Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme court of Nova Scotia, and in the Vice admiralty court at Halifax [1860-66].


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Página 430 - ... receivable in payment of all taxes, internal duties, excises, debts, and demands of every kind due to the United States, except duties on imports, and of all claims and demands against the United States of every kind whatsoever, except for interest upon bonds and notes, which shall be paid in coin, and shall also be lawful money and a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and private, within the United States, except duties on imports and interest as aforesaid.
Página 328 - Every law that makes an action done before the passing of the law, and which was innocent when done, criminal; and punishes such action.
Página 820 - The High Court of Admiralty shall have jurisdiction over any claim by a seaman of any ship for wages earned by him on board the ship, whether the same be due under a special contract or otherwise...
Página 187 - And it shall be lawful for the said ship, &c, in this voyage, to proceed and sail to and touch and stay at any ports or places whatsoever without prejudice to this insurance.
Página 559 - So, if an estate be given to a person generally, or indefinitely, with a power of disposition, it carries a fee ; unless the testator gives to the first taker an estate for life only, and annexes to it a power of disposition of the reversion. In that case, the express limitation for life will control the operation of the power, and prevent it from enlarging the estate to a fee.
Página 568 - Court a power, which the party to whom it is given is entrusted and required to execute; and with regard to that species of power the Court considers it as partaking so much of the nature and qualities of a trust, that if the person who has that duty imposed upon him does not discharge it, the Court will, to a certain extent, discharge the duty in his room and place.
Página 737 - There is a class of cases in which it has been held, that a person who...
Página 551 - We may lay it down as an incontrovertible rule that where an estate is given to a person generally or indefinitely with a power of disposition, it carries a fee, and the only exception to the rule is.
Página 563 - ... where the testator gives to the first taker an estate for life only, by certain and express words, and annexes to it a power of disposa1. In that particular and special case the devisee for life will not take an estate in fee, notwithstanding the distinct and naked gift of a power of disposition of reversion.
Página 26 - A dispensation or license properly passeth no interest, nor alters or transfers property in anything, but only makes an action lawful which without it had been unlawful. As a license to go beyond the seas, to hunt in a man's park, to come into his house, are only actions which, without license, had been unlawful. But a license to hunt in a man's park and carry away the deer killed to his...

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