Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Volumen10


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Página 210 - Plates, by a Lady : to which is added a Botanical Description of the various parts of a Flower, and the Dial of Flowers. Bound in embossed morocco, with gilt edges. Not a tree, A plant, a leaf, a blossom, but contains a folio volume.
Página 428 - O most welcome, holy shade! Thus I prove as years increase, My heart and soul for quiet made. Thus I fix my firm belief While rapture's gushing tears descend; That every flower and every leaf Is moral Truth's unerring friend. I would not for a world of gold That Nature's lovely face should tire; Fountain of blessings yet untold; Pure source of intellectual fire! Fancy's fair buds, the germs of song...
Página 429 - Unquicken'd midst the world's rude strife, Shall sweet retirement render strong, And morning silence bring to life. Then tell me not that I shall grow Forlorn, that fields and woods will cloy; From Nature and her changes flow An everlasting tide of joy. I grant that...
Página 210 - Not a tree, A plant, a leaf, a blossom, but contains A folio volume. We may read, and read, And read again, and still find something new, Something to please, and something to instruct, E'en in the noisome weed.
Página 22 - Illustrations of Fossil Plants ; being an Autotype Reproduction of Selected Drawings prepared under the supervision of the late Dr. Lindley and Mr. W. Hutton between the years 1835 & 1840 and now for the first time published by the North of England Institute of Mining $• Mechanical Engineers.
Página 26 - In the transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle...
Página 210 - ... lot is involved and the government is unwilling to do so, on a proper scale? The situation becomes very different under these circumstances. We will have to find a modus operandi to relieve it. With these words I will again thank you for the honour you have done me and for the patience with which you have heard me.
Página 221 - It seems to me impossible to come to any other conclusion than that...
Página 357 - This variety prevails also along our southern coast. The other variety has a round blunt nose, short and wide before the eyes, and the body of light yellowish ash-green colour, and is frequently called the Scotch Cod.
Página 380 - ... benefit of a humble fish. The lesson we should learn from the torpedo is that we men, with all our boasted intellect, stand but on the shores of an ocean of knowledge, the profound depths of which human understanding in its present condition will never be able to fathom. In Land and Water, vol. vii., p. 26, Jan. 9, 1869, 'Mr. Jeremiah Wilson, of Stockton-on-Tees, writes : " I have taken two torpedoes in the estuary of the Tees. You say the one you dissected had nothing in its stomach. I was curious...

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