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Kight of Suffrage-An Act to Population of the principal prevent and punish Elec Cities of the U.S

42 PAGE Asteroids.

tion Frauds..

..17 Post Offices, Number of, in + San Domingo-President to each State. CALENDARS Showing the

24 phases of the M002, R sing

appoint Commissioners to Pre-emption Explained 78 ant Setting of the l'lanets.

Examine and Report upon

Slaves in the U. S. from 1790

the condition of the Coun to 1860 .... Sidereai Noon, High Water,

47 &c.....

try with a view to Annexa White Population by States

.5-16 Calendars--Jewish and Mo


.19 from 1790 to 1870..... ......44 hammedan

Security of Life on Steam-
boats-An Act to ensure...18

Political Statistics.
Bright Stars, a Table of 61... 3 Small Coin to be redeemed ..19 Apportionment for the next
Conjunction of Planets, &c.; 4 Smuggling Act amended.....17
Cycles of Time and Church

liouse of Representatives.56 Days

of Sugar - Rate Duty re Committees of the Senate

2 Eclipses for 1872.....


.17 and House of RepresentaCorrect Time, how to get it. 2

The Texas Pacific Railway tives of the XLild ConTide Table for 110 Places .... 2 The Treaty of Washington Company incorporated....19


54, 55 The Four Seasons.

Governors of Territories....56 for Settlement of Alabama

House of Representatives of Claims, &c.. .22-24 the U.S.

52, 53 Laws,Proclamations,

Ministers of the U.S. to For &c. National Finances. eign Countries


Salaries of State Governors. 56 Bridge over the Missouri Bonds issued to Pacific Rail Senate of the l'.s....

.....51 River authorized..


..28 States of the Union-Area," Bridge over the Wabash Debt bearing Coin Interest..27 Population, Capitals, Gov. River authorized.

.20 Debt bearing Interest in law ernors, Times for holding Bridges over the Mississippi ful Money

..28 Elections, &c.. and Missouri Rivers au Debt bearing no Interest....27 United States Goverpment thorized

.19 Debt on which Interest has President, Cabinet, and SuClaims of Loyal Citizeng-A ceased since maturity.

preme Court............ 50 Commission to consider Recapitulation of Debt.. 28 them ..

.19 Reduction of Debt under Eleetion Returns for District of Columbia-A Ter present Administration....28

1871. ritorial Government pro Paper Currency in circula California

76 vided for ..17 tion .24 Connecticut

58 Food for French and Ger Receipts and Expenditures District of Columbia.

77 man Sufferers to be sent in of U.S. Governinent.


72 U.S. Vessels .20


73 Fourteenth Amendment to


75 the Constitution - Provis

General Statistics.

75 ion for its Enforcement...,20 Aggregate Population by Kentucky Indians-Provision for Re States from 1790 to 1870, Maine..

58 moval of...

.17 showing relative Growth Maryland Indian Lands in Wisconsin

of States..

.43 Massachusetts. Provision for Sale of.......17 Chinese Population in the Minnesota.. Internal improvements-Ap U.S.......

.47 Mississippi. propriations for.. .17 Difference of Time at differ Nebraska.. Judicial Districts --- Virginia ent Places.

26 Nevada... divided into Two.... 17 Free Colored Population by New Hampshire, Kansas to be Reimbursed for States...

..45 New Jersey

68 War Expenses. 17 Government Lands-How to New Mexico.

- 77 Lands granted to the Utah acquire them.

New York, by Counties. Central Railroad. ..17 Homestead-How to obtain

Towns.....61-64 Military Reservations to be

for Senators. .65 Sold... .17 Imports and Consumption of

Assemblymen.66 National Centenary-Provis Goods in the United States North Carolina...

69 ion for its Celebration.....18 in 1871..

.25, 26 Ohio..... Pensions of 1812-Extending Indians in the U.S. ..47 Pennsylvania...

59 the List

17 Land Offices of the U, S., Popular Vote for President. .77 Proclamations by the Presi where located

78 Rhode Island... dent-Against Interference Native and Foreign Born Texas.. in the Franco-German War Population by States. .46 Virginia.

76 and against Engaging in Population of the U. S. from West Virginia. Fenian Raids into Canada. 20 1820 to 1870 by Connties. .29-12 Wisconsin..


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Astronomical Department, 292-77 Computed and arranged expressly for this Work, by SAMUEL H. WRIGHT, A. M., M.D.,

Penn Yan, Yates County, N. Y.

Eclipses for the Year 1872.
There will be four Eclipses this year, as follows:
I. A Partial Eclipse of the Moon, May 22; invisible in the United States.

II. An Annular Eclipse of the Sun, June 5 ; invisible in North America, except in Washington Territory and the Arctic Regions.

III. A very small Eclipse of the Moon in the evening of November 14th and morning of the 15th ; visible, being only one thirty-third of the Moon's diameter on the northern limb. See the following table :

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8 ev.

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II, M.

D. H. M.
O 58 m. | Detroit.

14 II 27 ev.
o 55 m. Chicago.

14 II

9 ev.
0 54 m. Milwaukie. 14 IT
O 43 m. New Orleans.. 14 10 59 ev
O 38 m. St. Louis

14 10 58 ev.
O 31 m. Austin...

14 to 28 ey. o 28 m. San Francisco. 14 8 50 ev. O 24 m. | Portland, Or... 14 850 ev. o 20 m. Sitka..

14 7 58 ev.

H.M. H. M.
II 47ev. 12 zm.
II 29ev. .11 49ev.
11 28ev. 11 48ev.
II 19ev. 11 39ev.
11 18ev. 38ev.
10 48ev. Sev.
9 ioev.

9 30ev. 9 loev. 9 30ev. 8 18ev. 8 38ev.

4 m.

IV. An Annular Eclipse of the Sun, November 30 ; invisible in North America.
Morning Stars.

Evening Stars.
Venus ( 9 ) until July 15.

Venus after July 15.
Mars ( 3 ) after May 17.

Mars until May 17.
(21) after August 2.

Jupiter until August 2.
Saturn ( 3 ) to April 10.

Saturn after April 10.

Planets Brightest. and November 24, setting soon after the Sun. MERCURY January 27, May 25, and September 18, rising before the Sun ; also April 2, July 31,

VENUS and Mars not this year. JUPITER January 15. SATURN July 9.

Jewish Calendar for 1872. The Jewish year 5632 is the 8th of the 2976) le, and began September 16, 1871, and ends October 2, 1872. It contains 55 Sabbaths, and 383 days, being embolismic, and of 13 months. The year 5633 begins October 3, 1872, and ends September 21, 1873.

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Mohammedan Calendar for 1872. The Mohammedan year 1288, of 354 days, began March 23, 1871, and ends March 10, 1872. The Fear 1289, of 355 days, begins March !1, 1872, and ends February 28, 1873.

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