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SEC. 30. That section thirty-nine hundred and fifty-five of the Revised New sureties for

mail contracts may Statutes be, and the same is hereby, amended so as to read as follows:

be required. “ The Postmaster-General, whenever, he may deem it consistent with Substitute for

R. S., 3955. the public interest, may accept or require new surety upou any contract existing or hereafter made for carrying the mails, in substitution for and release of any existing surety".

SEC. 31. Any person performing the duties of postmaster, by author- Acting postmasity of the President, at any post-office where there is a vacancy for any

ters during vacancause, shall receive for the term for which the duty is performed the cine palice to resame compensation to which he would have been entitled if regularly appointed and confirmed as such postmaster; and all services heretofore rendered in like cases shall be paid for under this provision.

SEC. 32. That the Postmaster-General is hereby authorized to take Letter-sheet enthe necessary steps to introduce and furnish for public use a letter- velopes. sheet envelope, on which postage-stamps of the denominations now in use on ordinary envelopes shall be placed.

And the Postmaster-General is also authorized to introduce and fur- Double postal nish for public use a double postal card, on which shall be placed two cards and double

letter envelopes. one-cent stamps, and said card to be so arranged for the address that

R. S., O Ø 3914, it may be forwarded and returned, said cards to be sold for two cents 3917. apiece; and also to introduce and furnish for public use a double-letter envelope, on which stamps of the denominations now in use may be placed, and with the arrangement for the address similar to the double postal card;

Said letter-sheet and double postal card and double envelope to be issued under such regulations as the Postmaster-General may prescribe.

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And provided, That no money shall be paid for royalty or patent on - but no royalty any of the articles named.

for patent thereon

to be paid. SEC. 33. That so much of this act as is embraced in sections four to When act takes thirty-one both inclusive, shall take effect from the first day of May, offect; repeal. 1879, and all acts or parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act, are hereby repealed. [March 3, 1879.]


March 3, 1879. 20 Siat. L., 377.




SECTION 1. Par. 1. Members of Congress to havo ten Par. 12. Archives, &c., relating to Indians, charts of Coast Survey each session.

collected by Geographical and GeoPar. 2. Issue of coin certificates for bullion,

logical Surveys, to be turned over to except, &c., repealed.

Smithsonian Institution. Par. 3. Secretary of Treasury may lease un- Par. 13. Repeal of requirement that towns of productive public property.

Madison and Jackson, Tenn., shall Par. 4. Water power at Moline may be leased

furnish buildings for courts. by Secretary of War.

Par. 14. Clerks of courts and marshal for InPar. 5. Pikesville arsenal and grounds may

diana to perform duties at terms of be sold by Secretary of War or do

court at Fort Wayne, and appoint nated to Maryland.

deputies. Par. 6. Military prison to make supplies for Par. 15. Allowances to contestants of seats in Army:

House of Representatives. Par. 7. Homo "for Disabled Soldiers; pur- 2. Par. 1. Bounty to colored soldiers; how paid. chases, expenditures, and estimates

— identity of claimant. for support of.

- attorney's fee. Par. 8. Disbursements for Capitol extension,

payment to claimants, &c. &c., to be made by disbursing clerk

- appropriation. of Interior Department.

Disposition of colored bounty-fund Par. 9. Director of Geological Surveys; ap

now in Treasury. pointment and duties, &c.

3. Par. 1. In District of Columbia, inspector of Certain surveys discontinued.

buildings to bavo control of repairs, Collections from surveys to be depos.

&c., of school buildings. ited in National Museum.

Par. 2. Permanent appropriation for sinking Par. 10. Publication of geological surveys and

fund of the 3.63 bonds of District. reports.

Par. 3. Deposit of revenues of District, and - distribution and sale of copies, &c.

how drawn Par. 11. Half of support of indigent insane

Provision requiring certain distribuin Government Hospital to be paid

tion of taxes collected repealed. by District of Columbia.



Be it enacted, &c. Members of Con

[SECTION 1.] gress to have ten (Par. 1.] That Senators, Representatives, and Delegates to the House charts of Coast of Representatives shall each be entitled to not more than ten charts Survey each ses

published by the Coast Survey, for each regular session of Congress. sion.

