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JOSEPH P. SMITH, Director.

Bulletin No. 75,
JULY, 1897.





An Act To provide revenue for the Government and to encou the industries of the United States.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Un States of America in Congress assembled, That on and after the pass of this Act, unless otherwise specially provided for in this Act, th shall be levied, collected, and paid upon all articles imported from eign countries, and mentioned in the schedules herein contained, f duty which are, by the schedules and paragraphs, respectiv *bed, namely:



CIDS: Acetic or pyroligneous acid, not exceeding the spec of one and forty-seven one-thousandths, three-fourths of er pound; exceeding the specific gravity of one and forty-se ousandths, two cents per pound; boracic acid, five cents chromic acid and lactic acid, three cents per pound; ci even cents per pound; salicylic acid, ten cents per pound; acid or oil of vitriol not specially provided for in this Act, c of one cent per pound; tannic acid or tannin, fifty cents per pou acid, ten cents per pound; tartaric acid, seven cents per pou er acids not specially provided for in this Act, twenty-five a ad valorem.

ll alcoholic perfumery, including cologne water and other to and toilet preparations of all kinds, containing alcohol or in ation of which alcohol is used, and alcoholic compounds ly provided for in this Act, sixty cents per pound and fortyatum ad valorem.

lkalies, alkaloids, distilled oils, essential oils, expressed oils, oils, and all combinations of the foregoing, and all chemical c s and salts not specially provided for in this Act, twenty-five um ad valorem.

4. Alumina, hydrate of, or refined bauxite, six-tenths of one cent pound; alum, alum cake, patent alum, sulphate of alumina, and alu nous cake, and alum in crystals or ground, one-half of one cent pound.

5. Ammonia, carbonate of, one and one-half cents per pound; m ate of, or sal ammoniac, three-fourths of one cent per pound; sulph of, three-tenths of one cent per pound.

6. Argols or crude tartar or wine lees crude, containing not m than forty per centum of bitartrate of potash, one cent per pound; taining more than forty per centum of bitartrate of potash, one one-half cents per pound; tartars and lees crystals, or partly refi argols, containing not more than ninety per centum of bitartrat potash, and tartrate of soda or potassa, or Rochelle salts, four cents pound; containing more than ninety per centum of bitartrate of pota five cents per pound; cream of tartar and patent tartar, six cents pound.

7. Blacking of all kinds, twenty-five per centum ad valorem.

x per centum of anhydrous boracic acid, four cents per pound; bor lime or soda, or other borate material not otherwise provided ntaining not more than thirty-six per centum of anhydrous bor id, three cents per pound.

12. Camphor, refined, six cents per pound.

13. Chalk (not medicinal nor prepared for toilet purposes) w ound, precipitated naturally or artificially, or otherwise prepar hether in the form of cubes, blocks, sticks or disks, or otherwi cluding tailors', billiard, red, or French chalk, one cent per pour anufactures of chalk not specially provided for in this Act, twen e per centum ad valorem.

14. Chloroform, twenty cents per pound.

15. Coal-tar dyes or colors, not specially provided for in this A irty per centum ad valorem; all other products or preparations al tar, not colors or dyes and not medicinal, not specially provid r in this Act, twenty per centum ad valorem.

16. Cobalt, oxide of, twenty-five cents per pound.

17. Collodion and all compounds of pyroxylin, whether known a lluloid or by any other name, fifty cents per pound; rolled or i eets, unpolished, and not made up into articles, sixty cents pe und; if in finished or partly finished articles, and articles of whic llodion or any compound of pyroxylin is the component material o ief value, sixty-five cents per pound and twenty-five per centum a lorem.

18. Coloring for brandy, wine, beer, or other liquors, fifty per centum 1 valorem.

19. Copperas or sulphate of iron, one-fourth of one cent per pound. 20. Drugs, such as barks, beans, berries, balsams, buds, bulbs, bulus roots, excrescences, fruits, flowers, dried fibers, dried insects, ains, gums and gum resin, herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, nuts, nutlls, roots, stems, spices, vegetables, seeds (aromatic, not garden eds), seeds of morbid growth, weeds, and woods used expressly for eing; any of the foregoing which are drugs and not edible, but which e advanced in value or condition by refining, grinding, or other procs, and not specially provided for in this Act, one-fourth of one cent er pound, and in addition thereto ten per centum ad valorem. 21. Ethers: Sulphuric, forty cents per pound; spirits of nitrous ether, wenty-five cents per pound; fruit ethers, oils, or essences, two dollars er pound; ethers of all kinds not specially provided for in this Act, e dollar per pound: Provided, That no article of this paragraph all pay a less rate of duty than twenty-five per centum ad valorem. 22. Extracts and decoctions of logwood and other dyewoods, and tracts of barks, such as are commonly used for dyeing or tanning, ot specially provided for in this Act, seven-eighths of one cent per ound; extracts of quebracho and of hemlock bark, one-half of one ent per pound; extracts of sumac, and of woods other than dyewoods, ot specially provided for in this Act, five-eighths of one cent per pound. 23. Gelatin, glue, isinglass or fish glue, and prepared fish bladders fish sounds, valued at not above ten cents per pound, two and one

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26. Ink and ink powders, twenty-five per centum ad valorem. 27. Iodine, resublimed, twenty cents per pound.

28. Iodoform, one dollar per pound.

29. Licorice, extracts of, in paste, rolls, or other forms, four and half cents per pound.

30. Chicle, ten cents per pound.

31. Magnesia, carbonate of, medicinal, three cents per pound; cined, medicinal, seven cents per pound; sulphate of, or Epsom s one-fifth of one cent per pound.


32. Alizarin assistant, sulpho-ricinoleic acid, and ricinoleic acid whatever name known, whether liquid, solid, or in past the manufacture of which fifty per centum or more of ca oil is used, thirty cents per gallon; in the manufactur which less than fifty per centum of castor oil is used, fif cents per gallon; all other alizarin assistant, not specially vided for in this Act, thirty per centum ad valorem.

33. Castor oil, thirty-five cents per gallon.

34. Cod-liver oil, fifteen cents per gallon.

35. Cotton-seed oil, four cents per gallon of seven and one-half pou weight.

36. Croton oil, twenty cents per pound.

37. Flaxseed, linseed, and poppy-seed oil, raw, boiled, or oxidi twenty cents per gallon of seven and one-half pounds wei 38. Fusel oil, or amylic alcohol, one-fourth of one cent per pound 39. Hemp-seed oil and rape seed oil, ten cents per gallon. 40. Olive oil, not specially provided for in this Act, forty cents gallon; in bottles, jars, tins, or similar packages, fifty cents gallon.

41. Peppermint oil, fifty cents per pound.

42. Seal, herring, whale, and other fish oil, not specially provided in this Act, eight cents per gallon.

43. Opium, crude or unmanufactured, and not adulterated, taining nine per centum and over of morphia, one dollar per pou morphia or morphine, sulphate of, and all alkaloids or salts of op one dollar per ounce; aqueous extract of opium, for medicinal u and tincture of, as laudanum, and other liquid preparations of op not specially provided for in this Act, forty per centum ad valor opium containing less than nine per centum of morphia, and op prepared for smoking, six dollars per pound; but opium prepared smoking and other preparations of opium deposited in bonded w houses shall not be removed therefrom without payment of duties, such duties shall not be refunded.


44. Baryta, sulphate of, or barytes, including barytes earth, unm factured, seventy-five cents per ton; manufactured, five lars and twenty-five cents per ton.

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