The Works of the Right Rev. John Sage, a Bishop of the Church in Scotland: With Memoir and Notes

Spottiswoode Society, 1844

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Página xi - Iron sharpeneth iron ; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
Página 331 - That prelacy and the superiority of any office in the Church above presbyters is and hath been a great and insupportable grievance and trouble to this nation, and contrary to the inclinations of the generality of the people ever since the Reformation (they having reformed from popery by presbyters), and therefore ought to be abolished...
Página 253 - James the Sixth is, and of whose kingdom he is not a king, nor a lord, nor a head, but a member.
Página 380 - Majesty or any other patron do present any person to a benefice, that the person presented should be tried and examined by the judgment of learned men of the church, such as are the present superintendents...
Página 23 - Porro, si sapientia Deus est, per quem facta sunt omnia, sicut divina authoritas, veritasque monstravit, verus philosophus est amator Dei.
Página 377 - The corpse is reverently brought to the grave, accompanied with the congregation, without any further ceremonies ; which being buried, the minister, if he be present and required, goeth to the church, if it be not far off, and maketh some comfortable exhortation to the people touching death and resurrection.
Página 348 - that everie minister, exhorter, and reader sail have one of the Psalme Bookes latelie printed in Edinburgh, and use the order contained therein in prayers, marriage, and ministration of the sacraments.
Página 305 - Parliament, more particularly do express ; or that refuse the administration of the holy sacraments as they were then ministrated — to be no members of the said Kirk within this realm, and true religion presently professed, so long as they keep themselves so divided from the society of Christ's body.
Página 253 - Church, and govern his spiritual kingdom, have sufficient authority and power from him so to do, which no Christian King nor Prince should control or discharge, but assist and support, otherwise they are not faithful subjects to Christ.
Página 354 - We think it most expedient that the Scriptures be read in order, that is, that some one book of the Old and the New Testament be begun and orderly read to the end. And the same we judge of preaching, where the minister for the most part remaineth in one place; for this skipping and divagation from place to place, be it in reading, be it in preaching, we judge not so profitable to edify the Church...

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