R. S., § 4691. 1878, June 20, ch. 359, \ 1, Par. 5.


Issue of coin cer- [Par. 2.) And so much of the act "making appropriations for the leg. tificates for bull- islative, executive, and judicial expenses of the government for the fiscal ion, except, &c., repealed.

year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, and for R. S., 08 254, other purposes", approved June nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sev3545.

enty-eight, as authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to issue coin cer1878, June 19, ch. tificates in exchange for bullion deposited for coinage at mints and assay. 329, Ø 1, par. I.

offices other than those mentioned in section thirty-five hundred and forty-five of the Revised Statutes, be, and the same is hereby, repealed; said repeal to take effect at the end of the present fiscal year.


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Secretary of [Par. 3.] That authority be, and is hereby, given to the Secretary of Treasury may lease the Treasury to lease, at his discretion for a period not exceeding five unproductive pub- years, such unoccupied and unproductive property of the United States lic property. R. S., \ 3749.

under his control, for the leasing of which there is no authority under existing law, and such leases shall be reported annually to Congress.

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Water power at

[Par. 4.] That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized and emMoline may bo powered to lease the water power, at Moline, or such portion as may be leased by Secretary agreed upon, to the Moline Water Power Company upon such terms and of War.

conditions, and for such term of years as may be agreed upon, if the same can be done consistently with the interests of the Government of the United States.

Said lease to be made upon the condition that the said Moline Water Power Company shall go on and complete the development of the water power and maintain it at its own cost and expense

Pikesville ar- [Par. 5.] That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed senal and grounds to dispose of the grounds, buildings, and appurtenances known as the may be sold by Pikesville arsenal in the State of Maryland, by public sale to the highest or donated to Ma- bidder, turning into the Treasury the net proceeds after paying cost of ryland.

advertisement sale, and so forth :

Provided, That if the State of Maryland shall, prior to the first of March, eighteen hundred and eighty, accept the same, it is hereby granted and donated to said State, to be used for such militia or other purposes as the necessities of the State may require; and the Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to transfer said property to the State of Maryland, to be held by it in trust for the use, benefit, and execution of the purposes of this grant.

Military prison

[Par. 6. Support and improvement of the Leavenworth military to make supplies prison, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas: * Provided, That the Secfor Army.

retary of War shall cause to be fabricated at the said prison such supR. S., Ø 1351.

plies for the Army as can be economically and properly manufactured at the said prison.

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Home for Disa- [Par. 7.) Support of National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers: bled Volunteers; Current expenses, including repairs :

Provided, That all purpurchases to be chases of supplies exceeding the sum of one thousand dollars at any one made after advertisement; expend

time shall be made upon public tender after due advertisement, and that itures for new the expenditure for new buildings shall be expressly authorized in writbuildings; estim- ing: ates for support of. Provided, That the estimates hereafter submitted for the siipport of

R. S., V 4831.
1875, March 3,

the National Home shall be made in detail, specifying the several items ch. 129.

of expenditure, and separating the cost of food and other supplies in the form usually adopted for the Army, and that this specification be made for each soldiers' home separately.

[Par. 8.) And hereafter the disbursing clerk of the Department of the Disbursements Interior is hereby required to act as disbursing clerk of the architect of for Capitol extenthe Capitol, and to disburse all moneys appropriated for the United made by 'disbursStates Capitol extension and improvement of the grounds, and to re- ing clerk of Inteceive an annual compensation of one thousand dollars, to be paid out rior Department. of said appropriation.

R.S., 1816.

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[Par. 9.] For the salary of the Director of the Geological Survey, which Director of Geooffice is hereby established, under the Interior Department, who shall logical Surveys; be appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of

appointment, dn

ties, &c. the Senate, six thousand dollars :

Provided, That this officer shall have the direction of the Geological Survey, and the classification of the public lands and examination of the Geological Structure, mineral resources and products of the national domain

And that the Director and members of the Geological Survey shall have no personal or private interests in the lands or mineral wealth of the region under survey, and shall execute no surveys or examinations for private parties or corporations; And the Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, and

Certain surveys the Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region, discontinued. under the Department of the Interior, and the Geographical Surveys

R. S., \ 2406. West of the One hundredth Meridian, under the War Department, are hereby discontinued, to take effect on the thirtieth day of June, eightcen hundred and seventy nine.

And all collections of rocks, minerals, soils, fossils, and objects of nat- Collections from ural history, Archaeology, and e hnology, made by Coast and In- surveys to be deterior Survey, the Geological Survey, or by any other parties for the Museum.

posited in National Government of the United States, when no longer needed for investigations in progress shall be deposited in the National Museum.

