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R Raw hides and skins

free Raisins

15 per cent. Rhenish wine

45 cents per gall. Rum (see spirits)


Saddles, or parts thereof

127 per cent. Sail-cloth

121 ditto Saint George wine

28 cents per gall. Saint Lucar wine

40 ditto Salt, weighing more than 56 pounds per bushel

20 cents per 56 lbs. -- weighing 56 pounds per bushel, or less 20 cents per bush. Salt-petre Salts, Glauber

200 cents per cwt. Satins, and other wrought silks

12 per cent. Sea stores of ships or vessels*

free Sheathing and cartridge paper

15 per cent. Sherry wine

40 cents per gall. Shoes and slippers of silk

25 cents per pair — other, and slippers for men and women, clogs or golo-shoes

15 ditto - other, and slippers for children

10 do. Silver and plated ware

15 per cent. Silver lace

15 ditto Skins, raw

free Slate, stone and stone ware

15 per cent. Snuff

22 cents per lb.

2 ditto Solos, and other carriages, or parts thereof 20 per cent. Spermaceti candles

6 cents per lb. Spikes

I ditto
Spirits distilled in foreign countries, viz.
First pooof

28 cents per galli Second do.

29 Wholly or

ditto | Third do.

31 do.
chiefly from
Fourth do.

54 do.
Fifth do.

| Sixth do.
First proof

25 do.
Second do.

25 From other Third do.

do. į materials Fourth do. Fifth do.

do. Sixth co.

46 do. Stained, printed or colored goods, or manu. factures of linen, or of cotton, or of both 121 per cent.

15 ditto

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* See Dutics, collection of, 45.

3 ditto


100 cents per cwte iron or brass locks, hinges, hoes, anvils and vices

121 per cent. all other manufactures of

15 ditto Stockings

15 do. Stone and earthen ware

15 do. Sugars, brown

21 cents per Ibs - white clayed powdered

do. all other clayed or powdered

1 do. lump

65 do. - loaf

9 do. - - other refined

61 do. Sugar candy

il do. Sulphur

free Sweet scents, (see powders, pastes, &c.) 15 per cent. Swords, cutlasses, or parts of either

15 ditto

T Tabies of marble, slate and other stone, or parts thereof

15 do. Tallow candles

2 cents per lb. Tassels and trimmings, commonly used by

upholsterers, coach-makers and saddlers 15 per cent. Teas from China and ladia, in vessels of the

united states bohea

12 cents per lb. - souchong and other black

18 ditto - hyson, imperial, gunpowder or gomee 32 do. - other green

20 do. Teas from Europe,in vessels of the united states bohea

14 do. - souchong and other black

21. do.
hyson, imperial, gunpowder or gomee 40
other green

24. do. Teas from any other place, or in any other

vessels - bohea

17 do. souchong and other black

27 do. hyson, imperial, gunpowder or gomee 50 do. other green

30 do. Tencriffe wine

28 cents per gall. Tiles and bricks

15 per cent. Tin in pigs or plates

free Tin manufactures

15 per cent. Tinctures (see powders, pastes, &c.)

15 ditto Tobacco, manufactured (other than snuff) Tokay wine

45 cents per gall. Tools of the trade or profession* of persons

who come to reside in the united states free * See Duties, collection of, 46.



'Bors, not otherwise enumerated
Twine and pack-thread
Types for printing

12 per cent.
400 cents per cwt,
121 per cent.

Velvets and velverets

121 ditto


15 do. Walking sticks, whips and canes

12 do. Wares of tin, pewter and copper

15 do. - earthen or stone

15 do. - China

15 do. - gold, silver and plated

15 do. - goods and merchandise of the growth, produce or manufacture of the united states free Watches and clocks, or parts of either 15 per cent. Waters and washes (see powders, pastes, &c.) 15 ditto Wax candles

6 cents per lb. Window glass

15 per cent. Wines in casks, bottles or other vessels

Malmsey, Madeira and London parti-
cular Madeira

58 cents per gall.
all other Madeira

50 ditto - Burgundy, Champaign, Rhenish and Tokay

45 do. -Sherry

40 do. -St. Lucar

40 do. - Claret and other, not enumerated,

when imported in bottles or cases 35 do.

Lisbon, Oporto and other Portugal
- Teneriffe, Fayall, Malaga, St. George
and other Western islands

23 do.
all other, when imported otherwise
than in bottles or cases

23 do. Wire of brass and iron

free Wood manufactured (exclusive of cabinet wares)

121 per cent. Wood unmanufactured

free Wool and cotton cards

50 cents per doze Wool unmanufactured


Y Yarn, untarred

225 cents per cwt.


All other goods not before particularly enumerated and described

124 per cent. Sie the allowances made for drafts, for tare, and for leakage and breakage, in iitle Duties, collection of, 58, 50.

