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Jeffersonville, Indiana. James G. Read....... .Receiver...... ...... Feb'y 21, 1835.

Danrille, Illinois. Samuel McRoberts...... ... ... Receiver....

..March 2, 1835. Augusta, Mississippi. Griffin H. Holliman...........Receiver.... ...... Febr'y 6, 1835.

Detroit, Michigan Territory. Joho Biddle.


Jan'y 10, 1835. Bronson, Michigan Territory. Abraham Edwards............ Register......

.................. March 3, 1835. Thomas C. Sheldon..... Receiver....

...March 3, 1835. PROMOTIONS IN THE NAVY,-page 361, &r. Foxhall A Parker, Edward R. McCall, Daniel Turner, David Conner,

Captains, 3d March, 1835. Thomas Crabb, Edward B. Babbitt, James Armstrong, Joseph Smoot,

Masters Commandant, 3d March, 1835. Arthur Sinclair, Edwin W. Moore, Robert B. Hitchcock, Charles H. A.

H. Kennedy, Thomas W. Brent, George M. Bache, Ezra T. Doughty,

Joseph Lanman, John W. Cox, Lieutenants, 31 March, 1035. Robert Woodworth, William W. Valk, David Harlan, Victor L. Gor.

don, Assistant Surgeons, 3d March, 1835. William L. Young, Second Lieutenant of Marines, 23 February, 1835. William Morris McArdle, Second Lieutenant of Marines, (vice Edgar Irving, resigned,) 30 March, 1835.

PAY OF THE NAVY,-page 369.
An Acl to regulate the pay of the Navy of the United States.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after
the passage of this act, the annual pay of the officers of the Navy of the
United States all be as follows:

At all times when in service, four thousand five hundred dollars.

When on leave of absence, or waiting orders, three thousand five hundred dollars.

ALL OTHER CAPTAINS. When in command of squadrons on foreign stations, four thousand dollars.

When on other duty, three thousand five hundred dollars.
When off duty, two thousand five hundred dollars

COMMANDERS, OR MASTERS COMMANDANT. When attached to vessels for sea service, two thousand five hundred dollars.

When attached to navy yards, or on other duty, two thousand one hundred dollars.

When on leave of absence, or waiting orders, one thousand eight hundred dollars.

LIEUTENANTS. Commanding, one thousand eight hundred dollars.

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Oo other duty, one thousand five hundred dollars.
Waiting orders, one thousaud two hundred dollars.

Waiting orders, six hundred and fif y dollars.
At sea, vine hundred and fifty dollars.

After passing and found qualified for promotion to surgeon, eight hundred and fifty dollars.

At sea, one thousand two hundred dollars.

When stationed at navy yards, hospitals, rendezvous, and receiving ships, pine hundred and filty dollars.

After being passed, and stationed as above, one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars.

For the first five years after the date of his commission, one thousand

For the second five years, one thousand two hundred dollars.
For the third five years, one thousand four hundred dollars.
For the fou:th five years, one thousand six hundred dollars.

After he shall have been cominıssioned as a surgeon twenty years and upwards, one thousand eight huorired dollars.

All the surgeons of the navy under orders for duty, at navy yards, receiving vessels, rendezvous, or naval hospitals, shall have an increase of one fourth of the foregoing amount of their respective annual pay, from the date of their acceptance of such orders.

All surgeons of the navy ordered to any of the ships or vessels of the United States, commissioned for sea service, shall have an increase of one third of the foregoing amount of their respective annual pay, from the date of their acceptance of such orders.

All surgeons of the navy, ordered as fleet surgeons, shall have an in. crease of one half of their respective annual pay, from the date of their acceptance of such orders.

When attached to vessels for sea service, or at navy yards, one thou-
sand two hundred dollars.
When on leave of absence, or waiting orders, eight hundred dollars.

When attached to vessels for sea service, or in a yard, one thousand
two hundred dollars.

SECRETARIES. To commanders of squadrons, when commanding in chief, one thousand dollars.

To commanders of squadrons, when not commanding in chief, nine hundred dollars.

Of a ship of the line, for sea service, one thousand one hundred dollars.
When on other duty, one thousand dollars.

When on leave of absence, or waiting orders, seven hundred and fifty dollars.

SECOND MASTERS. When attached to vessels for sea service, soven hundred and fifty dol.) lars.

When on other duty, five hundred dollars.
When on leave of absence, or waiting orders, four hundred dollars.

On duty, seven hundred and fifty dollars.
Waiting orders, six hundred dollars.

WARPANTED MASTERS' MATES. When attached 10 vessels for sea service, or at navy yards, four bundred and 6 fty dollars, When on leave of absence, or waiting orders, three hundred dollars.

MIDS GIPMEN. When attached to vessels for sea service, four hundred dollars. When on other duty, three hundred and filty dollars. When on leave of absence, or waiting orders, three hundred dollars.

CLERKS. or a yard, nine bundred dollars First clerk to a commandant of a navy yard, nine hundred dollars.

Second clerk to a commandmant of a navy yard, seven hundred and fifty dollars.