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(Par. 10.] The publications of the Geological Survey shall consist of Publications of the annual report of operations, geological and economic maps illustrat- geological surveys. ing the resources and classification of the lands, and reports upon general and economic geology and paleontology.

The annual report of operations of the Geological Survey shall accom: -- of reports. pany the annual report of the Secretary of the Interior.

All special memoirs and reports of said survey shall be issued in uni. form quarto series if deemed necessary by the Director, but otherwise in ordinary octavos.

Three thousand copies of each shall be published for scientific ex. -copies to be changes and for sale at the price of publication; and all literary and printed, distribcartographic materials, received in exchange shall be the property of uted, &c. the United States and form a part of the library of the organization :

And the money resulting from the sale of such publications shall be Proceeds of sale. covered into the Treasury of the United States, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior;

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[Par. 11.) Current expenses, Government Hospital for the Insane: Half of support

Provided, That one half of the expense of the indigent patients of indigent insane from the District of Columbia shall be reported to the Treasury Depart- Hospital to be paid ment, and charged against the appropriations to be paid toward the by District of Coexpenses of the District by the general gorernment, without regard to lumbia. the date of their admission.

R. S., Ø 4844.

1877, March 3, [Par. 12. That all the archives, records and materials relating to the Archives, &c., Indians of North America, collected by the Geographical and Geological relating to Indians Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region, shall be turned over to the collected by Geo

ch. 105.


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ological Surveys to Smithsonian Institution, that the work may be completed and prepared be turned over to for publication under its direction; Provided That it shall meet the Smithsonian Institution.

approval of the Secretary of the Interior and of the Secretary of the R. S., 09 5579-5594. Smithsonian Institution.

Repeal of re- [Par. 13.] That so much of the act "making appropriations for sundry quirement that civil expenses of the government for the fiscal year, ending June thirand Jackson, tieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, and for other purposes", apTenn., shall fur- proved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, as requires nish buildings for the authorities of the county of Madison or town of Jackson, Tennessee, courts.

to provide suitable buildings free of any expense to the United States, 1878, June 20, ch. 359, § 1, Par. 17. for holding the United States district and circuit courts, be, and the

same is hereby, repealed. Clerks of courts [Par. 14.] That the second section of an act entitled "An Act to proand marshal for vide for the holding of terms of the district and circuit courts of the duties at terms of United States at Fort Wayne, Indiana” approved June eighteenth eightcourt at Fort een hundred and seventy eight, be and the same is, amended to read as Wayne, and ap- follows; point deputies.

“ SEC. 2. That the clerk of the district court and the clerk of the cir. Substitute for

1878, June 18, ch. cuit court for the district of Indiava, and the marshal and the district 269, 02.

attorney for said district, shall perform the duties appertaining to their 1881, March 3, offices respectively for said courts; and the clerks of said courts and ch. 154.

the marshal shall appoint deputies, to reside and keep their offices at Fort Wayne, and who shall in the absence of their principals, do and

perform all the duties appertaining to their said offices respectively" * Allowances to [Par. 15.] That hereafter no contestee or contestant for a seat in the contestants of seats House of Representatives shall be paid exceeding two thousand dollars in House of Repre- for expenses in election contests ; sentatives. R.S., $$ 128, 130. And before any sum whatever shall be paid to a contestant or con

testee for expenses of election contests, he shall file with the clerk of the Committee on Elections a full and detailed account of bis expenses, accompanied by the vouchers and receipts for each item, which account and vouchers shall be sworn to by the party presenting the same, and no charges for witness fees shall be allowed in said accounts unless made in strict conformity to section one hundred and twenty eight Re

vised Statutes of the United States. Bounty to col- SEC. 2. [Par. 1.] That all sums due upon certificates issued, or which ored soldiers; how may be issued by the accounting officers of the Treasury in settlement paid.

of claims for pay, bounty, prize money, or other moneys due to colored soldiers, sailors or marines, or their legal representatives, shall be paid by the officers of the Pay Department of the Army, under the direction of the Paymaster General, who is already charged with the payment of

like dues to white soldiers: -identity of Provided, first, That no such certificate shall be issued until it shall claimant. have been ascertained that the application is made by the original claim.