Duties, collection of.

Dipriets and poris in New-Hampshire
New- Yook
North Carolina
Norih Heffern Territory
Difrici, &c. on the Milfpippi
Where iefjels, &c, are to be entered, &'c. 18
Poris of entry to be parts of delivery
Ports for unlading
Veljeli jhail firft come to, at port of entry
Officers to take outh
Duties of collcctor
Naval fficer
Deputies may be appointed
Manifejts of cargoes
Form of manifeft's
Forfeiture foi want thereof
Niafters, &c. to exhibit manifs

forers, c. to certify same
form of certificate
Penalty on not exhibiting, &c.
On omitting to certify, &c.
Penally en uniading goods, Eco
Pena'iy on aiding, &c.
On failing, &c. before entry
When report is to be made
Oath on making report
Further report of spirits, &c.
Penaltyon failure therein
Ferm of report
Ships of awar, &c. need not make report 31
Veliels may proceed, &c. on giving bond 32
Foim of hend
In ceriain cases, bond not required
Bords to be suid
Poffels may proceed with certain goods
Mufier, &c. to have copy of report, &c. 34
form of certificare
Bond on transportation of goods, &c.
Form of band
How cancelled
Mafers proceeding with fpirits, &c.
Ini peelors certificate for spirits, &c.
Entry of goodi, when made
Form of entry
Maybe levied

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Pof entry in futh cases

Bebemture for amount of drawback Allowarces for draft and tare

Certificate of exportation, &c. For leakage and brenkage

Debenture may be refused, &c. Seffus arriving in diftress, &e.

Duties paid before drawback Cargo to be fored

Form of dcbenture Pait may be fold

Dubentures alignable Penalty on variance, &c.

On default of payment, to be sued Refidue of cargo, reladen

Judgment at the return tem Mede of eftimating ad valorem rates

Bond to deliver goods at foreign port Efraction of foreign coins, &c.

How discharged Duties paid, &c. before goods landed

Sundry forms 1873 of credit

Penalty on relanding, &c. Provifion respecting reas, &c.

Powers of the officers, &c. (for mas receive a depofi, &c.

Bounty on exportation of fuh, &c.
Bends to be in the name of the united states ib. Exporter to make entry
Debters not to kave credit again

Prcof to be made
Csafignee confidered as owner

To be inspected and branded Forms of bonds

Inspector 10 examine them Tersage duties, when paid

Permit 10 lade Certa papers io be lodged with collector Oath and bond både of ascertaining tonnage

Mode of cancelling bond Ponds to be fued, avhen due

When bountyjkali be paid

ib. Entitled to a priority

Forms Irfendant held to special bai!

Forfeiture on falsc entry, &c. Ostety paying bord, so have priority

Vejle's detained by ice, &c. . Skaning of insolvency

Officers not to engage in commerce, &c. pragment the firf terin

May buy, &c. public funds letereji 9 be aliowed

Receiving a bribe, &c. Gads Entered fraudulentis, &c.

False jwearing I'vreedings on jufpicion

Penalties, how fued for liters may open packages

Collectors to receive penalties Bay search fuspected places

Proceedings to conlleinn veljes Cetter to like charge of goods feized

Limitation of fuits Housing, &c. goods liable to seizure

Condemned jnips, &c. how sold Utácers may frize out of difiriat

Dijtribution of penalties, &c. 1a plead general iffue

Who may be wit rietjes Dzblecojis

Goods to be brought by fea, except, &c. 92 Ceni probandi on claimant

Drawback io be allowed, &c. Penalty en refiting officers

Vejds bound 10 foreign ports Special proviso

Velleis not to be cleared until, &c. Pizzakers, &c. when to make return

Beafts imported for breed, free F of returns

Substitutes may act, &c. Tubli offees to be fixed up

nifi mation instead of sath Recipis to be given for fame

Revenue cutters Perally for extortion

Their officers and men Penalty on gaugers, inspeflors, &c.

Cutters may act with naty la what monies, duties paid

Othcers, how appointed Rules of foreign coins

Their duties, &c. Prevalo

Netv culiers

100 Drawback, &c. on exportation

Revenue boats Exporting for benefit of drawback

How difinguifheit Foro entry

Velels refusing to bring to

ib. Call to be made

Penalty on other vejels, &c.

ib. Godi, &c. to be in pested

In what, certain articles shall be imNuance of lading


103 Curain forms

Privileges by treaties

104 Isfrias from which goods may be exported 77 Further privileges

105 1 cpsried from a stifferent diftriel

No duties on peltries, &c. we of entry, &c.

Provisions of ad, extended, &c. Pet mall for unlading, &c.

Entry en oath of ceriain goods, &c. hit port of arrival, fame formalities, &c. 78 Collector to examine, &c. Brezilion for transporting, &c. by land 79 Form of protection

101 102

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