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The Atlantic Alliance; future tasks of

the Alliance; report of the North
Atlantic Council. December, 1967.

Periodic congressional reassessment of

Federal grants-in-aid to state and
local governments. July 10, 1967.

Criteria for evaluation in planning

state and local programs, July 21,

'Conference on problems involved in the

Poor Peoples' March on Washington,
D.C. April 25, 1968,

Planning programming budgeting;

Budget Bureau guidelines of 1968.
[ May 20, 1968.)

Planning programming budgeting;

Uses and abuses of analysis. [April
22, 1968)

An inventory of congressional concern

with research and development, 89th
Congress, 2d session, part 2, a
bibliography. October ll, 1967.

An inventory of congressional concern

with research and development, 90th
Congress, 1st session, part 3, a
bibliography. September 23, 1968.

The rural to urban population shift:

a national problem. National Man-
power Conference...held at the Student
Union, Oklahoma State University,
Stillwater, Okla., May 17-18, 1968.

Government policy and practice with

respect to contracts for technical services; status report. May 17, 1968.

Report to Senator John L. McClellan,

Chairman, regarding matters in Viet-
nam and selected Southeast Asian and
Middle Eastern countries, by Senator
Abraham Ribicoff. May, 1968.

Specialists and generalists, a selection

of readings. November 7, 1968.)


programming budgeting; interim observations. [ December 2, 1968.0


programming budgeting; program budgeting in foreign affairs: some reflections. November 27, 1968.)

Staff study of major riots and civil

disorders 1965 through July 31,
1968. October, 1968.

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