To commanders of squadrons, captains of Aeets, and commanders of vessels, five hundred dollars.

BOATSWAINS, GUNNERS, SAILMAKERS, CARPENTERS. Of a ship of the line, for sea service, seven hundred and fifty dollars. Of a frigate for sea service, six hundred dollars. When on other duty, five hundred dollars.

When on leave of absence, or waiting orders, three hundred and sixty dollars.

Officers temporarily performing the duties belonging to those of a higher grade, shall receive the compensation allowed to such higher grade, while actually so employed.

No officer shall be put on furlough, but at his own request, and all officers so furloughed shall receive one half only of the pay to which they would have been entitled if on leave of absence.

If any assistant surgeon shall have been absent from the United States, on duty, at the time others of his date were examined, he shall, if not rejected at a subsequent examination, be entitled to the same rank with them; and if from any cause, his relative rank cannot be assigned to him, he will retain his original position on the register.

One ration per day, only shall be allowed to all officers when attached to vessels for sea service

SEC 2, And be it further enacted, That no allowance shall bereafter be made to any officer, in the naval service of the United States, for drawing bills, for receiving or disbursing money, or transacting any business for the Government of the United States, nor shall he be allowed servants, or pay for servants, clothing or rations for them, or pay for the

nor shall any allowance be made to him for rent of quarters, or to pay rent for furniture, or for lights or fuel, or transporting baggage. It is hereby expressly declared that the yearly allowance provided in this act is all the pay, compensation, and allowance, that shall be received under any circumstances whatever, by any such officer or person, except for travelling expenses when under orders, for which ten cents per mile shall be allowed.

[ Approved, March 3, 1835.]



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President of the United States

13) Public Lands-

Vice President

14 Surveyors of Public Lands -


President's Message, Dec. 1, 1834 - 15-38 Registers of Land Offices

Presidents of toe United States, since 1789,340 Receivers of Public Moneys


Vice Presidents of the United States, Land Districts, and when established 261

since 1789

340 Sales of Public Lands in eacli District,

The Congress-

38 in 1333



40 Sal s of Public Lands, quantity and value

Representatives from each State, with of, in each state in 1833 and 1834 245

the districts, where States are divided Quantity of Public Land sold in each

into districts

. 41-48

State and for what sum, in each year

Cominitt es of the Senate

49 from 1922 to 1934

268, 269

Coinmittees of the House of Representa- Quantity of Land and value in mon y, of


50-53 scrip issued for Virginia and Military

Officers of the Senate

Land Wirants

Officers of th - House of Representatives 43 Money paid for Public Lands, sold at the
Library of Congress

48 several Land offices, from 1787 to 1834 270

Alphab-tical list of Senators

54 Estimated superficial contents, in acres of

Alphabetical list of representatives, with each State', quantity of Public Lands

Districts and Connittees

54-56 offered for sale, the around remaining

Department of State-Secretary's office 57 uusold, the quantity sold, and amount
Patent Orlice

57 paid by Pau.chasers, to Sept, 30 1834 271
Act supplementary to act to a viend the Quantity of Land subject to private entry,

st verai acts respecting copy rights 58 the quantity in narkt under the cash

Inforination for prrsons having business systein, and quantity in market prior

to transact at the Paterit Office 53-63

to cash system


Commissioners for Claims on France 63 Expense of La d System, in 1833 272
Ict to extend the time allowed for the Forfeited Land Stock surrendered
discharge of the duties of the Commis- Miitary Land Scrip surrendered
sion for carrying into efect the Cor

The Customs-

vention with France

63 Collectors of the Customs, Surveyors,

Cuinimissioners for Claims on Naples # 64 Nival Officii's, Appr isers, assistant
Act supple:nentary to the act for carry. Appraisers, with the dates of thir
ing into eff ct Convention of Naples 64 corumissions


Convention with Chile.

65-73 Fees of o ficers of the Cristo ns 299-301

Additional and explanatory Convention Coilectors, Surveyors, Nival ocells,

to the treaty with Chile


Appraisers, Inspectors, Wrighers, Gau-

Convention for settlement of Claims on ger's, and Masurers, in each District of


75 the several Statis

• 287-298

Pub ishers of the Laws

335–335 Light House stablishment-Superinten-
Intercourse with Foreign Nations 127-140 dents a d Keepers of Light Houses 282–286
Ministers, Consu's, and other Diplomnatic Fioating Lights

Agents in Foreign countries 127-129 Revenue Cutters--the station of each ;
Ministers, Coisuis, &c. of Foreign Na- their fficers, with the dates of their
tions in the Unit d States

- 137-140

Governors of territorics

1 26 Uniform of oficers of Revenue Cutters 279
Laws and Regulations for the govern- Pay of o ficers of Revenue Cutters 281

ment of Consuis of the U. States 123-136 Gross amount of Duties, Expenses of
Consular Uniform


