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Meglio è dar la lana che la pecora. · It is better to give the wool than the sheep.

Una scopa nuova spazza bene.

A new broom sweeps clean.

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Aviendo prigonado vino, venden vinagre.

After praising the wine they sell us vinegar.

B, Barato (Lo) es caro.

Cheaply bought, dear in the end. Bien vengas mal, si vienes solo.

Welcome trouble, if thou comest alone.


C. Cabello luengo y corto el seso.

Rich in hair and poor in brains. Cada uno en su casa, y Dios en la de todas.

Every one in his own house, and God in all of thein. Cada uno sabe adonde la aprieta el zapato.

The wearer best knows where the shoe pinches him. Conocidos muchos, amigos pocos.

Have many acquaintances, but few friends.

El consejo de la muger es poco, y el que no le toma es loco.

A woman's counsel is not much, but he that despises it is a tool.

El pie del dueño estiercol es para la heradad.

The foot of the owner is manure for his land.

La gente pone, y Dios dispone.

Mon propose God disposes.

La mano cuerda no hace, todo lo dice la lengua loca.

The wise hand doeth not all the foolish tongue speaketh. La mentira tiene las piernas cortas.

A lie has short legs.
La muger del ciego, para quien se afeita?

For whom does the blind man's wife ornament herself?

M. Mas laye mala palabra, que espada afilada.

An evil word wounds more than a sharp sword. Mas vale buen amigo que pariente primo. ..

A good friend is worth more than a Dear kinsman.

Mas vale puñado de natural, que almozada de sciencia.

A handful of mmon sense is worth more than a bushel of learning.

Del dicho al hecho hay gran trecho.

Between saying and doing there is a great distance. Del mal el menos.

Of evils choose the least.
De ruin paño nunca buen sayo.

From poor cloth you cannot make a good coat.

You cannot make a purse of a sor's ear.



Mas vale el buen nombre que las muchas riquezas.

A good name is better than great riches. Mas vale rodear que no ahogar.

Better go about than fall into the ditch.

Mas quero asno que me leve, que cavallo que me derrube.

Better ride on an ass that carries me than a horse that throws me. Mas ven quatro ojos que no dos.

Four eyes see more than two. Mucho en el suelo, poco en el cielo.

Much on earth, little in heaven. Muito sabe a zaposa, mas mais quien a toma.

The fox is knowing, but more so he that catches him.

Quien ara, y cria, oro hila,

He that ploughs and thrives, spins gold.

Quien come y condesa dos veces pone la inesa. He that eats and saves sets the table twice.

A penny saved is a penny earned. Quien el diablo hà de engañar, de mañana se ha de levantar.

He that will deceive the devil must rise betimes.

Quien la fama ha perdida mucrto anda en vida.

He that hath an ill name, is half hanged. Quien quiere ruido, compre un cochino.

He that loves noise must buy a pig.

Quien solo come su gallo, solo ensille su cavallo.

Who eats his dinner alone, must saddle his horse alone.


Quien tiene tienda, que atienda.

Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep. thee.

Remuda de pasturaje hace bicerros gordos.

A change of pasturage makes fat calves.
Ruin señor cria ruin servidor. -
A bad master makes a bad servant.

Like master like man.

Ni firmes carta que no !eas, ni bebas agua que no veas.

Never sign a paper you have not read, nor drink water you have not examined. No hay cerradura si es de oro la ganzua.

There is no lock but a golden key will open. No hay mejor espejo, que el amigo viejo.

The best mirror is an old friend.
No se acuerda la suegra, que fue nuera.

The mother-in-law does not remember she was once a daughter-in-law.

0. Ojos que no ven, corazon no quebrantan.

Eyes that see not do not break the heart. Olla qne

mucho yerve, sabor perde.
Too many bitter herbs spoil the stew.
A hasty man never lacks trouble.

Palabras y plumas el viento las lleva.

Words and feathers are tossed by the wind. Pereza llave de pobreza.

Sloth is the key to poverty.
Poca barba, poca vergüenza.

Little beard, little shame.
Preso por uno, preso por ciento.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

s. Si quieres hembra, escoge la el Sabado, y no el Domingo.

If thou desirest a wife, choose her on Saturday, but not on Sunday. Si quieres vivir sano, hazte viejo temprano.

If thou wouldst be healthful make thyself old betimes.

Si teneis la cabeza de vidro, no os tomeis à pedradas co-migo.

