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Of her wild hills, still turn my eyes to thee;
And then perhaps lie down in solemn rest,
With nought but thy pale beams upon my breast.

Let it be so indeed!
Earth hath her peace beneath the trampled stone;

And let me perish where no heart shall bleed,
And nought, save passing winds, shall make my moan,
No tears, save night's, to wash my humble shrine,
And watching o'er me, no pale face but thine.



Give me armour of proof, I must ride to the plain;
Give me armour of proof, ere the trump sound again :
To the halls of my childhood no more am I known,
And the nettle must rise where the myrtle hath blown,
Till the conflict is over, the battle is past-
Give me armour of proof-I am true to the last !

Give me armour of proof-bring me helmet and spear;
Away! shall the warrior's cheek own a tear?
Bring the steel of Milan—'tis the firmest and best,
And bind o'er my bosom its closely linked vest,
Where the head of a loved one in fondness hath lain,
Whose tears fell at parting like warm summer rain!

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Give me armour of proof—I have torn from my heart
Each soft tie and true that forbade me to part:
Bring the sword of Damascus, its blade cold and bright,
That bends not in conflict, but gleams in the fight;
And stay—let me fasten your scarf on my breast,
Love's light pledge and true I will answer the rest !

Give me armour of proof!-shall the cry be in vain,
When to life's sternest conflicts we rush forth amaic ?
The knight clad in armour the battle may bide;
But wo to the heedless when bendeth the tried ;
And wo to youth's morn, when we rode forth alone,
To the conflict unguarded, its gladness hath flown!

Give us armour of proof-our hopes were all high;
But they passed like the meteor lights from the sky;
Our hearts' trust was firm, but life's waves swept away,
One by one the frail ties which were shelter and stay;
And true was our love, but its bonds broke in twain,-
Give me armour of proof, ere we ride forth again.

Give me armour of proof-we would turn from the view,
Of a world that is fading to one that is true;
We would lift up each thought from this earth-shaded light
To the regions above, where there stealeth no blight;
And with Faith's chosen shield by no dark tempests riven,
We would gaze from Earth's storms on the brightness of


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NLY one night at sea,”—

'Twas thus the promise ran, By frail presumptuous mortal given,

To vain, confiding man,"Only one night at sea,

And land shall bless thy sight, When morning's rays dispel

The shadows of that night."



The pledge has been received,

The vessel leaves the shore,
Bearing the beautiful and brave,

Who ne'er shall greet us more;
And every heart beats high,

As bounding o'er the wave,
The gallant bark moves on
. To bear them to their grave.

The merry beams of day

Before the darkness flee,
And gloomy night comes slowly on,

That “only night at sea :"
The watch upon the deck,

Their weary vigils keep,
And countless stars look down

In beauty o'er the deep.

Within that stately boat

The prattler's voice is still,
And beauty's lovely form is there,

Unheeding of the ill ;
And manhood's vigorous mind

Is wrapped in deep repose,
And sorrow's victim lies

Forgetful of his woes.



But hark! that fearful sound,

That wild, appalling cry,
That wakes the sleepers from their dreams,

And rouses them—to die:
Ah, who shall tell the hopes

That rose, so soon to flee; The good resolves destroyed

By that “one night at sea ?"

That hour hath passed away,

The morning's beams are bright, As if they met no record there,

Of that all-fearful night; But many souls have fled

And many hearts been wrecked

In that “one night at sea."

Great God! whose hand hath launched

Our boat upon life's sea,
And given us as a pilot there,

A spirit bold and free,
So guide us with thy love,

That our frail bark may be,
Mid waves of doubt and fear,

"Only one night at sea."

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