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Jesus said unto them, verily, verily, I say unto you, before

Abraham was, I am. John viii. 58.
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith tko

Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the
Almighty... REVELATION i. 8.




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ran hiud 5.1: Dins 11.7", v iii ." TO THE ENGLISH EDITION OF THIS WORK.

"Inseris! wdziejme.

TAYING found it requifite to publish a new and 1 uniform Edition of SACRED BIOGRAPHY in four yolumes, together with an additional volume of lectures, frequertly called for, on the history of our blefsed Lord and Saviour Jesus CHRIST, I felt myself in justice obliged to print that volume separately, for the accommodation of those who may have purchased prior editions of the book in lix volumes. Bcing of nearly the same Gze with these, it admits of being bound up in the same form, and may be mark. ed Vol. VII. But though of the same Gize, the Read. er will please to obferve that this volume contains fully a third more matter than any of the preceding, the fixth excepted.

For the liberal patronage given to the work by the public I feel myself bigbly indebted, and beg leave hereby to express my cordial acknowledgments. To the people of my immediate charge I owe a tribute of peculiar thanks, for the encouragement and support given to my various labours during an union of more than thirty years. Many of them, I know, will be gratified in reading what they heard with so much patience, attention and candor, during the months of November, December and January last. If this vol. ume shall survive me, I bequeath it to them as a small token of an affection and gratitude which no length of time or change of circumstances can diminish.

From the very nature of the thing, this could not possibly pretend to be considered as a whole. But is


not every incident of our SAVIOUR's life, a whole of itself, while it is in an intimate connection with others, and a part of the stupendous WHOLE, which far transcends the comprehension of men and of angels ?

Though, therefore, the entire volume be but a frag. ment, cach particular discourse aims at presenting one distinct and individual object, gradually melting away into another, and it may, of course, be read either sep. arately, or as a link in a chain. The additional volo ume, and its predeceffors, I again recommend to the blessing of God Almighty, and with equal "deference; as in the beginning, cheerfully submit my work to the judgment of the candid, the serious and the be nevolent. i.

1. HENRY HUNTER. Hoxton, 12th Merck, 1808.

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