Coilection, Gross and Sett annount of
Secretaries of State, since 1789


Revenue, and Pay nents into the Trea-
Public Ministers of the United States to sury, in the year 1833

all Foreign countries, froin 1789 to War Department-
1835 -

341, 342 Secretary's Hice, Requisition, Pension,

Treasury Department-

77 India, and Bounty Land Bureaus 95, 96

Report of Secretary, on the Finances 219–238 General Staff of the Army-


Secretary's Office

78 Secretaries of War since 1739


Ofices of the ist and 24 Comptroller 80-82 lhe trmy-

Offices of the 1st, 211, 3d, 4th, and 5th Report of the Secretary of War - 141-148


• 84-87|Con lition of the Army in 1834


Solicitor's Office

88 Recruiting, 1834


Treasurer's Office

89 Position and distribution of the troops 151

Register's Office

89-91 Operations under the Quartermaster's

General nd office
92 Departinent, in 183


Signing and Executing Land Patents 93 Delaware Breakwater


Secretaries of the Treasury since 1789 340 officers, c. under Quartermr's Depart 154

Commissioners for Private Land Claims Officers, &c. of Engineer Department,

in Missouri

64 not in Army List


Commissioners of Insolvency

93 iscal concerns of Engineer Department,

Act to revive and amend the act for the


161, 162

relief of Insolvent Debtors

93) Projected Fortifications





[blocks in formation]


Operations of the Engineer Department Act authorizing Secretary of the Navy


155-160 to make experiments on steam engine 213

1. On Fortifications

155 Act authorizing the President to transfer

2. On Internal Improvements


Navy appropriations


3. Light houses and Beacon lights 159 Attorney General-

4. Roads

159 Attorney General's Office


Operations of Topographical Engineers, General Post Office-


164 Postinaster General


Civil Engineers under Topographical Southern Division




Northern Division


Operations of Ordnance Departm'., 1834 166 Division of Finance


Militia, nuinber in, and apportionment

Rates of Postage


of arms to, each State

167 Franking


Lead Mines

167 Postmaster General's Report


Expenses of Military Establishment in Expenditures, 1833, 1834



248 Free Lette's

216, 217

Act to increase and regulate the pay of Transportation if the Mail


the Surgeons and Assistant Suigeons Revenue of the Post Office


of the Army


Retrenchment of expenses


Act to provide for the payment of claims Postinasters General since 1789


for property lost, captured, and destroy- The Judiciary-


ed, by the enemy, during the late war Supreme Court

with the Indians

198 Judges of the Supreme Court

Army List, containing a list of all the

District Courts


Officers of the Army, with their rank, Judges and Officers of Dist. Courts 121–123

and the dates of their commissions, and Circuit Couits


the Regiments to which attached' 346-357 Places and times of holding District

Relative Rank

354, 355



Pay of the Army

357 Circuit Judges and sessions of Circuit

Departments of the Army, Posts and Ar-



senals, with the names of permanent

Courts in the Territories



151 Courts in the District of Columbia 126

Resignations, Deaths, &c. in 1834 345 Judges of Supreme Courts since 1789 340

Military Academy-



Report of Board of Visiters 191–194 Pensions
Report of Committee on fiscal con- Pension Agents

cerns of

191-197 Revolutionary and Invalid Pensioners 190

Profess18, &c. February 1,


343 Navy Pensions


Cadets, February 1, 1835

343 Privateer Pension Fund
Cadets attached to Ariny Register 345 The Indians

Navy Department-

Operations of Indian Department,1834 168

Secretary's Office

109 Superintendent of Indian Affairs 187

Secretary's Report



Board of Navy Commissioners 111



Vessels of the Navy

372 Interpreters, &c.


Vess is on the Stocks

207 Negotiations with Indians


Vessels in Ordinary

207 Indian Schools


Gradual increase of the Navy

207 Funds for education of Indians 171

Graduai improvement of the Navy 208

Choctaw Academy


Expenses of Naval Establishinent in 1833 253 Ac to regulate trade and intercourse

officers, Naral, and Civil, employed in with the Iridian tribes, and to pre-

Navy Yards


serve peace on the frontiers 172-179

Secretaries of the Navy since 1789 340

Act to provide for organization of the

Navy Register, containing a list ot all the

Department of Indian Affairs 179-183

Officers of the Navy, the dates of their Regulations concerning the payment

cominissions, and whe e stationed 361-372

of Indian annuities


Resignations, c. in 1833

360 The Mint-

Pay, &c., of the Navy


Officers of the Mint


Marine Corps

371 Operations of the Mint, 1834


Act for the better organization of the American Gold received at the Mint,

United States Marine Corps

210 1824 to 1834


Act making ailowances and granting

Guld and Silver in Bullion and Specie

arrearages to the Marine Corps

211 imported, 1833


Act concerning Naval Pensions, and Na- Gold and Silver, Foreign, in Bullion

vy Pension Fund

211 and Specie, exported, 1833


Act to extr-nd the term of certain pensions Assays of Foreign Gold and Silver

chargeable in Privateer Pension Fund 212 Coins


Act to provide for rebuilding Frigate Act regulating the value of certain



Foreign Gold Coins


Act authorizing purchase of Live Oak Act regulating the value of certain

frames, for Frigate and Sloup of War 213 Foreign Silver Coins



Indian Agents

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