

Public, No. 131 (80th Cong. ), approved June 30, 1947, extend until July 1,

1949, period which income from agricultural labor and nursing services

may be disregarded by States in making old-age assistance payments

under Social Security Act-----

Public, No. 226 (80th Cong.), approved July 24, 1947, to amend Federal

Unemployment Tax Act relative to voluntary contributions..

Public, No. 252 (80th Cong.), approved July 26, 1947, to amend District of

Columbia Unemployment Compensation Act with respect to contribution

rates after termination of military service----

Public, No. 353 (80th Cong.), approved August 4, 1947, provide for care

and treatment at St. Elizabeths Hospital of beneficiaries of the Bureau

of Employees Compensation --

Public, No. 379 (80th Cong.), approved August 6, 1947, Federal Insur-

ance Contributions Act, to amend to freeze the rate at 1 percent for

period of 2 years.-

Public, No. 413 (80th Cong.), approved February 19, 1948, Procurement

Act for the Armed Services.--.

Public, No. 843 (80th Cong.), approved June 30, 1948, acceptance by U.S.

of Constitution of the International Labor Organization Instrument

of Amendment and authorize appropriations for payment of U.S. share

of expenses for membership and participation.-

Public, No. 883 (80th Cong.), approved July 2, 1948, National Industrial

Reserve Act of 1948..

Public, No. 162 (81st Cong.), approved June 11, 1949. Appropriation

of $75,000 for work of President's Committee on National Employ

the Physically Handicapped Week..

Public, No. 174 (81st Cong.), approved July 16, 1949. Extends sec. 1302

(a) of Social Security Act until June 30, 1950-

Public, No. 177 (81st Cong.), approved July 20, 1949. Clarify overtime

compensation provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938 (Wage

and Hour Act).

Public, No. 204 (81st Cong.), approved Aug. 3, 1949. Amends Act of Mar.

31, 1906, Act regulating the Retent on Contracts with the Dist. of Col.-

Public, No. 330 (81st Cong.), approved Oct. 6, 1949. Full Employment

Act to amend by increasing funds to $125,000 for Congressional Joint

Committee on the Economic Report.-

Public, No. 357 (81st Cong.), approved Oct. 14, 1949. Federal Employees

Compensation Act Amendments, 1949-

Public, No. 393 (81st Cong.), approved Oct. 26, 1949. Fair Labor Stand-

ards Amendments of 1949 (Wage and Hour Act).

Public, No. 608 (81st Cong.), approved July 12, 1950. Suspends certain

Acts that prohibited employment of Attorneys employed by Senate Com-

mittee on Labor and Public Welfare in connection with investigation

of Taft-Hartley Labor Management Relations Act.

Public, No. 914 (81st Cong.), approved Jan. 10, 1951. Amends Railway

Labor Act, authorizes agreements for union membership and for deduc-

tion of dues from wages of carriers' employees..

Public, No. 30 (82d Cong.) to amend Assignment of Claims Act, Pub. Law

811-76th, to facilitate the financing of defense contracts---

Public, No. 141 (82d Cong.) relates to Private Employment Agencies

soliciting fees to place persons in Federal positions---

Public, No. 189 (82d Cong.) to amend Taft-Hartley Labor Relations

Act to eliminate Union Shop Elections and also relates to Communist-

Oath requirements---

Public, No. 245 (82d Cong.) relates to contracts negotiated without

advertising under Armed Service Procurement Act of 1947----

Public, No. 420 (82d Cong.) relates to effective dates of voluntary

agreements for coverage of State and local employees under Social

Security Act---

Public, No. 449 (82d Cong.) amends act relating to the employment of

minors in District of Columbia so as to permit child actors to perform in

theaters in District of Columbia---

Public, No. 537 (82d Cong.) Contract Settlement Act of 1914 to amend

to abolish Appeal Board of the Office of Contract Settlement.-

Public, No. 100 (83d Cong.) Extend Act of Dec. 2, 1942, as amended,

relating to war-risk hazard and detention benefits until July 1, 1954.

Public, No. 356 (831) Cong.) Judicial Review of Government Contracts --

Public, No. 431 (83d (ong.) To amend Contract Settlement Act of 1914,

to establish time limit for filing certain claims.-

Public, No. 457 (83d ('ong.) Extend Act of Dec. 2, 1942, as amended,

relating to war-risk hazard and detention benefits until July 1, 1955----

Public, No. 567 (83d Cong.) Employment Security Administrative

Financing Act of 1954.-

Public, No. 721 (83d Cong.) To amend District of Columbia Unemploy-

ment Compensation Act of 1935, as amended----

Public, No. 76+ (83d Cong.) to extend and amend the Renegotiation Act

of 1951.---.

Public, No. 60 (84th Cong.) to amend the Act of April 29, 1941, to author-

ize the waiving of the requirement of performance and payment bonds

in connection with certain Coast Guard contracts.

Public, No. 216 (84th Cong.) to extend the Renegotiation Act of 1951 for

two years.

Public, No. 321 (84th Cong.) to amend section 3101 of the Internal Rev.

enue Act of 1951..

Public, No. 330 (84th ('ong.) To prohibit the employment by the Govern-

ment of the United States of persons who are disloyal or who partici-

pate in or assert the right to strike against the Government of the

United States---

Public, No. 381 (Sith Cong.) To amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of

1938 in order to increase the national minimum wage.

Pub! No. 383 (84th (ong.) To amend the Railroad Retirement Act of

1937, as amended, and the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act------

Public, No, jol (E4th Cong.) To amend the Employment Act of 1946,

as amended.

Public, No. 632 (81th Cong.) To provide for a continuing survey and spe-

cial studies of sickness and disability in the United States, and for peri-

odic reports of the results thereof..

Public, No. 679 (84th Cong.) To continue the effectiveness of the Act of

December 2, 1942 as amended, and the Act of July 28, 1945, as amended,

relating to war-risk hazard and detention benefits until July 1, 1957----

Public, No. 795 (84th Cong.) To amend the District of Columbia Unem-

ployment Compensation Act so as to extend the coverage of such Act

to employees of the municipal government of the District of Columbia

employed in D.C. institutions located in Maryland and Virginia -----

Public, No. 870 (81th Cong.) To extend and amend the Renegotiation Act

of 1951.-

Public, No. 1023 (84th Cong.) To amend the Fair Labor Standards Act

of 1938

Public, No. 26 (85th Cong.) To provide a temporary extension of certain

special provisions relating to State plans for aid to the blind---

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