If you have a glass head you must not throw stones at another. He that lives in a glass house must not

throw stones. Sobre melon, vino fellon.

After melon, wine is a felon.

Quando amigo pide no hay mañana.

When a friend asks, there is no to-morrow.

Quando la mala ventura si duerme, nadie la despierte.

When ill-luck falls asleep, let nobody wake her.

Sufre por saber, y trabaja por tener.

Suffer that you may be wise, and labor that you may have.

V. Vendran por lana y volveràn transquilados,

Many go out for wool and come back shorn, Vida sin amigo, muerte sin testigo.

Life without a friend is death without a witness.



Actus mera facultatis.

A cause not lost by limitation.

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Ab initio.

From the beginning. Ab irato (testamentum).,

(A will) made in anger. Absolutio ab instatio.

Momentary acquittal. Absolutio plenaria.

Full acquittal.
Accedas ad curiam.

Approach the court.
Accessorium sequitur suum principalé.

Accessory matters follow the principal. Accusare nemo se debet nisi coram Deo. Ho

No man is bound to accuse himself except before God. Ac etiam.

And also: (a plea of debt),
Acta exteriora indicant interiora secreta!

Outward acts indicate the inner secrets.
Actio personalis moritur cum persona.

A personal action dies with the person. Actore non probante reus absolvitur.'

When the plaintiff does not prove his case, the defendant is absolved. Actor qui contra regulam quid adduxit, non

est audiendus. He ought not to be heard who advances a proposition contrary to the rules of law,... Actum ut supra,

Done on the above date (or date). Actus Dei nemini facit injuriam..

The act of God injures no one. Actus legis nulli facit injuriam!

The act of the law injurus no one Actus me invito factus, non est meus actus.

An act done against my will is not my act.

Æquitas sequitur legem,

Equity follows the law. Æquum et bonum est lex legum.

What is good and equal is the law of laws. Æstimatio præteriti delicti ex postremo

facto nunquam crescit. The estimation of a crime committed nerer increases from a subsequent fact. Asfacto ad jns non datur consequentia.

The inference from the fact to the law is not allowed. Affirmanti, non neganti incumbit probatio.

The proof lies upon him who affirms, not on him who denies. Aliquis non debet esse judex in proprii

causâ,' No man should be judge in his own case. Aliud est celare, aliud tacere.

To conceal is one thing, to be silent another.

Ambitiosum decretum.

A partial decree.



A mensâ et toro.

From bed and board.
Aucupia yerborum sunt judice indigna.

Quibbling is unworthy of a judge.
Animus furandi.

The intention of stealing. Apices juris non sunt jura.

Points of law are not laws. Aquâ et igne interdictus.

One forbidden the use of water and fire. Argumentum ab aucoritate est fortissimum

in lege. An argument drawn from anthority is the strongest in law. As assis. The whole of the whole.

(The whole undivided inheritance.) Assumpsit.

He assumed the payment.
Audita querela.

The complaint being hearı.
A verbis legis non est recedendum.

There is no departing from the words of the law.

Clausula quæ abrogationem excludit ab initio non valet.

A clanse in a law which precludes 'its, abrogation, is invalid from the beginning. Cognovit actionem.

He has acknowledged the action. Commodum ex injuriâ suâ non habere debet.

No man ought to derive any benefit from his own wrong. Compos mentis.

Sound in mind.

Confessio facta in judicio omni probatione major est.

A confession made in court is of greater effect than any proof. Consensus facit legem.

Consent makes law.
Consequentia non est consequentia.

A consequence ought not to be drawn from another consequence. Consilii, non fraudulenti, nulla est obligatio.

Advice, unless fraudulent, does not create an obligation.

Constructio contra rationem introducta, potius usurpatio quam consuetudo appellari debet.

A custom introduced against reason ought rather to be called a usurpation than a custom. Consuetudo est altera lex.

Custom is another law. Consuetudo manerii et loci est observanda.

The custom of the manor and the place must be observed. Consuetudo pro lege servatur.

Custom is held to be as law.

Consuetudo volentis ducit, lex nolentes trahit.

Custom leads the willing, law compels or draws the unwilling,

Conventio privatorum non potest publico juri derogare.

An agreement between individuals cannot set aside the public law.

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Capias ad satisfaciendum.

Take to satisfy. Corpus delicti.

The body (foundation) of the offense.

Cni licet, quod majus, non debet quod minus est non licere.

He to whom the greater thing is lawful las certainly a right to do the lesser thing.

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