ant, or, if he be dead, by his true living legal representative, nor until the identity of such claimant or representative as the case may be, shall

have been duly established: - attorney's fee. Provided, That if an agent or attorney be employed, the allowance for 1866, Res. 86, (14 his services shall not in any case exceed that contemplated in the scale Stat. L., 368).

of fees and allowances fixed by the second section of a joint resolution approved July twenty sixth, eighteen hundred and sixty six, entitled “Joint resolution amendatory of a joint resolution respecting bounties to colored soldiers, and the pensions, bounties, and allowances to their heirs", approved June fifteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty six, and such allowance shall be stated in a separate certificate in favor of the agent or attorney simultaneously with the issue of a certificate for the

amount due the claimant:(1) -payments to Provided further, That the amount due the claimant, or his living repclaimants, &c.

resentative, or the balance due after deducting the attorney's fee, if any,

NOTE.-(1) The fees allowed by the resolution here referred to are "for the preparation and prosecution of claims for, and the collection and remittance of all snmsnot exceeding fifty dollars, five dol. lars ; for all sums exceeding fifty and less than one hundred dollars, soven dollars and fifty cents; and for all suns exceeding ono bundred dollars, the sum of ten dollars.

非 *

shall be paid only to the party named in the certificate, and in current funds or by post office money order, and not by checks or drafts;

An no power of attorney, transfer or assignment of the amount of such claims, or any part thereof, shall in any case be recognized; And the sum of four thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be

Appropriations. necessary, is appropriated for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eigbteen hundred and seventy nine, and ten thousand dollars for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty, to meet the expenses incurred on account of payment of these claims, for salaries of agents and clerks, rent of offices, fuel and lights, stationery and printing, office furniture, mileage and transportation of officers and agents, telegraphing, postage and post office money orders; and the sum of fifty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, under the title “Pay of two and three years' volunteers reappropriated”, for the payment of such of the claims in question as may be covered by Treasury certificates issued after the passage of this act, and previous to July first, eighteen hundred and eighty:

And provided further, That the sum or sums now held by the Treasurer Disposition of of the United States, turned over to him under the Attorney General's colored bounty

fund now in Treasdecision of December thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy eight, by the chief disbursing officer of the Freedmen's Branch of the Adjutant 16 Opin. Att'ysGeneral's Office, as the balance in said officer's hands of moneys due and Gen., 236. unpaid on account of adjusted claims of the class contemplated in the first clause of this section, shall be turned over to the paymaster who may be charged by the Paymaster General with the payment of such claims, to be by him paid to the proper claimants under the restrictions imposed in said section. +




SEC. 3.

[Par. 1.) That the inspector of buildings of the District shall have In District of Coauthority and control over and supervision of the construction and re

lumbia, inspector pairs of all school buildings if the Commissioners deem best to delegate have control of re

of buildings to the same to him.

pair, &c., of school

buildings. [Par. 2.) And there is hereby appropriated, out of the proportional Permanent apsum which the United States may contribute toward the expenses of the propriation for District of Columbia in pursuance of the Act of Congress, approved sinking fund of the June eleventh, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, for the fiscal year 1874, June 20, ch. ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, aud annually 337. thereafter, such sums as will, with the interest thereon at the rate of 1875, Feb. 20, ch.

94. three and sixty-five hundredths per centum per annum, be sufficient to

1878, June 11, ch. pay the principal of the three-sixty.five bonds of the District of Colum. 180, 4. bia, issued under the act of Congress approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, at maturity;

Which said sums the Secretary of the Treasury sball annually invest in said bonds at not exceeding the par value thereof; and all bonds so redeemed shall cease to bear interest, and shall be cancelled and destroyed in the same manner that United States bonds are cancelled and destroyed.

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[Par. 3.] All moneys appropriated under this act, together with all Deposit of revrevenues of the District of Columbia from taxes or otherwise, shall be enues of District,

and how drawn. deposited, to the credit of the Treasurer of the United States, in the

1878, June 11, ch. Treasury, as required by the provisions of section four of an act approved 180, 4. June eleventh, eighteen hundred and seventy eight, and shall be drawn 1880, June 4, ch. therefrom upon requisition of the Commissioners of the District of 121, 0 2. Columbia, such requisitions specifying the appropriation upon which the same is drawn; and in no case shall such appropriations be exceeded, either in requisition or expenditure; and the accounts for all disbursements shall be made monthly to the accounting officers of the Treasury

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